Don’t mess with Whales

Seriously I don’t know why people mess around with Whales…it always ends in tears.


A whale has knocked out a surfer in a bizarre incident at Bondi Beach.

The 15 metre humpback whale surfaced among surfboard riders and swimmers close to the beach this morning, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.  

It then dived beneath a group of men sitting on boards and rose to toss them into the air with its tail.

At least one man was dragged to shore after being knocked out in the incident.

New South Wales Ambulance Service spokesman Adam Wallace told ABC News the man was being treated in St Vincent’s Hospital.

Witness Lachlan Harris said the surfers were playing with the whale before it tossed them.

“It was a whale the size of a bus. I mean, it was 40 feet long – it was huge.

“They were playing and the whale was frolicking with them and having a lot of fun and sort of popping its head out.

“It just flicked its tail and some surfers were in the wrong [place] and the next thing you know a surfboard is flying in the air [and] swimmers are getting thrown out of the water. It was unbelievable.”


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  • Steve (North Shore)

    Probably a juvenile that has not been taught how to behave in public by it’s parents

  • If I saw a huge whale coming towards me, I would swim like crazy, did people expect it to be like free willy?

    • bevanjs


  • wiltinpenis

    I’m looking for a new venture.
    Diving with Whales at Bondi.

  • cows4me

    Fucktards they should have a whale only beach.

  • Dave

    Perhaps its NFWAW instead of NFWAB