DotCon Toadies


It’s got to be a first for Parliament, where the leaders of the main Opposition Parties fall over themselves to be associated with a fraudster a conman, and a man wanted for extradition to the US.

But so it came to pass yesterday that David Shearer and Russel Norman were falling over each other to ingratiate themselves with the wanted German pirate Kim DotCon. 

The ‘bootlicking didn’t stop after Russel Norman and Shearer thanked DotCon for being so amazing – and the disgraceful exodus of the lickspittle media from the select committee hearing to follow the fat man has to be seen to be believed…


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  • Peej

    Does this mean that once again John Banks led the way?

  • JeffDaRef

    Shearer and Norman both took the chance to try and score points – so lose all their sanctimonious high ground about how important this bill is for Kiwis.
    First in line rushing out the door was John Campbell…says everything…

    • Never in the dark…..

      Campbell, another wannabe lefty politician.

    • layoutman

      Also not when Campbell interviewed him after they obviously did not have reinforced chairs so they let the uncouth German sit on a table to talk to John. Would hate to eat off that table now! And as for John – hygiene aside.. unacceptable if he really believes in cultural acceptance as he states as tables are tapu so your ass goes nowhere near it!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep knows Dotcon has an explosive evidence that will sink John Key for good. So he is being very nice to him. When Dotcon produces that evidence, kaboom….all over for Tories. The whole nation will be admiring Sheep’s honesty.

  • Bart

    I have no idea why the Labour, Greens and the MSM continue to fall over each other to fawn all over this German lout. A bit or perspective is needed here. This con artist set up a file sharing site, and actually paid people to upload premium content, such as new release movies, and charged other people to download the same content.

    In other words, he fronted a company that paid for stolen property, and then charged to sell that property on other people. He may claim that all he did was provide a hosting site, but the minute it is proven that he paid others for premium content, that argument is blown out of the water. Of course, if Mr Dot Com wishes to prove this is not the case, then he should go to court and prove that, but given that he is working his fairly fat ass off to avoid being extraditied to do exactly that, I would imagine his chances of proving this fact are fairly remote.
    He is very keen to apply the blowtorch of truth to the Prime Minister, so let’s see the self same torch being applied in return. Go to the US, and prove, in court, that you have not broken the law!

    • JeffDaRef

      and more than a bit ironic that the left – those great champions of NZ musicians and actors – are all over him despite his abuse of that industry.
      maybe lucy, robyn, dobbyn and all those other pretenders would like to consider that before mouthing off against the government.

    • LinkinHawk

      Has it been pointed out yet that dotcons previous site was a storage facility for child pornography ,thousands upon thousands of videos of men having sex with baby’s and children, countless images of child abuse, I guess the media has no problem with this fact.

      • Dave

        As much i dislike DotCon, he was running a transmission and storage facility. People and businesses sent files over the service. They committed they had not infringed copyright, or broken laws to use the service, they same as we agree to every time we use a courier pack or post a letter. DotCon and co. are only guilty if they knowingly transmitted child porn, or assisted others in the transmission or storage of such material. Unfortunately, he is possibly not guilty here, the same as NZ Post and courier companies are not guilty if they transport such material (if they don’t know).

        Still wish he went to the USA on a one way ticket, NZ has the grounds to get rid of him for lying on his application form!

        • LinkinHawk

          I never said he broke any laws in any way , just stating a fact , HIS site that HE owned , had a rampant society of child pornography trading on it,

  • TomTom

    Lol there was some fucking idiots on TVNZ FB post regarding DotCon’s “Why are you going red, Prime Minister” where they declared this to be brilliant and awesome and said that JK’s retort “Why are you sweating?” was childish and inappropriate! Disconnect much?!

    Either way, blessed be the lord that the Americans get their chubby fingers on the fat man child soon…

  • In Vino Veritas

    I would have thought its painfully obvious why Labour and the Greens are fawning over dotcom. Both are short of funds and he is an obvious potential donor.

    The funniest thing about this clip is Normans “point of order, point of order” squeaking! Its sort of a “give me back my flag, give me back my flag” moment. And hiliarously, there’s the “I’m not here to be interogated by you”. Brilliant. Norman really is a wee whining snot.

    • tarkwin

      I thought much the same thing. You can’t blame the Aussie accent. Let’s face it he really is a whining dickhead with nothing useful to add.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Hippie wanted 10 more minutes of Dot Con…shameless bugger….

  • Mr_Blobby

    You really need to get over your loathing for the messenger and start listening to the message.

  • Dave

    1) DotCon is a convicted criminal – been locked up and is wanted in other countries.
    2) He has in reality done sweet F…. All for NZ except pay for a few fireworks.
    3) He can not get residency or live in a few other countries – an UNDESIRABLE
    3) Media love him as we might buy more of their trash papers with his face on them

    How dare a man with such a dubious past, take a cheap shot at our PM and the government of the country, who in comparison have an impeccable record.

    Lets just ask the US to come and get him, this afternoon would be good.

    Hey DotCon, keep your head down you silly prick.

    • Steven

      …So if he DOES produce evidence that JK knew… making him a liar… are you gonna eat your hat? Or attempt to grasp at more straws in an attempt to justify your ignorant perspective?

      • Dave

        So steven, who has done more for this country, Mr DotCon the convicted criminal, or John Key the prime minister.

        I am not for one minute suggesting that any minister or prime minister tells the truth 100% of the time, sometimes they need to be less than truthful especially when matters of national security are concerned.

        Final point, I dont care if JK lied that he did or did not know about the DotCon raid, if mr Dot Con had nothing to hide, why was he so secretive, and why is he excluded from a few other countries.

        Now who is being ignorant Steven, or are you in the employ of the Fat German?

      • Kendall

        I would flatly deny knowing him as well! Who wouldn’t. Just show JK is just like the rest of us

  • Magoo

    Birds of a feather ….

  • Arran Hunt

    I think the reason they all fall over to brown nose him is that both the Greens and Labour are desperately short of funding for next years election….

    • Bob

      Fortunately DotCon has such a hugh arse there is enough room for Wussel, Shearer and Campbell to all get in there at the same time!!