Face of the day

If she wins the Christchurch Mayoralty we’ll have to donate a bucket of plugs as a congratulatory gift.



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  • Positan

    I find it hard to take her seriously after she described herself as having a “fantastic skill set to bring to the city.” Patently, no Labour MP has ever demonstrated such attributes.

    • Roger Douglas?

    • Dave

      She has been misquoted, she meant “A fantastic skill set and long history to show she can bring the city to its knees”

  • williamabong

    If the people of Christchurch think the earthquake was destructive wait till they see this loon with a set of mayoral chains, worst thing is Anderton and his crazy wife will be right there to provide “assistance and guidance”,.
    Just what the town needs death by a thousand paper cuts.

  • maninblack

    plugs wont stop those leaks..

  • boristhefrog

    At first glance I thought that was a picture of Ruth Richardson… now if she ran that would really spark things up… the mother of all clean outs at the council… love to see that happen!

  • parorchestia

    She has worked hard for her electorate. At public events she is brilliant (speaking Chinese at Chinese Association meetings. Maori at Maori do’s for instance). At private meetings she is direct and considerate of the views of others, but she can be forceful, unlike Showtime Bob. So the considerable ethnic minority will be behind her. She is intelligent and would make an excellent mayor, which is a largely non-political post. And she ain’t superficial like the twit we have at present. I don’t like her politics, but I doubt that will be an issue, especially not since Christchurch is a Labour town, being full of real live workers (remember them?).
    It will be Labour’s huge loss if she does become Mayor and Christchurch’s considerable gain after the chaos of Bob’s mayoralty.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Bull shit!!!

      She has worked hard for her electorate
      She has organised anti govt. BITCHING campaign.

      At public events she is brilliant (speaking Chinese at Chinese Association meetings. Maori at Maori do’s for instance). At private meetings she is direct and considerate of the views of others, but she can be forceful, unlike Showtime Bob.

      She is a typical labourite there, all TALK no DO!!! When finally getting around to acting, can only put in place DESTRUCTIVE ill conceived programs.

      which is a largely non-political post. And she ain’t superficial like the twit we have at present.

      Really, it’ll be political if she is there, as for superficial…wasn’t she the one SACKED by (I don’t sack my mates) helen clarke….for lying?

      It will be Labour’s huge loss if she does become Mayor and Christchurch’s considerable gain after the chaos of Bob’s mayoralty.
      Agree…labour are so bereft of anything approaching talent, she will be a loss to them. BUT as for Christchurchs GAIN….you must be joking!!!

      • parorchestia

        I am very sorry for this but anti-government is par for the course here.
        I will probably stay at home for the next election and a lot of my mates will be doing the same.

    • Bunswalla

      Very good analysis – thanks. We only hear/see sound bites and photo ops up in the north so it’s good to hear from someone closer to the action.

  • johnbronkhorst

    If you want to see the leadership potential….you need to look at their actions in a crisis.
    Bob….I give a C+ to B-, it’s been tough and at times he has been undermined by his council. But all in all Christchurch is recovering, he could have scored higher if had worked more closely with central govt.
    Leanne … As minister of immigration she was pressured, in parliament, over an issue in her portfolio……her response…LIE ABOUT IT!!!!!!

    • parorchestia

      Crap. Bob was deeply unpopular before the earthquakes due to his bad decision making and poor organizational skills during his first term. He lead a deeply divided council – divided by his ineptness. He would have been given the boot at the last Mayoral election if it hadn’t been for the earthquakes where he was able to show off his showmanship skills. ChCh is making slow progress in recovery. Japan is far ahead of us in spite of having an even more destructive event. Our “recovery” is concentrating on the easy fixes to keep the job completion rate up instead of doing the most urgent and necessary jobs first. For example, our roads in the relatively unaffected West are getting a lot of unnecessary attention (expensive new seals, new traffic “calmers”, new indent bus stop arrangements, bike lanes – all a waste of time) while the East side of town, with its badly damaged roads is ignored.
      I think Big Gerry is getting worried as we are starting to get much more attention from the government. I don’t think he will lose his seat (Ilam) but it will be close. Leanne will be a shoe-in for Mayor.

      • Dave

        A lot of leaders are unpopular, but they still lead, Bob did a good job leading immediately after the quakes and for the year or so after, but he is being attacked by everyone. In terms of leadership, think how someone like mumbles would have done, Christchurch would be a ghost town by now.

        • parorchestia

          No, it was saved by the people making sensible arrangements, such as shifting their businesses to the suburban hubs. Most will stay there as they love the free parking!

          • johnbronkhorst

            Who the fuck do you think came up with the ideas to move to suburban hubs and created some of them……The council/BOB and the govt…..these things and ideas didn’t come out of fresh air you idiot!!!

          • philbest

            Huh? Businesses would have sat on their hands waiting for the council/Bob and the government to tell them what to do? My, my, you are a “nanny statist” aren’t you? No belief in self-determination or free markets. Everything must be “planned”. Or perhaps you are basically into crony capitalism – like the owners of land capturing windfall gains under a “plan”, is that what drives you?

            One of the most sickening sights I have ever seen was certain big property investors slobbering on TV about what a wonderful plan the government has come up with for ChCh CBD. Of course the shameless lap-dogs in the northern media won’t bother to talk to the people shafted by the plan. Of course they won’t ever connect the dots between the “support” for grand Ten Year Plans, and fat capital gains – eg for property owners at the focus of taxpayer funded Train Sets.

            I am not a supporter of Lianne Dalziel, but I very much respect Hugh Pavletich’s assessments of the situation in ChCh and indeed nationwide on “urban planning”. Bob Parker, Len Brown, Celia Wade-Brown – all stooges for the same lunacy.

          • parorchestia

            One of our problems with the NZ media is the dumb reporting of press releases with no background investigations. So not only do we have a useless opposition, we have a pathetic press. Governments work best when their actions are scrutinized by an opposition and the media.

          • parorchestia

            Well they didn’t actually. It was a bunch of owners of commercial property who saw an opportunity (and I hewlped, too). Bob and Gerry, the Council and CERA are trying to force them back into the CBD – dumb. They are opposed to hubs.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Fuck wit you are!

        Bob has done a good (not great) job in the face of a divisive council (supported by people like dalziel)!

        Dalziel could have told the truth under mildly embarrassing circumstances….but CHOSE to lie!!!!

        Japan is recovering from a MUCH larger disaster BUT it is also the 4th largest economy in the world!!! Which we are not!

        “Our “recovery” is concentrating on the easy fixes to keep the job completion rate up instead of doing the most urgent and necessary jobs first.”
        Project management of this type, is ALWAYS done according to easy of implementation and necessity.
        Power first, easy to fix water supply, drainage and sewage… now you have fixed the problems effecting the BULK of the city THIS HAS HAPPENED!!!! Then you move onto the more difficult and fiddly problems!!!

        • parorchestia

          You are obviously not in ChCh. What you say is the arrant nonsense given in the northern papers – though not our local papers.

          Re Japan, we had much greater insurance cover than almost any other country – I have not made a claim on the public purse as my insurance covered it all. The Government of Japan is providing 94% of the costs – we are getting under 40%. Bob was better at public appearances than in checking on his staffs’
          performance. Now we find we have billions of dollars for
          the repair of essential services all because he didn’t check on our insurances – in spite of promptings. He has done a vast amount of damage.l

          If you went to the eastern side of town and told them what you have written you would be lynched, as there are still people living in cars, garages, broken homes, suffering from bad roads, etc etc. Food parcels are given out daily on a grand scale. And suicide rates are very high.

          Drainage is not fixed – we are facing a vast sum to fix the 3 Ws. We have patched enough for most services to function temporarily, but there is a long, long way to go. Yet the government is (stupidly) pressing for a covered stadium and convention centre and a useless “frame”. It is also making a lot of enemies by stepping in and ruling us from a (useless) Wellington.
          Come down and see before you write such nonsense again.

          • johnbronkhorst

            NO you are a fuck wit…to assume I haven’t been to Christchurch since the quakes!!!!
            I have seen the situation, it’s not HALF as bad as you make out!
            It’s NOT good, but people all over this country have donated heaps, paid heaps through their taxes and still you moan!!!
            My enduring images of the earthquake aftermath !
            1. Watching two members of the “farmy army” clearing driveway, both in their 60’s, being WATCHED by a couple in their 30’s, not helping to clear THEIR drive, no, just watch 2 OAP’s do it for them.
            2.The rent a crowd following dalzeil around to complain about EVERYTHING….it was, day after day after day….the SAME faces!!! Couldn’t help thinking how fast all this mess would get cleaned up, if these LAZY bastards actually helped!!!!!!

          • philbest

            “Tornado Recovery: How Joplin Is Beating Tuscaloosa”

            One city is letting local business lead the revival, the other is imposing top-down rules and waiting for FEMA. Guess which one is rebuilding faster?


          • parorchestia

            We had the same with Napier (great) and Hastings (bad) following the Napier Earthquake.

          • parorchestia

            1. Well maybe $40 BILLION doesn’t sound much damage eh, or was your trip to ChCh only to the nearest hostelry?
            2. The people of Chch are grateful for the taxpayer’s contribution (though in any other country you would be paying more, much more. Taxpayers will contribute 40% and ratepayers and others 60% here. In Japan taxpayers are contributing 94%).
            3. The Farmy Army went home soon after, but the young people, the Students, are still active, so don’t knock young people. They (and my groups) are still delivering food parcels.The need is awful.

            4. None of my friends “moaned”. They did complain at the gross inefficiency of EQC and CERA (who do what, exactly?) Eg., I was promised action many, many months ago – still waiting.
            5. There are complaints that ALL the citizens’ excellent ideas have been brushed aside by Wellington and that an unworkable and uneconomic plan for the CBD is being forced on us. That ain’t moaning son.
            Like most citizens I will continue going to the hubs rather than the CBD. Riccarton is booming, and there are still free car parks.

          • pukakidon

            I have been to CHCH many times and have many family members down there. I have seen all the damage, and to say that it is all fixed up is ignorance of the situation.

            Good on you all in CHCH, you have all stayed very strong.

            Parker has been a failure. Along with his town clerk.

          • TreeCrusher

            With regard to point 5, I think you are misinterpreting the meaning of consultation. If you ask someone if they would like $10 of course they will say yes. However someone has to actually pay that $10.

            The share an idea campaign only recorded the opinions of a small proportion of the population. The thing a number of people, such as yourself, forget is that just because a small group of people make a lot of noise does not mean everybody agrees with you. In fact I think most chch citizens are sick of people like yourself whining

            Instead of making so much noise how about rolling your sleeves up and doing something with the cards that have been delt!

          • parorchestia

            The share an idea campaign got widespread support – but it was a waste of time in spite of providing many good ideas (low rise, many smaller green spaces, activity areas, safety, bike and pedestrian ways etc – what is wrong with this? It was deceptive to think that the people’s ideas would be ignored in favour of a bunch of Wellingtonians following discredited town planning concepts! I was active in trying to get an international competition, which I still think would have been by far the best way of planning a “shining new” city. This was accepted by many people, but it didn’t fit in with the government’s ideas (God knows why not – Gerry, if you read this please explain).

            The “frame” will take out the equivalent of 18 city blocks and the rate payer will have to make up the rates income deficit. Should we meekly put up with this barmy idea without protest? Most probably it will be a wasteland like Latimer Square, but much larger, and very expensive to maintain with little value to the citizens.

            You should read today’s Press to see that far from being sick of whiners, the people are getting very critical, and rightly so. Or just watch Campbell Live.

            I can assure you I am actively helping those in need in as many ways as I can.

            Remember Lincoln’s quote that democracy should be by the people, for the people and it should not disappear from the Earth. People like you are the enemies of the people, mate. Are you a national activist? Christchurch has lost much democracy – and the government has to be held to account for this thoughtless action.

          • TreeCrusher

            Again with the “wide spread support”. At best share an idea gathered the opinions of a small proportion of the population, nothing more. If I was being less generous I would ask the question of how many people that took part in the share an idea campaign actually worked in the CBD before the earthquakes? Did you?

            The low rise building argument is a good example of people in the ‘burbs giving unqualified opinions. low rise buildings actually flies in the face of technical advice and many of the people who want it didn’t even work in “high rise” buildings before the earthquakes.

            What ever you think, it is disingenuous of people, including yourself, to use consultation, such as share an idea, to prove people are being ignored. Consultation does not mean getting your own way. The results of consultation do not represent the views of the majority. Does what the respondents to consultation are giving an opinion on even actually affect them, ie did they work in the CBD before the quakes?

            Many of my circle of friends worked in the CBD before and during the quakes including myself. None of them took part in the share an idea, yet they are the ones who’s opinions are most important, not the house wives an children who had nothing better to do.

          • parorchestia

            Did you not see in my earlier replies that I wanted an international competition to see what great ideas are out there? It was not my idea to have widespread consultation, although I think it did no harm and may do good. However, neither of these were taken up by our political masters (and I use the term advisedly). Functionary bureacrats will follow US orthodoxy, much to our eventual dismay.

            At present it looks as though we are heading for a boring, mediocre city of panels and glass with no parking and great congestion and unprofitable buildings. It will have a vast, underutilized and windy Frame, however. But more likely this will be a landbank for the government’s eventual profit.
            Regarding my activities much of my charity work was/is done in the CBD and my experiences there confirmed me in the belief that centroid cities are not desirable. ChCh was designed to accommodate 8,000 people, and the CBD is now a nightmare that won’t go away. For one thing, no matter how much capacity you provide now, in a generation’s time it will be inadequate as you are trying to pour ever enlarging quarts into a fixed volume pint. You do the maths and it becomes blindingly obvious why most CBD (centroid) cities are congested and will always remain so no matter how much money you pour into them.
            However, most cities do not have a “do everything” CBD. Those that grew organically have hubs (Paris, London. Tokyo). Some that found themselves through planning with an unworkable CBD are busy developing hubs to relieve the congestion and make services more human and accessible – Vancouver is an example. We should follow this example.
            ChCh’s CBD was only marginal economic before the quakes, but constricting it further and reducing rating-revenue earning area in the Frame will only make the struggle for profitability even worse. The exception will probably be the tourist industry, but since we have lost so much heritage the number of tourists may drop.
            My business is not in the CBD since my work largely comes from overseas, and I see other people’s cities! I do not need an office in the CBD, indeed, it would be counter-productive to do so. (But I do have an office in Beijing!)
            The consultation was available to all, so those who were too lazy or too disinterested not to respond cannot be counted as you try to do. Finally, may I challenge you to show me a livable and uncongested city that has an “everything” CBD. Strasbourg is one of the most livable, but it is a hub city. Amsterdam, the same. Tokyo manages to accommodate 28 million people in one of the most livable cities in the world. It does not have a CBD. It has lots of hubs, all interconnected by excellent transport, as our Orbiter and Comet bus routes do (with great success).

            In Paris, the commercial district is at Defence at the end of Line 1.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Like her politics, you can hang as many earrings, chains and other baubles on this…..it’ll never be pretty.

  • philbest

    Hugh Pavletich reckons she has potential to be a not too bad mayor – much to my surprise. He can’t stand Parker.

    The ChCh earthquake and its aftermath has really exposed the logjam that central planning of cities causes. The ChCh local economy has actually turned into a temporary default Houston because businesses have had to just set up wherever they can, and the city works surprisingly well without a CBD at all. Bob Jones actually pointed out in an excellent op-ed more than a year ago, that ChCh could work fine modeled on a typical small US city with a weak core.

    Furthermore, far more people are moving out to Selwyn and Waimak council areas beyond the ChCh fringe because ChCh itself can’t get its shite together. Fletcher’s offered to build 2000 new houses per year, back in April 2011. No response.

    It should be a scandal that so much development on liquefiable land had been permitted in the years before 2010 because the planners desire for a “compact city” over-rode safety considerations – development on more stable ground further out was not allowed and STILL is not.

    The latest Report from the Bazley Commission is crap – captured by the same “compact city” irrational ideologues as the Council was.

    • parorchestia

      Agree totally. I have always argued that the CBD concept was false – it only came about in US cities due to central railway stations. Natural cities (London, Paris, Strasbourg, Tokyo) do not have a CBD, but have hubs – which ChCh has rapidly developed. Vancouver is rearranging its city to have hubs.

      People have voted with their feet – they prefer hubs and parking and not unprofitable CBD buildings and no hubs.
      My mates who owned central city buildings struggled to make a profit even with low rates and high rise buildings. With high rates, low rise and no parking many are thinking hard about their involvement in the central city.
      I used to piss planners off by asking in meetings how many had walked, biked or bussed tot he meeting. But they still hated cars.

  • tarkwin

    Looks more like a bloke every time I see her. Good if you want to climb the Labour ladder, not too flash otherwise. She must be getting out just before the girl’s finish the re- assignment completely.

  • Chris

    People think Lianne’s experience in central government gives her the smarts to deal to the government’s and CERA’s heavy handedness. Truth is that even if that’s true many forget that it’s central government that ultimately has the power. Any stroppy mayor regardless of how sharp they might be can’t afford to get too annoyed with central government because when they do government just slaps them like a mother bear slaps her cubs. This is especially so when it’s Gerry Brownlee in charge.

    • parorchestia

      Wait for the election to see who has the power.

      • Roland

        Which election?

        • parorchestia

          The Mayoral election will be 60%+ to Dalziel. Had Bob been standing he would have got 40% or less.

          In the Parliamentary Election National will be down at least 10% in Christchurch. In the rest of the country they will hold their own, though they will pay for not having cultivated a decent right wing partner and so may not be able to form a government.

          If I am wrong I will send you an autographed photo of Gerry B or Lianne if you prefer!

          • Roland

            Will have to be Gerry, I already have one of Lianne, ‘mounted’…

          • parorchestia

            That’s a shame – I will have to have a much bigger photo for Gerry.

          • Roland

            Same day I could have had one of Ruth D, she couldn’t get her leg over so the opportunity was missed, I kid you not. As an aside, I live on the ‘east side’ and apart from the appalling roads (which they are working on albeit sometimes appearing slow), the only people I have seen living in their cars are the itinerants looking for the next house to burgle

          • parorchestia

            I can take you around if you like though Campbell Live has done a good job.

          • Roland

            Campbell is mostly a ‘cock’, if you are still delivering food parcels to ‘earthquake victims’ you are being had. I just think back to the folks in need from Nth Linwood who tried standover tactics in the post quake shelters, they were mobster Imports on relocation from the North, I know this because my daughter was teaching their kids at school. Christchurch is doing Ok and I for one will be pleased to get back once I have finished my holiday in Bali

          • parorchestia

            Do you want to contact people who know much more about the situation than just a female teacher? Ring your local Salvation Army or Anglican Social Services.

          • Roland

            Your next mission Mr Phelps, should you decide to except it is in Invercargill, maybe pick up ‘Santagirl’ on the way through


          • parorchestia

            My recorder just blew up and my car refuses to go that far South.

  • Richard McGrath

    By plugs do you mean sink plugs, ear plugs or tampons?