Face of the Day

Meet Richard Snook, sentenced to four months’ home detention:

vai Fairfax

vai Fairfax

He went to Marine Parade on January 31 to secretly film a girl aged about 10.

Snook pleaded guilty in May to four charges of making an intimate visual recording, which carries a maximum penalty of three years’ jail.

The girl was with a slightly younger boy and both were changing their clothing next to the Tom Parker fountain.

He followed the girl, who was naked from the waist down, as she moved around, and then zoomed in on her.

When police spoke to him, he admitted doing this on “five or six occasions” and said he “tries to get the camera as close as he can under her skirt”.

He said he liked filming girls and women for sexual excitement.

Sources: Hawke’s Bay Today, Stuff



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  • unitedtribes

    The name said it all. Wonder what his dog is called

  • Steve R

    and a guy was jailed for contempt . Both should have been jailed

  • GazzW

    So what’s to be gained from making him stay at home for four months? Four months up at Rangipo in the middle of winter splitting logs or digging swedes might be more of a deterrent.

  • Rodger T

    I`m sure if he had been sentenced to a little cell time , Bubbas penchant for sexual excitement may have curtailed his [ Richard Snook] excitement for little girls.

  • Balanced View

    4 months is neither a deterrent or enough time to rehabilitate. He will end his sentence with the same disturbing thoughts as he began it, and in 5 months he will be camera in hand preying on young children again.

  • Col

    I hear they will put one of those electric dog collars on him you know where? dirty bugger.

  • opusx

    Which means he gets to sit in the comfort of his own home, free to masturbate over kiddie porn he will have stashed or be passed by other pedos. Safe from the thought he could be targeted in prison for being a sick fuck. Is this Justice for the 10 year old and her family. Hmmmm…yes or no?

  • Whanga_Cynic

    Brings to mind the old Mel Smith quote “off with the ghoolies”.

  • steve and monique

    Mongrel bastard,hanging would be to good for him.And now he gets to sit at home whacking off to kiddie porn,and pictures from his stashed collection. Now I know I am being a over protective sounding parent,but I would not have let my 10 year old daughter run around half naked in what sounds like a public place. And it is because of sick fucks like him that I say that.

  • Jman

    When I read this story it did make me wonder, who on earth lets their 10 year old daughter get changed out in the open in a public place like Tom Parker fountain, especially today when everyone has cellphone cameras with them?

    • Dave

      Mate its got so bad, I am very cautious how i use my phone in public. When at a cafe or similar and checking email, txting etc I always sit the phone on the table instead of holding it up so some suspicious person doesnt accuse me of anything.

      Most males over 45 seem to automatically be a suspect Pedo whenever there are kids around!!

      On Mr Snock, whilst he should have gone away for many years, the Judiciary should be BANNING him, and others like him from ever owning, or being in possession of ANY device with a camera, or recording capability. If they have an iPad, well, it has to be modified so it cant record BEFORE they have it.

  • HB

    Don’t blame the parents, 100% of the responsibility is on this creep, he deserves jail but sadly he would probably be segregated with the other pervs and just meet more like minded sickos and learn his trade better