Face of the day

“I don’t want to go out pinching, I don’t want to go to jail, that’s horrible, so the only legal thing I know is prostitution. I don’t want to go there but if it has to come to that and I don’t get a benefit I have to resort to prostitution.” (I think he/she meant GO BACK to prostitution.)

– Beau De Royce explaining that he/she is far too sick to work, but well enough to whore him/herself out.




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  • OT Richter

    It could get a job at the Herald as a style columnist, and work it’s way up to editor.

    • dumbshit

      judging the discernment of the editor of the stories they print, I think reverse gravity is practised there, whereby you start as editor and aspire to shit-house cleaner status

      • Mallard the duck

        Herald promotes betterment of bludging society….champions all downtrodden (bludgers) people… hooray….

    • Bad__Cat

      “(I think he/she meant GO BACK to prostitution.)”
      That means he/she would be over-qualified for Herald journalist position.

      • Dave

        Could never go back to prostitution, i doubt s/he was ever qualified, unless as offering prostitution via braille

  • Hollyfield

    There’s some other interesting comments in that Herald article.

    “…fears she could be forced to work on the streets if her sickness benefit is cut…”

    “…so the only legal thing I know is prostitution.”

    “I don’t want to go there but if it has to come to that and I don’t get a benefit I have to resort to prostitution”

    So she’s too sick to work, but seems to be saying she is well enough to work as a prostitute.

    The reason she can’t work is “….I’m going to counselling with ACC – I can’t even face people properly; I get too frightened and I hide….”

    “Her case officer had tried to get her to work at a call centre, but she said this was not possible for her”

    Yet she was “Speaking outside the Queens St WINZ office, where about a dozen people were protesting….” So she managed to face the reporter and other people in the street without hiding?

    If she believes she is able to face a customer lying right on top of her, how is it that she is cannot face customers behind the barrier of a checkout counter, desk or even over a telephone?

    • blokeintakapuna

      comment of the day!

      • All_on_Red

        Totally agree. I think she needs to be assessed by a different Doctor.

    • Mallard the duck

      But not sick enough to protest .. just sick or scared of work….

  • dumbshit

    doctors advice to the sick prostitute—a few days on your feet and you’ll be back in bed again

  • blokeintakapuna

    If her body had as many holes in it as her story does – she’d make a fortune at frat house and stag-do parties…

  • metalnwood

    Take the job at the call centre! At least you will have a chance at getting a living wage.

  • Simon P

    Surely no one would pay that.

    • StacyMcNaught

      to lazy to wank perhaps

  • Muffin

    She sounds bright enough to be the new labour leader

    • Mallard the duck

      Greens Co-leader more like…

  • Sandysure

    So many anomalies to this emotive hogwash!
    Prostitution is a job after-all and s/he will indeed be working – and s/he will
    have to face people in some of the *ahem* positions and roles in he/r chosen vocation

    Perhaps he/r preferred or specialty “position” does not require he/r to
    “face” people?

  • Phar Lap

    A thousand dollars a day plus expenses for lying on her back,beats working.Only problem is I would think ,who would be that desperate to part her waves,or other parts of her anatomy.Also not forgetting, an unsuspecting participant,could be accused of inappropriate behaviour, appears she has the MSM fooled.

  • Nechtan

    Waiting for Meg to come on in and defend her.

    • Tom

      It IS Meg..

      • Dave

        Dont think Meg is that intelligent or attractive, IT at least had some form of argument to put forward.

        • tarkwin

          Definitely kosh today.

  • Dave

    The really sad thing, is the Herald Published it, and the Trained and Skilled Journo’s, each spent at least 3 years studying at uni.

    I really think its time the Herald went behind a pay wall so we could ignore it completely.

    Come on Editors, shareholders, directors, this is beyond the limit, a manufactured story, why and why didn’t your journo investigate this when so many alarm bells were ringing, why did your sub editors, then editors allow it to soak up so much space.

    Surely your marketing people, and brand managers can tell you, you are destroying your brand with this kind of daily crap, its appalling.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      You have to see the kinds of people who come out of the academic institutions and go into journalism now. Most of them were told they were wonderful by teachers, and it wasn’t based on merit because the education system doesn’t evaluate based on merit anymore. It grades people as great based on how much like school teachers they think, and we all know how school teachers think.

      Couple this with the fact that people who invest in this kind of thing are mostly over the hill cotton buds who are duped into continuing to fund this by suited charlatans. The oldies aren’t anywhere near up to speed with understanding the modern day media dynamics so they just put money into something they’ve always know was there and never considered could go away.

      It is the illusion of permanence coupled with the ineptitude of the new brainwashed generation of mis-educated middle trash inside of a medium which is only slowing dying due to the fact that those who notice the blatantly obvious will never have large amounts of money in a society like NZ because the truth, to large swathes of Kiwis, is too bitter a pill to accept, and they want to be like the man in the suit too, so all they think of when you criticise his nonsense, is that you are just jealous of his power and influence.
      I know the dynamics all too well.

  • BR

    If the price of a hooker reflects the quality, prostitution is not an option.


  • Mediaan

    Look like the hands of a male to me. Atttude also.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I hate to mention it, but prositution probably isn’t an option for this one.

    • Richard McGrath

      Correct – who the hell would want to shag that? Mind you it takes all sorts. One of my South African GP colleagues says he once saw a patient who would pull off his wife’s colostomy bag and shag the hole in her belly… a bit messy I would think… and just to add injury to insult he ended up giving her syphilis. Lovely.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Wayne Rooney might fly out for some.