Face of the day

Norwegian Marte Deborah Dalelv, who was raped in Dubai while on a business trip for Janet Jacksons husband Wissam Al Mana’s company and consequently charged and jailed for 16 months for having sex outside marriage. Her rapist was sentenced 3 months less than she got.



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  • Whafe

    A total shit sandwich this one…..

  • GazzW

    She’s been released but only after high level diplomatic interventions by Norway.Dubai is a total paradox – hugely progressive & forward looking on the one hand but you don’t have to dig too far to find conservative Islam principles.

    • Whafe

      Exactly, only released because of a big case of 20 dozen eggs on face….

      Interesting to see how Islam mixes is with the modern world? = shit sandwich

    • James

      She was always going to be pardoned – but you can’t interfere in a court trial once it has started.

      • surfisup

        Why on earth would you think this? There have been plenty of other Dubai cases of other injustices in cases of a sexual nature.

        And, I suspect if the woman was in fact a cleaning lady from bangladesh then there would have been no media attention and the sentence would stand.

        These arabs are barbaric.

        • James

          True; but she isn’t a Bangladeshi cleaning lady and so was always going to be pardoned. I know that as it was more or less an open secret around Abu Dhabi (where I grew up and have large numbers of friends and family still). This was pretty much why the trial was scheduled to end during Ramadan as Ramadan is frequently used to pardon prisoners and so it could be done without any fall back on the court system.
          And they are barbaric in your eyes; however theirs is a culture that has lasted centuries and, I believe, it is wrong to judge their culture without an understanding of its history. Especially when it is in the midst of a very fast change to become more Western – which is the main cause of conflict between the youth and the older generations. You only need to look at the Emir of Qatar who recently abdicated so that they could have a new, young, ruler to see that many in positions of power actively want the change.

  • snakebit

    Ah yes, Arab justice. Surprised she didnt get stoned! Thank god for western culture….what makes it so different?

    A. Judeo Christian Morality – Which gave us our morals,

    B. Grego Roman Philosophy – Which gave us our rational thinking, and
    C. Anglo Saxon Law – Which put god given natural law (basic human rights) over political law.

    Boom – your no longer a stone throwing sand monkey…..

  • Agent BallSack

    Small calibre pistol to the nutsack and boom try raping me now, MF. What do you expect in a country that treats its women as chattels, anyway. My sister flew into Egypt many years ago and was tired from all the flying..she naps – waking to find the Muslim guy in the seat next to her feeling up her breasts….so swaddling their women in cloth is really working for them hey.

  • Mark

    Dubai relies heavily on big-spending Western tourists. Perhaps a loss of the tourist dollar may well convince the U.A.E. that enforcing laws influenced by a violent paedophile from the 7th century is not in its best fiscal interests.

    • jagilby

      While I agree with your sentiment I think you’ll find that Dubai relies heaviest on its paymasters in Abu Dhabi drilling another hole rather than tourism.

      Dubai is just a westernised facade built by the financed by the more conservative but far wealthier emirate of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi hope their investment will result in a sustainable and influential global financial, transportation and freight hub to rival the likes of Hong Kong or Singapore.

      Abu Dhabi will happily sit there isolated from Dubai and “virtuously” living under the influence of sharia law on the one hand but take all the returns and benefits associated with the “Sodom and Gomorrah”-like culture of the West on the other.

      Tourism is just a by-product, a mean-to-an-end and drop in the ocean.

  • rightoverlabour

    That”s why I am so keen on seeing hundreds of these types immigrate to New Zealand, so that we can emulate the UK as quickly as possible to become the next arab empire…. (But they are pretty good at eliminating one another…)

  • LabTested

    A bit of Dubai road rage last week when a UAE man beat an Indian (guest worker). Some one filmed it & the guy who filmed it was arrested for ‘Defaming the UAE’

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Boycott the backwater! Don’t trade with these people. If you want their oil, slaughter them and take it (we’d still be more civilised than them if we did this).