First they came for your fags, now they are coming for your food

534119_4519365494819_197737480_nFor all of you who thought plain packaging was a good idea to help stop people smoking, think again. Now they have won that battle they are after your food.

GRAPHIC images and plain packaging for junk food may be forced on consumers, as food industry heavyweights debate tough measures to combat obesity.

A panel of food science, nutrition and manufacturing experts will tackle whether tobacco’s plain packaging approach would help curb the state’s growing obesity epidemic at the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology convention today.

This follows February’s call from Queensland’s chief health officer Jeannette Young to examine the option.

Institute president Anne Astin said junk food regulation was a “thorny issue of the future” that needs to be addressed urgently.

“If our health system can’t cope with the increasing incidence of lifestyle-related diseases, it’s something we will have to consider as an option. The levels of intervention need to become stronger. Ultimately, it may come to plain packaging.”?

Where do these busy-bodies get off? When do they stop in wanting to meddle in our lives?

Plain packaging hasn’t been proven successful anywhere in the world, in fact the exact opposite. Supermarkets routinely use plain packaging and store brands to compete the same products against each other.

In New Zealand, Otago University professor of marketing Janet Hoek said tobacco use there had halved since the introduction of policies to restrict the way it was marketed.

She called on the NZ Government to do the same for junk food, telling the?New Zealand Herald“it makes sense to examine the potential these policies could have in reducing consumption of foods associated with obesity”.

This is a lie through?omission? We don’t yet have plain packaging and there is no evidence that tobacco consumption has halved here or anywhere else. If it had done so we would have heard about by now from trough feeding anti-tobacco lobbyists wanting even more money based on that success.

For those readers who heard my speech at a recent conference you will remember I chided you all on your cowardice in the face of attacks like this…and how they were coming for food next…welcome to the battlefront, YOU are now the frontline, I hope you are appropriately armed because these troughers you are fighting have millions of government money with which to pound you, your company and your products.