Fog…or running scared

via the tipline:

A reader has sent me a picture of the fog in Hawke’s Bay that appears to have forced the cancellation of Labour’s special caucus meeting…


And I hear that David Shearer though has managed to find his voice for Larry Williams tonight.

It would be worth Larry asking why he failed to front last time…(that was rude and annoying if you’re a radio producer)

And why he turned down interviews on telly this morning…fog?



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  • Col

    Yep that sure is fog.

  • Greg Presland

    Geez Cameron it was the fog in Auckland and the earthquake in Wellington that were the problem.

    Must Try Harder.

    • Rule number one Greg?

      • opusx

        As an aside Cam, I was out walking today and stood in what I thought was doggie pooh. But it was OK, it was just a Lawyer…phew.
        But boy..did it STINK!

        • opusx

          Who down voted me?

          • Travis Poulson

            Balanced it out for you.

          • Whanga_Cynic

            A lawyer, obviously!

        • ThievingBastards

          You mean;

          I was out walking today and stood in what I thought was a lawyer. But it was OK, it was just dog shit…phew.

          • opusx

            Yeah, that’s what I meant.

    • So if the fog is really what prevented Labour’s special Caucus meeting going ahead… How come David Shearer made it to a Civil Defence briefing in Wellington this morning?

      If Shearer can make it to Wellington for a lunchtime briefing – why couldn’t he get to Napier?

      And if his trip was off, why did he still refuse to appear on Firstline (even by phone) this morning?… Clue: Firstline studio is in Auckland Greg…

    • ThievingBastards

      According to reports and popular opinion GPIAFC.

    • GazzW

      You need to try harder Greg. Even the regional services were departing Auckland airport by 1100. The Wellington earthquake doesn’t have appeared to curtailed your Green buddies political activity. More a matter of expediency I suspect.

  • Dumrse

    Spektakular phog only surpassed by the brilliant sunrise.

    • Travis Poulson

      Odd day, did a delivery near the airport, fog. Back to Waitakere, nice sunny day. Headed over to Long Bay on the Shore, fog started at the upper harbour highway bridge. West is where the sun shines ;)

  • steve and monique

    Guess he(Shearer) did not want to attend his own funeral.

  • cows4me

    Poor old Mumbles, he must feel like Rommel been invited to the Wolfs Lair.

    • Travis Poulson

      Rommel put up a fight, hardly a comparison to Shearer.

  • LabTested

    They slayed him on TV3 news. Asked who he preferred Robertson, Cunliffe or Little.

    • Sponge


  • thor42

    That’s a real “pea-souper” fog……. can barely see Ahuriri there…..