Give them a medal and a nice engraved shotgun each

Some prisoners are very dangerous, it is best to leave them to sort things out for themselves when they go a bit mental. No need to rush in.

But if you do have to intervene it is very important that you protect yourself…especially if the prisoner is someone who has cut the head off of a soldier in a street in London.

Five prison officers have been suspended after an incident involving one of the men suspected of murdering soldier Lee Rigby.

The officers have been sent home on full pay and cannot work at Belmarsh high security prison or any other jail following the struggle with Michael Adebolajo, 28, on Wednesday.

The five men deny they assaulted Adebolajo, who is understood to have lost two teeth while being restrained at the prison in southeast London. 

Adebolajo, who is on remand charged with the murder of Drummer Rigby; is said to have claimed he was “targeted” by prison officers at the jail.

Peter McParlin, the national chairman of the Prison Officers’ Association, said the Ministry of Justice had “let the staff down” over the incident.

He told The Times he had spoken to the officers involved and they insisted they had done nothing wrong.

He said: “We feel that the Ministry of Justice have let the staff down here. They have suspended five of our members but that does not necessarily mean they are guilty of anything.”

It is understood that the incident occurred when officers were involved in an approved “control and restraint operation” and Adebolajo refused to obey their instructions.

Stroppy little shit…those officers should be given a medal and a nice engraved shotgun each. Job well done.


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  • thor42

    Yep – give them a medal each and a super-mega-turbocharged *Taser*. If all of them tasered this scumbag at the same time, that would be fuuuuuun….

  • Kopua Cowboy

    I like how this bloke is only a “suspect”.

    Shoot him with some of those pork laced bullets.

    • Bunswalla

      If they said he was guilty before the trial he’d get off on the basis it was impossible for him to get a fair trial.

      • Except he stood there on television and hacked the guys head off then stood around waiting to be arrested saying “i dun it”

        • Whanga_Cynic

          and the bastard will still plead Not Guilty!!

  • Col

    You do the crime, and you get the best deal in town, 3 meals a day TV you name it you get it, did the Ministry forget this fucker killed someone?
    Pity the fucker was not put in the Army barracks with a solider or 2!!!!!