Go Bob, Now, and take Tony with you


Mike Yardley writes in The Press about the failure of Bob Parker’s mayoralty and his CEO as Christchurch City Council gets spanked by IANZ.

The news ricocheted across the city yesterday morning like a thunderclap.

Despite all the soothing tones of reassurance, despite all the varnished rhetoric that the big bad wolf of revocation would be kept from the council door, International Accreditation New Zealand (Ianz) has walked the talk and blown the house down.

The Christchurch City Council has incurred the unique and ignominious distinction of becoming the nation’s first consenting authority to be stripped of its accreditation.

On the day that the Ianz letter, outlining the intention to revoke, was brought to the public’s attention by the Canterbury earthquake recovery minister, the Christchurch mayor’s first reflex was to absolve the council of any blame or responsibility.

He slammed Gerry Brownlee for launching a ”media missile” and he accused the Government of ”undermining public confidence in the council”.

 Typical of Bob, blames everyone but himself. He is the mayor, and the CEO reports to him…those two should go if they had even an ounce of humility.

Bob Parker characterised the revocation warning as ”simply the accreditation folk going through their process”.

And, of course, he was supremely confident that the council had no cause for concern that its accreditation was in jeopardy.

In the wake of such embellished bravado, the political fallout for Parker is thunderous. Just three months out from election day, it’s a hell of a black eye. But beyond the political ramifications, this is a withering hammer blow to our sense of trust in the council.

Would you trust them to be straight with you?

Nope, I wouldn’t.

Late last week, the council’s senior management were trumpeting all of the progress they’d made to ward off and neutralise the compliance concerns Ianz had flagged.

But as the council brass backslapped themselves into believing that all was well in the state of Denmark, ministers Brownlee and Maurice Williamson were busily deploying contingency plans, just in case the council was duly defrocked.

Now that the nightmare scenario has become a reality, we should learn more about those plans tomorrow. But a show of accountability would also help clear the head.

So now that the good ship Christchurch has hit the rocks, stripped of its accreditation for one its most critical functions, who will resign?

Bob and Tony at a minimum, plus the head of the department responsible.


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  • Whafe

    It is like a warrant of fitness business not being able to give a car a warrant…….

    Will indeed be interesting Cam, if in fact Mr Parker has any humility!

    Give me strength……

  • Anonymouse Coward

    One bunch of jobs-worths ran the ruler over another bunch of jobs-worths and decided it was more than their job was worth to approve them.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    This withdrawal of accreditation is a stupid decision, akin to ordering a fire engine on the way to a fire off the road because it does not have a current warrant of fitness.

    Sure there were problems but stopping the issuing of consents right when the rebuild was starting to gather steam is cutting off you nose to spite your face.

    Vigorously working to remedy problems while still keeping the propeller turning and the plane flying is what should have been done.

    • David

      Can’t agree. Consents are still being issued and things will carry on as before, but hopefully at a faster pace. If the council and Marryatt were doing their jobs properly the IANZ would not have needed to intervene. Marryatt was given plenty of warning to up performance but instead he ignored it. He kept both ratepayers and councillors in the dark about the letter from IANZ. It is sad that the government has had to step in but the arrogant Marryatt left them no choice. Marryatt must go!

  • thehawkreturns

    IANZ are total troughers. The crime here is anyone pays them or even listens to their inexpert twaddle.

  • Mediaan

    The fall-down rate in the earthquakes was far too great. A number of buildings should have been closed way before the earthquakes.

    CCC has not been doing a good job for years.

    Christchurch has an “old families can do what they like” sort of undercurrent. They think it’s clever to get into business because it will make money. Nobody ever taught them that good business relies on good service and good ethics. A business has to have the community approving of you and wanting you there.

    I believe some idiot sons of very good family names owned property which was in very poor state. This fact would have been a pressure on CCC. Plus, a lot of their (even more idiot) sons and their network friends would have got good jobs in CCC.

    CCC has an incredibly high number of “Managers”.

  • AngryTory

    All councils in NZ are basically failures. It’s most obvious in Christchurch, due to the “rebuild” (when the sensible policy was simply to abandon the place) and Auckland, due to the supershitty.

    The sooner councils are just replaced with city corporations run as businesses under standard commercial practices, the better.

  • David

    Marryatt must go! It is clear that the council executive is being poorly managed. Marryatt is invisible except for the times when his salary is up for review with his hand out for MORE. Both Marryatt and other senior CCC executives must be accountable for this incompetence and should be sacked.

    • steve and monique

      Has not improved since he left Hamilton.

  • Sullir

    Marryatt gone – one to go!

    • Anonymouse Coward

      Sideshow Bobs feet need to held to the fire so the exit settlement is not a golden parachute.

      Any reports from renumeration consultants should be discussed in open council.

      Mike needs to recognisance his enabling of local body troughing might become a topic of public interest.