Has Chris Trotter ever heard of Godwin’s Law?


From Wikipedia:

Godwin’s law?(also known as?Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies?or?Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies) is an assertion made by?Mike Godwin?in 1990?that has become an?Internet adage. It states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving?Nazis?or?Hitlerapproaches1.”?In other words, Godwin said that, given enough time, in?any?online discussion?regardless of topic or scope?someone inevitably makes a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis.

Although in one of its early forms Godwin’s law referred specifically to?Usenetnewsgroup?discussions,?the law is now often applied to any?threaded online discussion, such as?forums,?chat rooms?and?blog?comment threads, and has been invoked for the inappropriate use of Nazi analogies in articles or speeches.?The law is sometimes invoked prescriptively to mark the end of a discussion when a Nazi analogy is made, with the writer who made the analogy being considered to have lost the argument.

Chris Trotter has well and truly lost the argument before it even began with this tosh this morning.

The National Party-led Government?s dramatic reform of New Zealand?s social welfare system marks an ominous turning-point in the country?s history. Never before has the state been willing to satisfy so completely the most punitive, the cruellest and?the most nakedly sociopathic impulses of its wealthiest citizens. ?

The people behind these reforms know that there are simply not enough jobs to socially integrate the tens-of-thousands of ?jobseekers? currently registered on the MSD?s books. And yet, they have no intention of following the example set by previous New Zealand Governments, in which the state itself provided the jobs so necessary to people?s health and wellbeing.

What they propose to do, instead, is force as many jobseekers as possible off the MSD?s books. They will achieve this objective by turning the experience of being?on?the MSD?s books into a nightmare of bureaucratic harassment and social stigmatisation.

Before the rest of New Zealand could accept such callous brutalisation, however, the National Party-led Government had first to transform welfare beneficiaries into useless and undeserving sub-humans. Their poverty had to be presented as the consequence of their own lack of application and self-discipline. They had to become idle ingrates: drug addicts and criminals; totally unworthy of decent people?s respect or compassion.

And now, because it is not made up of monsters, and for the sake of their hapless children, the Government is insisting that these creatures somehow be ?persuaded? to turn their lives around. This time, however, the persuasion is not going to involve the use of carrots. This time the MSD is going to use a stick.

And, just as they were in Germany 75 years ago, the doctors are being asked to help. We must hope that Kiwi physicians turn out to be less enthusiastic social-engineers.

Lindsay Mitchell rightly attacks Trotter.

There have been a couple of on-line polls? this week showing most people support the welfare reforms. To my mind there are a number of reasons why and I’ll post about that later. But the average person is comfortable with work expectations and social obligations of the kind they regularly meet themselves. And those beneficiaries who genuinely cannot support themselves will continue to receive the same assistance from the state.

So Chris Trotter’s??diatribe?this morning is a hysterical and offensive over-reaction. The targets of it should make an official complaint.

But think on this. The constant theme from the ‘left’ is the ‘right’ bashes beneficiaries. Listen, any beneficiary that read his column would feel wretched afterwards.

I fail to see how stopping people stealing from taxpayers is beneficiary bashing…to say it is like Trotter and Jacinda Ardern are is saying those people are “entitled” to steal from taxpayers.

Good luck running that argument Chris and Jacinda during next year’s election campaign.