Herald interviews own staff, forgets to tell us he is green taliban

The Herald continues on its jihad against the government and today interviews a poor hard done fellow in Hamilton by the name of Max, who the Herald tells us is a “29-year-old media sales and marketing consultant”.

Apparently times are tough for poor Max.

For Max Coyle, increases to his student loan repayments and KiwiSaver contributions have hurt his pay packet the most.

The 29-year-old media sales and marketing consultant, who rents a three-bedroom central Hamilton home with one other, said the increases wiped about $60 off his fortnightly pay.

“Groceries seem to cost more and I feel like I’m spending more to get the same amount of stuff.”

Mr Coyle said he paid $200 a week in rent at the house which has no insulation, meaning his last power bill cost $311.

The only thing that is cheaper are his internet and phone costs.

“We’ve gone unlimited and with fibre it’s the only time we’re getting more for less from two years ago,” he said. “That and my mobile phone bill.”

Like many of his friends, his wages seemed fixed and none were getting the regular raises they were used to when they entered the workforce.

“Most seem thankful just to have a job but raises, bonuses and perks are pretty non existent. It makes it difficult planning ahead hoping they don’t find a way to outsource the skills you have overseas.”

He says the increase in tobacco prices means an occasional cigarette was a luxury so he’s switched to smoking a pipe “as it works out cheaper in the long run”.

Hmmm…Max…Max Coyle…I wonder…could this be former Green candidate Max Coyle…who was caught manufacturing news about a similar situation with his missus?

Why yes it could be.

I note he is moaning about his pay where he says his wages appear fixed. Well perhaps he could have a word with his bosses at APN, the owner of the Herald, where he is in sales and marketing.



The same APN employee, Green party member who is wishing Maggie Barry dead on his public Facebook page.


Well done Herald and James Ihaka…interview your own staff member, who moans about your employer and their pay and conditions, while failing to decl;are he is a staff member and a green party member who has been caught doing this stuff before.

This is the news media today.


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  • Patrick

    Media sales & marketing? So he sells advertising space for the Herald? Perhaps he could do some extra curricular training, you know in a vocation for which there is a demand for skills. Maybe then he could be paid what he believes he is worth. Or is it more likely that he will sit about moaning that it is all the fault of John Key & his capitalist running dog mates? F’ing loser.

    • The irony is that the capitalist mates of the PM he so despises are the blokes who buy advertising in the Herald!

      • Ouch

      • Dave

        So, I hope those mates vote with their feet and take their advertising elsewhere, nothing more telling than a financial vote against granny herald.

        We stopped all advertising with the herald years ago, when their account manager called, I told her as soon as your paper stops printing bullshit and manufactured news, we might come back, until then, no way. She called back a week or so later to tell me the editorial team have editorial independence and write balanced articles and the latest in news etc… I scanned and sent a very biased bullshit article back, strangely I never heard from them again.

        • As it happens, I am an APN customer with an annual spend of well over $20k. I might just have to review that.

          • Dave

            Yes, several years ago we pulled approx $50K from the herald as above, was and still am fed up with their bullshit news. Turned it almost 50/50 to radio and online advertising, Our analysis a few months later showed sales across the country improved, against the greater auckland regions sales which remained static. So dropping the herald could be said to have had a positive effect (but a few variables in there as well).

  • blokeintakapuna

    Great spanking Whale!
    How pathetically tragic for the Horrid they have to resort to such a low level of credibility, to try and invent a story… From this “journalist” about his own employer not paying him enough.

    I suspect he’s about to get an opportunity to explore for greater prospects in real-time, to see if the grass really is greener with green-tinged, myopic glasses on.

  • JeffDaRef

    Trained and skilled WO, trained and skilled….

  • tarkwin

    Bit of bad news Max, if you’re flogging ad space in the Horrid your pay is unlikely to ever go up. Any rag that interviews it’s own staff isn’t worthy of being a fish and chip wrapper.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    How about the vagueness of this line, “Groceries seem to cost more and I feel like I’m spending more to get the same amount of stuff.” I see there is no statement that groceries actually do cost more or that
    he does actually spend more for the same amount of stuff. Where are the comparisons? He needs stickman to show him where to shop I think.

    • Arran Hunt

      The Herald actually had a decent article a couple of months ago (I almost fell our of my chair when I saw decent journalism) that food prices had actually been decreasing. They seem to have forgotten their own article, or decided that facts were less important than hyperbole.

    • flashman

      Describing domestic money issues with words like, “seem” and “feel” suggests he hasn’t got to grips with what’s called a budget.

  • Allyson

    Well done Cam. You do seem to have unearthed a complete Gobshite. I wonder if he tells lies.

  • motorizer

    Good work cam.

  • LabTested

    ‘His wages seemed fixed’. Well Duhh!!! Up Skill & move on if you are not happy. Don’t sell advertising for the rest of your life

    • dyannt

      I sold advertising for the Yellow pages for a number of years. Got a small base salary, then the sky was the limit. If I wanted more money, I worked harder and more efficiently. I should imagine most advertising jobs works the same way.

      • Dave

        Which explains very well why MadMax earns so little, especially after that expensive university eduction.

        Sadly, i doubt Max will work out the answer for himself

        • Steve R

          Who cares if he works it out or not

  • LesleyNZ

    How dumb of the NZ Herald. Ok – now – Max come clean and tell us what else you spend your money on. Do you drink alcohol? How much do you spend on entertainment, fast food, latest electronic gadgets and other unnecessary stuff? Tighten your belt and give up smoking – it is bad for you. The only message I get from this story is that Max feels he is not been paid very well by the NZ Herald. Shame on you NZ Herald. Pay him more then he won’t have anything to moan about!

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Cleaning that wankerish pipe he has in his gob to impress other middle trash douchebags must cost him a fair portion of his salary too. Gauze isn’t cheap.

  • Bunswalla

    There’s only one thing that’s cheaper than 2 years ago, and that one thing is the Internet. Oh and the phone line. Oh, and my mobile. And we actually get more for it than we used to.

    And I’m such a hypocrite I’d prefer to use more precious resources to keep warm, rather than move into a house with proper insulation.

    Oh, and the “one other” that I share the house with? – that’s my wife. She works too.

    • LesleyNZ

      You mean – the “one other” is his wife? How terrible and demeaning. Fancy calling your wife the “other”. Think that Max and the NZ Herald had better really come clean about all this.

  • LesleyNZ

    Also why would NZ Herald choose one of their own when the story is based upon a Herald DigiPoll? Very one-eyed and biased. I would have thought this to be against company policy.

    • Bunswalla

      Lesley you’d be astonished at how low the Horrid’s company policy allows (or requires) its journalists to go.

      Why, only the other day I saw David Fisher parachute out of a snake’s bottom.

      • Dave

        Poor snake, having another snake up its arse, probably never recover.

    • kaykaybee

      LesleyNZ- based on the last few years of outrageous journalistic onanism, one would have to draw the conclusion that this sort of article is completely in line with their “company policy”.

    • Fraser Newman

      And the case thickens because Digipoll is based in Hamilton also.

      • LesleyNZ


  • Bunswalla

    And…….THAT’s why WO is New Zealand’s No 1 Blog.

  • peterwn

    Should not a decent left wing newspaper like the Herald be paying its staff a ‘decent living wage’.

    • LabTested

      They want to but he is crap at selling advertising

  • David

    That is just bull shit what a loser and that the Herald can present this as news is shocking…well it would be if it wasn’t the Herald. WTF is wrong with the MSM in this country!

  • Saccharomyces

    Max Coil, sounds like a really massive turd!

  • kehua

    Snapped haha

  • Kendall

    So we have standards when it comes to advertising and broadcasting, meaning false or erroneous claims get dealt to formally, yet nothing to stop this. Grrrrr

  • CheesyEarWax

    “Most seem thankful just to have a job but raises, bonuses and perks are pretty non existent. It makes it difficult planning ahead hoping they don’t find a way to outsource the skills you have overseas.”

    No bonuses and raises is because you are probably shit at your job. Yes, they’ll definitely outsource your job elsewhere because they can get better monkeys than you for less peanuts.

  • kohibruce

    Seems Max has some form in providing misinformation – following from his fb page:

    “A Hamilton Green Party candidate’s future with the party is under a cloud after he admitted to misleading the Waikato Times.

    Max Coyle, a candidate for the Hamilton West electorate, apologised for misleading the paper after his partner Melissa Campbell appeared in a story on Monday about the young mum’s likely voting intentions ahead of the election.

    The story was part of an ongoing series on the region’s voters.

    She did not reveal her partner’s role in the Greens.

    In a statement released yesterday by the party, Mr Coyle said he made an error of judgment by not ensuring the paper knew he was Ms Campbell’s partner and he offered his “sincere apologies for the misleading the Waikato Times”.

    “I apologise to the party for this error. And I also apologise unreservedly to the Waikato Times. “

  • metalnwood

    So he smokes, no doubt drinks, still has a student loan when he’s just about to turn 30, pays for the most expensive internet (unlimited fibre) and complains about his financial situation.

    Sounds like some better spending habits could have him with no student loan by now.

    At least he saves money on his music and movies because we already know the greens like to leech their most expensive broadband for all the illegal stuff they can.

  • opusx

    This post is why I love WOBH. Exposing the tools for what they are. Excellent work Cam.

    • BG

      So very true. When I first read an article like this, I always wait until about mid morning to get the truth from Cam. Hell if he can find the details behind a story in 2-3 hours (without media training) then what has the guy who’s done the interview done?

      • Bunswalla

        You mean a decent journalist, trained and skilled? Hmmm…

  • This is the guy that the Greens sacked as their candidate before the last election, right? Sacked, because he had been a bit loose with the truth.

    What’s that they say about people who don’t learn from their mistakes being destined to repeat them?

    • Dave

      Bit rich of the greens to suggest one of their members was a bit loose with the truth, if they stick to that, they would all have to sack each other.

  • RightNow

    He rents a three bedroom house with one other… so two of them in a three bedroom house. Seems to me the Herald have scraped through the bottom of the barrel…

    • layoutman

      Actually it looks more like the ‘other’ is his wife/partner OR his son.. or perhaps he has forgotten about 1 of them? Its probably closer to 3 in a 3 bedroom – so food and other bills for a little one add up (unless he really was a greeny and actually grew his own vegies!

  • kaykaybee

    How low can this daily news service actually go?
    I can’t believe that for 30 years of my life I ever waited with anticipation for this rag.
    Bloody disgrace

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  • Dave

    He should phone “Clint”, I hear Clint is very busy and in need of an assistant, with the ability to run their news manufacturing spin division. It seems Mr Coyle is well qualified in Green Bullshit, or was at least until exposed on WOBH.

    Suggest you get down to WINZ today Mr Coyle, the diet of Mung beans is not great after a few weeks.

    PS: Your comments on Maggie Barry are despicable, what an ignorant little pratt!

    • Max Dillon Coyle

      It was Maggie herself that said she was going to die, I was even nice enough to say RIP?

      • rockape

        If you ever had any credibility its gone. Why do the greens atract people like you lying devious little pricks. If ever there was a person who could set back any cause its you. From nobody to joke in one day. Best thing you have on your CV.

      • pukakidon

        You deviant lying shit. What low life snakes you are at the herald. There is no way I would ever buy that load of bullshit or put any advertising that way. It is on the way out and good riddance.

      • Time For Accountability

        If you misrepresent the position how could any client of the Herald have faith in dealing with you.

        You obviously skipped the ethics lectures.

  • Red

    Pitches himself as Mr social media expert…. but his facebook page is open to everyone? Must be a trend….. https://www.facebook.com/driveshow Did anyone mention ego maniac by the way? Shame on the herald…. what a joke.

  • johnbronkhorst

    You can always tell when the media have nothing to say….They start interviewing each other.
    Remember this happening in Afganistan, …..they crossed to the reporter who fumbled his way through, interviewing another reporter!! Bizarh

  • Ants

    That guy isn’t 29, he looks about 45 at least!

    • CheesyEarWax

      Thats what a diet of Greens and tofu do to ya.

      • AJ

        No doubt that Max does like his meat. Agree he is looking older than his years tho

  • Bart

    A few months ago, I stopped buying the Herald, as it was becoming obvious to me that the standards were dropping, and that a once eminently readable broadsheet has now become a travesty, a tabloid gutter rag. Having travelled and read some of the very well written and informative papers around the world, and especially in Australia, it is apparent that the correct response to the onslaught from the digital media is to actually increase the quality of the product, not dumb it down and make it pretty and colourful! However, some idiot with a degree in marketing or some such, a person not unlike Mr Max Coyle, one suspects, has decided that the primary purpose of the fourth estate must be to fill in all those annoying spaces between the advertisements! End result, APN now have an absolute dog of a product, an editorial staff less interested in reporting the news than spinning it, and a public that they treat like an ill-informed unthinking mass, a blank canvas on which to sketch thier ideas as to how we should think.

    Well, here’s the surprise. That ill-informed unthinking mass is not as ill-informed as you would think. Not only that, but the internet is actually allowing us to share and exchange information without the lefty liberal editors trying to put spin on it. In short, we can see through the bullshit. The end result is that the credibility and integrity of journalism has taken a battering, and shows no sign of improving soon, unless they return to the reporting of facts, untarnished and unembelleshed, and where an opinion is expressed, then it should be as part of an opinion column, not edited in to a story.
    And as for interviewing people who work for the paper and presenting it as news, well, when you do things to yourself, if some contexts that would be referred to as masturbation, and like masturbation, it’s is pleasant for a little while, but ultimately futile, non productive, and all you are left with is an embarrasing mess to clean up!

  • AJ

    If Max likes media so much why is he not revealing more interesting facts? Like his secret trysts with males? Way more interesting than that dribble

    • Max Dillon Coyle

      Secret? Pansexual till I die :)

      • AJ

        Fair call. And you are very good at it too in all fairness

      • blokeintakapuna

        Pansexual = horny & desperate to shag anything …after totally fucking up one’s career as a credible journalist.

        • AJ

          That is a good decription. Max is a horny one alright. Maybe the Tofu has another side effect?

      • You like fucking boys who can fly?

      • GeorgeRomero

        And you WILL die early , be carefull of drunk islander fags,
        and don’t hang at the gloryhole too much , think ,Freddie Mercury :P

      • Time For Accountability

        Is the third bedroom your dungeon?

  • Dave

    Another contributer gave me an idea…… Lets all see what we can find on Max a million Coyle.

    Quote: Wow gosh I love Xeeme! It’s driving most of the traffic to my blog, wow!

    What Blog Max, hope its not in conflict with your day PAYING job, those groceries are looking like they might be unaffordable soon, you might end up eating humble pie.

    And to your blog, well read NOT! Gee mr Coyle, seems you should follow your own advice: Back to our curators, we now have a ‘Social media filtered life’ And your lies have indeed been filtered in social media today MadMax, flitered by the Whale.

    Then from Twitter: (approx 11.40 am) Max Dillon Coyle ‏@MaxDCoyle40m Any day that a disgusting fetid whale attacks you is a good day, too bad about his stink

    Suggest you LOCK your twitter account too Mr Coyle.

    The links to all his Social Media sites are open, just follow the dots on xeeme

    PS: had you not tried to deceive the nation with your bullshit in the herald, you would still be an anonymous little creature. You choose to put yourself on the pedestal.

    • Dave

      Update…. just found this pearl of wisdom from MadMax in his little news publication: http://maxcoyle.sharedby.co/share/1h99bD

      How to Control Your Privacy on Facebook

      But, left his facebook page WIDE OPEN

    • Max Dillon Coyle

      Thanks for all the extra hits guys, don’t forget to follow and like shit. Have a great day you disgusting right wing fascists :)

      • tarkwin

        Maxy, I’m so hurt by your language. Are you sure my company doesn’t buy advertising from APN?

        • Dave

          Does, Did or never will again thanks to Max ??

          • tarkwin

            Definitely do, been reviewing it, and probably just been helped by young Max.

      • Dave

        Max Mate, i’m not even a member of a political party, just gob smacked by your stupidity in your so called specialised area. in the battlefield of life, the best advice is Keep your head low son. or as WO puts it Max, NFWAB.

      • A word of advice Max; when you’re in a hole, stop digging…

      • blokeintakapuna

        I’ve come to the conclusion of all the trolls, in all the blogs, of all the internet, anywhere and everywhere, you’re the biggest waste of byte’s to have ever been seen. You’re even more obnoxious than the spam from Nigerian businessmen.

        You’re also the main reason why I don’t spend my circa $60,000 advertising spend with APN and the Horrid anymore. I will only advertise in credible publications with credible journalists – you clearly aren’t with your vile, hate filled envy on display like some kind of trophy. Be warned though, your actions and attitude has delivered your employer into even more ill-repute (yes, we all thought impossible) costing it at least $60,000 from me and my business – and probably more business too.
        When at your next sales meeting – put that in your pipe and smoke it!

        • Perhaps you’d lik to spend some with WOBH

          • blokeintakapuna

            Revising service offerings, getting my website a birthday and with imminent changes about to happen, i’ll then be in a position to re-start advertising – and yes, will be keen.

      • LesleyNZ

        Now, now – are you the real Max or a fake?

      • Muffin

        Hahaha what a looser

      • mike

        Hmm, right wing facists because we called you on your deceit?

  • sheppy

    Maybe the left parties should amalgamate into one and call themselves the “very desperate party?”

  • Kopua Cowboy

    I decided for myself when I was about 13 that the Herald is a worthless pile of sensationalist shit, and the past 12 years have only served to validate that feeling.

    As for Max Coyle… sort yourself out, son!

  • Tamaki

    Perfect: Dickhead journo interviews a dickhead and publishes it in a dickhead paper.

  • Gungadin

    Hi Max , perhaps cut back on the Brylcreem . Keep it up champ you are on fire today. xxx

  • l

    He’s pirate party not green.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    So much wrong with this fuckheads picture:
    1. Occasional cigarette? hmmm you don’t have to pay, bum off someone else UNLESS of course he buys them which is a big sin if you are “poor”
    2. What’s that? you have fiber? unlimited? wow there’s 200 bucks a month gone
    3. Go on a fucking kiwisaver holiday, bam there’s the 60 bucks a week back in your hand and more – and how the hell are you still paying off a student loan at 30? I’m 21 and mines going to be gone in 2.5 years
    4. Don’t buy so much grease for your hair – theres another 80 a week
    5. $311 on power? What the hell is he using? Grow lamps for his weed? My partner and I share a large 2bdrm unit and we barely use $160 with a blower heater (women hate the cold, I just put a blanket on) in the middle of winter, not including the AECT dividend which I put towards winter costs – about 80 a month in summer
    6. Not getting a wage increase? you work for a sinking ship, if you were hot shit on toast rather than cold fart on bread you’d get a pay rise or be headhunted for other companies
    7. Mobile phone bill?? Latest iphone on a 200 a month plan? fuck man I use 20 bucks for 6 weeks on a prepaid plan and text and call a fair bit
    8. Wonder why veges, power and other crap is getting more expensive? Fucking Greenie bullshit policies causing extra costs because of “the environment”, extra tax because of the rest of their policy? and power taxes, thanks carbon credits. I would have thought seeing the cost of stuff rise would make you want to not be a Greenie but don’t let reality get in the way of a theory on saving the world
    I could go on but t just pisses me off. Makes me live up to my name

  • Loco smoko

    Okie dokie, now lets work this out.
    A 2% increase in student loan repayments means 60$ less per fortnight.
    Hmm…. 2% so 50 multiplied by 60 means a before tax income of $3000 per fortnight, or $78000 per annum.
    78k and he’s pleading all poor and hard done by, cry me a river.
    He’s well above the average wage and grizzles about feeling the pinch, piss poor planning produces piss poor results.

  • pukakidon

    What an absolute worm.

  • Pokerface

    “The Huddle” just finished giving Max Coyle a good spanking.

  • Hazards001

    Smokes a pipe, face that looks like it sucked a lemon, member of the pirate party and green party and sells advertising for a living.
    I bet he was the bloke at the back of the bus on the 1st 15 away tour with a 6 pack yelling out..”Now boy’s…you know the rules…what happens on tour stays on tour!” Mr Popularity and all…NOT!!!!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    He voted for the lefty bloc which just throws more and more money at the tertiary institutions annually, which is the cause of his high student loan to begin with. In countries with no student loans, tuition is very because you don’t have a pack of gerontocratic middle-trash mediocrities who exploit the credulity of so-called working people, steal their money and then use it to install their blowhard peers into positions of consequence and therefore mulct them further. Joining the dots is a bit of a challenge for him. Guess there’s no prospect of a promotion out of sales and marketing to the puzzles section now…

  • steve and monique

    something tells me this clown won’t have a job shortly, I can sense a flurry of complaints and cancelled advertising with the Horrid, citing wet pants as the reason. You are a great numpty but a shithouse advertising salesboy for a shithouse paper!

  • GazzW

    He didn’t mention that tobacco retails at about $70 for 50 grams. Getting rid of the pipe affectation would surely help the family budget.

  • Jason Brown

    Judging by all the well coordinated outrage on here, I’m assuming that:this conservative circle jerk is:

    a) the work of less than a half dozen actual people (conservative estimate)

    b) straight from the dirty tricks department

    c) a mote-in-eye exercise

    Oh! Look! A real photo!! Real name!!! Meantime, feel free to respond with the usual ad hominen attacks. Distraction from the real issues. A shark on steroids.

    • Muffin

      I’d say that’s a very, very conservative estimate. And I’d also say the false article was the dirty trick, but at a guess I imagine you found it an engaging and thoughtful read.

    • Kimbo

      You don’t think it is worthwhile to disseminate the information that

      1. a former Green Party candidate, and

      2. media professional,

      3. was forced to stand down as a Green party candidate because a member of his household was caught presenting that household as “average punters” making statements that were, by implication, critical of the present political status quo, without full disclosure or volunteering of all relevant facts of political affiliations and offices sought, and

      4. the same pattern of behaviour has been repeated?

      Seeing as the Green Party meta-narrative is that the evil corporates are distorting political debate by with-holding and manipulating information (which is also a drum the Herald, who ran the story, beats more than occasionally for the purposes of increasing their circulation),

      …you still don’t see a problem with this?

      OK. I may indeed be a fully-paid up member of the “conservative circle jerk”, and I’ll lay my cards on the table: I despise the Greens – but in the 2011 referendum I voted in favour of retaining MMP because I figured this country belongs as much to the likes of the Greens, and the Max Dillon Coyle’s of this world, so they deserve representation.

      Which means the Greens also get the chance to be treated like big boys and girls…like the supposedly morally compromised like John Key over the Kim Dotcom affair and the Sky City Convention deal, John Banks and the Kim Dotcom donation, and Peter Dunne and the GCSB affair, and all the other politicians the snactimonious Greens like to parade themselves as superior to.

      I would have thought that the shining of daylight on the activities of a political activist and member of the media would have gained your approval.

      I’m mystified.

      Maybe you’d care to enlighten us masturbating yokels why this isn’t symptomatic of “journalism in crisis?”

      Here’s my guess – it doesn’t fit your ideology.