Hide on GCSB

Rodney Hide is back to his usual blunt self in a very good column about the GCSB and the politicisation of the agency by David Shearer, Russel Norman and Peter Dunne.

Such a lot of nonsense has been spouted about the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) that it’s difficult to know where to start.

Let’s begin with the ridiculous. Peter Dunne has been publicly worrying that state agents are spying on him. Believe me, they aren’t. Dunne isn’t very interesting – especially not to our spies.

“Copy that, Foxtrot. Mr Boring arrived Churton Park Community Centre.” Our intelligence agencies have far more significant and pressing work than that.

We then have the notion that the GCSB has been spying willy-nilly on Kiwis. They haven’t been. The Kitteridge report found that over a 10-year period, the GCSB had assisted the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) in instances involving potentially 85 Kiwis, and over six years had helped the police in instances potentially involving three Kiwis.

That’s the GCSB doing its job – it is required by law to assist and advise the police and the SIS. The GCSB was doing exactly what Parliament had instructed it to do.   

Peter Dunne used to be called Mr Sensible…a stupid term for a deeply stupid man.

I sat for six years on the Intelligence and Security Committee. The SIS and GCSB took the committee seriously. They answered every pertinent question in full and in detail. They would come to my office on request and whenever a briefing was appropriate.

In that room, behind the door, I learned of real and present threats that made my blood run cold. I know the work the GCSB did countering them.

David Shearer and Russel Norman now sit on that Committee. Peter Dunne used to.

In that role they have broken the cross-party consensus and the check-and-balance that the committee enables.

Winston Peters to his credit knows what is at stake here. He too is aghast at the actions of Dunne, Norman and Shearer.

Peter Dunne at the very least discussed leaking a sensitive report. He now can’t be trusted.

Russel Norman has wrongly declared the GCSB a “rogue agency” and David Shearer has falsely accused the GCSB of illegally seizing and destroying a phantom video of the Prime Minister making a quip.

For the GCSB to do its job, our allies must be assured that it’s secure. That security must extend to the Parliamentary leaders overseeing its operation. That’s what Shearer and Norman have compromised.

Both men are in the unique position of having every concern they may have about the GCSB properly addressed through the Intelligence and Security Committee.

Instead, they have chosen to drag the GCSB into their political attacks. They have risked our national security to score political points.

Peter Dunne cannot be trusted. He should shut up and go away. He has other secrets that he will wish don’t come out. He should follow Bob Parker’s lead and go quietly…or he will go loudly at a time not of his choosing.

Shearer is dangerous, he more than any other MP should know the value of intelligence and security, his life once depended upon it. Russel Norman is just a communist loon, he thought nothing of demanding the Police grab and screen emails, but strangely wants more control over spy agencies…hmmm…I wonder why?


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  • maninblack

    Norman is such a cunt.

  • Pete George

    “Winston Peters to his credit knows what is at stake here.”

    Really? And he would never try to “score political points”?

    NZ First voted against the bill at its first reading but has suggested it could lend its support if a panel is established to rubber-stamp surveillance warrants.

    However, Mr Peters says he has new information which makes it less likely his party will support the bill.

    “The more that I’ve found out about the circumstances behind this bill, the more concerned I am as to what the public and parliament and, in fact, the media have not been told,” he said.

    “There is a cover-up going on, and that you will see as time unfolds.”


    Good luck trusting him.

    • Mr_Blobby

      He has a point. The devil is in the detail. We just don’t know.

      Trust us, we are the Government, we are here to help.

      But when you look at the behavior of our trained MonKey, you just know something doesn’t smell right.

  • Whafe

    Good to see something sensible written in the NZ Horrid, of which I only find out when I see an article linked etc etc, do I then take a peak….
    Dunne best learn quickly of how to play in the sandpit it seems
    Liabour + Gweens + NZ Last + Mana = Cluster Fuck

    • le sphincter

      Did you not read the other bit in the Herald about the ‘founder’ of the GCSB, where they had Muldoon deny something in parliament , which only true for that day as they had the intercept recievers turned off.

      NSA and GCSB having been hiding their activities for years with clever denials.
      I liked the recent denial by Google, etc where they denied NSA had open access to their ‘servers’ , when of course it was their ‘routers’ they were plundering everything from

      • Mr_Blobby

        So true Poo Hole. Nobody is allowed to spy on their own citizens so they spy on each other and “share” the information. therefore not “technically” breaking the law.

  • cows4me

    The antics of Possum head, Mumbles and Red Wussell highlight the dangers of an internal spy agency. Everything the GCSB does may well be above board and it’s motives pure as driven snow.
    So we now have a well installed internal spying organisation that will soon have the legal ability to spy on any citizen in NZ. What do you think would happen if God forbid these lefty lunatics were to gain power. Do you honestly believe a far left administration would not be tempted to put the GCSB to more “evil” endeavours? Who remains the gatekeeper that insures the GCSB is not in the future hijacked by bad bastards, after all the government pays their wages. I say no to spying, it’s motives at present may be noble but once all rules and safeguards are consigned to their whim we are at their mercy. History shows us governments love facts and figures when it comes to their citizens and are not shy on using them. I say why help the bastards.

    • AnonWgtn

      I wonder what these fuckheads have to be afraid of ?
      Have they something they do not want anybody to know – e.g. Norman’s communist antics in Australia

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes there stated purpose is to protect us, but from whom.

      The biggest threat to any Government is the citizens.Is a big brother situation desirable. I opt for freedom over the illusion of safety.

    • niggly

      that will soon have the legal ability to spy on any citizen in NZ

      No they won’t – it doesn’t work like that. They can only do that if under a warrant etc.

      • cows4me

        What comes first niggly the chicken or the egg. “under warrant” , who issue the warrants niggly?

  • Pete George

    As for the Winstonian baseless donation accusations, it would surprise me because the party has spent bugger all. There has long been accusations of donations from certain groups, but no sign of where any of that could have been spent.

    And I’ve been assured the party has “always scrupulously declared everything”. The party secretary is an ex-policeman and very straight, that’s why the membership problem was declared.

    So as Key said, put up or…, ah, no point in asking people who may have a political agenda to shut up.

    And trying to raise unscrupulous donations – Act is the party currently embarrassed in that department. And past practices of other parties – including your new trustworthy ally Winston – makes this all seem a bit pathetic.

    • You would wrong. Peter has not declared all of his donations…only a matter of time now for dates, amounts and who from to come out.

      • Pete George

        I deal with facts, not smears. If your information is as solid as David Henry’s or Winstons then yeah, right.

        Drip feeding accusations will be seen for what it is. Especially in a post that mentions trust and you praise Winston, and a post on an article by an Actoid that mentions Dotcom and donations. Dirty politics looks dirty and can blow back. Winston is finding that out.

    • AnonWgtn

      Winston – when are you going to pay back the $158,000 you stole from the Taxpayers of this country ?

  • Liberty

    85 kiwis have been spied on in the last 10 years.
    3 in the last three years . Which is about the same time National has been in power and 82 under Labour around 12 a year
    By any chance was one of the 82. The chap who got imprisoned for sedition.
    We all know Clark was a bit vindictive . Isn’t having 82 kiwis spied on by the state a
    little over the top? Clark made Muldoon look like a saint.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The biggest threat to the State comes from within, from its own citizens. That is why despot dictators require such large armies, not to protect from outside threats, but from within.

      • cows4me

        So true Mr Blobby but a well heeled internal spy force makes large armies obsolete as long as the ruling power has people that believe they are right. If they have an ability to spy I would very much doubt you would have the resources to fight off a death squad.

    • cows4me

      Thank you Liberty for making my point. So we hand our liberty over to the whim of the voters, no fucking way.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    All we need to do is pack of Hippie back to Oz and this country will be the richest in the world soon….

  • sheppy

    Will somebody tell communist Norman that the Cold War is over and the KGB was disbanded in 1991 which in case he’s unsure was 22 years ago

  • Mr_Blobby

    Good points Rodney.

    “Our intelligence agencies have far more significant and pressing work than that.”

    We spy on them, they spy on us, we know they spy on us they know we spy on them, no big secret there. Yet this very fact, that we know, they know and who they are, is somehow a state secret.

    The questions have to be.

    1. Are our spy agencies still relevant in today’s world,

    2. Who are we at war with.

    3. Why do we spy on our friends.

    4. Why do our friends spy on us.

    5. Have our intelligence agencies provided any value for money, something, anything significant in today’s world of note.

    6. Who are our friends.

    7. Who are our enemies.

    As someone picking up the tab for this I would like to know just what the threat is. Because it is starting to look like it is everyone around the world with any sort of technology.

    The problem with the current leaks is that it is the US our so called friend and ally that is spying on the citizens of New Zealand, probably with the assistance of our own spies.

    The so called tinfoil hat conspiracy nutters must be over the moon, what they have been saying for years is actually true.