Hosking on the Man Ban

Mike Hosking explores Labour’s Man Ban:

Once again the Labour Party is out of the blocks with another stroke of political genius. Not happy with regulating the power industry and doing that in association with the Greens, not happy with undermining their leader by leaking the fact he has until September or there is a coup on, and not happy at seeing all that result in a spectacular drop in the polls, they’ve upped the ante and come to the party with the idea that some electorates should be cordoned off for women only.

You can of course see where they’re coming from. The plight and role of women in this country has barely moved since 1913. If only women had been able to achieve for themselves, things might have been so different.

Perhaps if we’d been able to see one or two examples of women who had broken through the barriers and glass ceilings then we may not need such an artificial policy to boost their stocks. If we’d been able to cite one or two examples of female leadership, women who started and ran successful companies or had been appointed to the judiciary. 

Yes women have been seriously left behind and so a man ban is definitely needed.

Imagine if we’d had a woman as Chief Justice, that would have silenced them. And if we’d had more women in politics then maybe, just maybe, some of them would have been able to work their way to the top. And if they’d done that, we could have seen women in leadership roles.

How different would it have been if a woman had become the leader of the opposition. Or, and I know this is farfetched, but if only one had managed to be Prime Minister then a generation or more of young woman would have grown up in this country believing anything was possible. They’d start to dream if you can be Prime Minister, would it be beyond the realms of possibility that you could be Governor-General? A female representative of a female monarch, that surely would be historic.

And if that was possible, then surely it would no longer be necessary to have artificial mechanisms in which to propel them into positions they could only otherwise dream of. Ah, what might have been.


But fear not. The Labour Party of 2013 has it covered. How can a move of this boldness fail? How can it fail to electrify the country with its ingenuity and originality? It’s surprising, perhaps even astounding, others haven’t got there first. But mind you, that’s always the way with genius isn’t it. Everyone sees the cleverness after the fact.

So well done Labour. I know it’s been a rough couple of months with the Greens and the power thing and now this leadership nonsense. But if ever there was a poll turner, then this piece of far reaching insightful genius is it. I bet national are beside themselves with worry.

Labour’s leadership thinks that the voting public care about this sort of stuff…I’ve got news for them and it is all bad…watch the next polls. The label Man Ban has stuck…labour is the party of the Man Ban.


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  • cows4me

    I’m fine with the woman on top, what’s all the fuss about?

    • Agent BallSack

      Helen Clark on top? FFS dude its lunchtime!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I guess you are talking about Darien?? Why am I not surprised?

      • cows4me

        Shut up you two, I’m gagging now.

  • Agent BallSack

    Labour – The not happy Party

  • Chris

    The voting public do care about this stuff. They hate it and if Labour accepts it then they would’ve signed their own death warrant. I say let them fucking do it.

  • Agent BallSack

    Labour should really stop coming up with crazy ideas on Thursdays, I find it hard to work with all the laughter and WhaleOiling.

  • GregM

    It’s PC shit like this that got them voted out last time. Four years later and they have learnt nothing.

    • Bad__Cat


  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Of only they had qualified the rule, making space for HOT women only, now that would be a winner.

    I suppose they’d need to chain Trevor up though.

  • Agent BallSack

    Something sensible from within the Labour Party, GASP!

    Shane Jones said it would do little to help Labour get back into Government.

    “The last time I checked it was the blue-collar, tradie, blokey voters we were missing. The notion of blocking males is so absurd it’s hard to believe it came from people with the interests of Labour at heart.”

  • Elitist Tory

    Excellent summing up by Hosking.

    The trouble with Labour is all the university types they have; those who studied political science at university hearing stories about bosses vs workers, about struggles for civil rights, equality and on and on the nonsense goes.

    The reaction from the Labour apparatchiks is “omg! that is so cool! let’s do it as well comrade sweety darling” …but…it has all been done.

    This generation of Labour activists are simply trying to replay things which were settled 25 years ago as a kind of “from the common room to the party meeting” exercise, but hit the brick wall of “already done”.

    One of the reasons for the irrelevance of Labour is not their Leaders, but rather that there is nothing much left for them to do – public health? (done); education? (done); pensions? (done); welfare? (done); health and safety in the workplace? (done); anti nuclear? (done)..etc..etc

    Changing Leaders will make no difference as 50 injustices will not suddenly appear.

    Because the left wing is committed to 19th century dogma – to be followed regardless of merit, need or common sense – they box on with increasingly silly ideas which seem bizarre to most people.

    It is as if they are going through some “Socialist Handbook” and are up to page 74 and advocate whatever is on that page no matter how risible, how outdated – or how many votes it loses them.

    • Harroputza

      This is the most cutting criticism of Labour I have seen in a while. Good on you.

  • AnonWgtn

    Are you aware that Helen Clark is due on a speaking tour of New Zealand in August – looks like about 60 days away ?

  • RickC

    I think it’s a wonderful idea.Only drawback possible is deciding which is which? I mean look at Grant and Darien, labour has it that one is a man and one is a woman but really, how do you tell?

  • blokeintakapuna

    Another Labour policy flop… on top of ever-increasing own goals…
    L&G’s “Power grab – cheap electricity” stunt also back-fired, so in desperation they’ll need an even bigger fiscal grenade lobbed somewhere to get some media oxygen/attention… in the hope they appear to be combating numerous issues / problems and by doing so, they’ll magically appear credible…
    Now, isn’t petrol and diesel far too expensive under a National government?

  • Bunswalla

    Clare Curran will retweet Hosking’s article as evidence he approves of their brilliant policy.