I bet she was registered

Oh look…another registered teacher before the courts…

A Hawke’s Bay teacher with a previous conviction of aggravated robbery admitted further offending yesterday, when she pleaded guilty in Hastings District Court to a charge of theft.

Amanda Jane Scott, 42, a teacher at Heretaunga Intermediate, pleaded guilty to stealing a pair of sunglasses and was fined $300 by Judge Bridget Mackintosh.

It is understood Scott was the getaway driver for a bank robbery in 1991. At the age of 22 she was jailed in Christchurch Prison for three years. 
In her most recent conviction, police said Scott was in Mitre 10 Hastings at about 9.25am on December 23 last year, waiting to pay for her items, when a customer in front of her forgot her sunglasses on the counter. Scott picked up the John Paul Gaultier sunglasses, valued at $400, and took them with her.

Her lawyer, Peter Austin, said she had initially intended to return the sunglasses.

“She was out shopping and tried to be helpful – she grabbed the sunglasses to return them.”

In a statement to the police Scott said she made a “silly decision” to keep them instead.

Mr Austin said his client had also appeared in court on theft charges in 1985.

Oh? How can this be? She has previous convictions…how could she have got registration in the first place?

Oh look David Farrar blogged about her back in 2006.

I felt very sorry for Amanda Scott, who has just had her past made front-page on the SST. When she was 22 she was the driver for a bank robbery and was sentenced to three years jail in 1991. So she has probably been out of jail for 13 years or so and is now a popular and competent teacher a a decile one school. Good on her.

So she was whining back in 2006…seems like she has continued on her merry way committing robberies.

Now what was Labour and the teacher unions saying again about how teacher registration will stop bad people from teaching our kids?

They certainly object to charter schools because there is no requirement for mandatory teacher registration…like that is working now. Not.



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  • Elitist Tory

    You only have to look at the people running the teacher unions to see why criminals like this woman get away with it; anybody taken a look at Robin Duff’s police record?

  • cows4me

    She needs a promotion, NZEI head office could probably fit her in.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    She’s Labour-bait which is why she’s registered. Simple.

  • Spiker

    I know of a female teacher who was a prostitute in her spare time. So much for checking homework.