If not Cunliffe then who? Please explain Tim

The other day I blogged about the early release of the details of a select committee report to Tim Pankhurst at Seafood NZ.

Well Tim Pankhurst took exception to my post and commented as well as emailed and accused me of interviewing my keyboard.

Unfortunately as a former editor, even a “decent journalist, trained and skilled”, he should have thought just for one second before he angrily emailed and commented on the blog.

You see, I never suppose anything, never ask a question or posit a position without already knowing the answer. Perhaps Tim could explain this email.

From: LYNDS, Samantha [[email protected]seafood.org.nz] On Behalf Of?PANKHURST, Tim
Sent: Friday, 19 July 2013 9:06 a.m.
To: Seafood New Zealand Directors
Subject: FCV legislation update – Confidential

Dear Directors,

SNZ has been informed by an impeccable parliamentary source that the FCV bill will be reported back from the Primary Production Select Committee to the House after the recess with the support of all parties. ?

The Report?s SOP proposes, inter alia, to modify S103a to insert a new paragraph to the effect the DG can continue to approve after May 2016 and up to 2020 foreign flag/crewed FCVs for a period of up to one year (renewable) for each approval provided that the FCV is a vessel that operated and continues to operate to a venture that prior to 30 April 2012 fished using a significant proportion of settlement quota. The definition of ?significant proportion? is not clear at this stage.

Kind regards
Chief Executive Officer
Seafood New Zealand Limited
Seafood Industry House, 74 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington 6011
Private Bag 24901, Wellington 6142
DDI: +64 (0)4 801 [REDACTED]
Mob: +64 (0)21 67[REDACTED]

Perhaps he might like to explain just who is his “impeccable parliamentary source”.

The committee considering this information consists of the following members.

  • Chairperson: Shane Ardern, National Party, Taranaki-King Country
  • Deputy-Chairperson: Damien O’Connor, Labour Party, West Coast-Tasman
  • Member: Steffan Browning, Green Party, List
  • Member: Shane Jones, Labour Party, List
  • Member: Colin King, National Party, Kaikoura
  • Member: Ian McKelvie, National Party, Rangitikei
  • Member: Eric Roy, National Party, Invercargill

The leaker of the report is unlikely to be any government member, nor the chair or deputy chair.

That leaves just Steffan Browing or Shane Jones, plus one other…David?Cunliffe also sat in on this committee, and was given a copy of the Select Committee report as Fisheries spokesperson. You could hardly describe Shane Jones or the hippie ?from the?Green party as impeccable…leaving Cunners in the gun, despite the protestations of Tim Pankhurst.

Tim?Pankhurst?got the details of the report on 19th?July (see email above), but it was only tabled in Parliament last Thursday night (28th?July) at?5pm

Now it is against Parliament?s rules to leak a report, or even details of a report before it is tabled in parliament. So Tim Pankhurst has put his “impeccable parliamentary source” in a bit of a pickle by gobbing off in his email about how cool he was to have an insider. The possible candidates for the leak of the report to him are very, very small.

Perhaps he might like to respond in the comments again to clear things up, remembering of course that I already know the answer.