If you can come up with a million bucks why do you need a state house?

It is astonishing that the Herald continues on this crusade of sad faces pushing so called poverty stories. The latest is a state house tenant who is all sad face about the fact that Housing NZ won’t sell her the house she has been a tenant in for 11 years for a million dollars.

Classic Herald sad face

Classic Herald sad face

Think about that for a minute why don’t you…this person is a tenant in a state house, that ostensibly is worth a million dollars, and now, miraculously can afford to buy the house she has been paying a pepper-corn rental for…and somehow Housing NZ are the bad guys here.

A supermarket worker says she has raised $1 million to buy her state house in one of New Zealand’s most-desirable neighbourhoods – but Housing NZ is booting her out regardless.

Bella Bowden, 50, believes she was investigated by Housing NZ because her extended family came up with the cash to help her buy the small Mission Bay house she has called home for 11 years.  

After she told the government housing agency she had obtained finance to buy the house, Housing NZ officials investigated her circumstances, talking to her neighbours and her boss.

Buy HER state house…nope, It is OURS. She has rented it for 11 years and now miraculously has a million bucks to buy it…she is taking the piss.

On top of that she owes back rent. Some people just have to take the piss their whole useless, pathetic lives.

She earns $400 a week and now she is supposed to be able to buy a million dollar house, even with “whanau” helping her she would be hard pressed to pay back any of it. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to find that there was some “green” finance involved.

This is a bullshit manufactured, spam journalism story.


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Thank god Hone will be able to give her a mortgage for cheap soon!

  • cows4me

    She should take up financial advice. I would love to know how to service a million dollar debt with $400 a week, so would my bank manager. Shit I could borrow millions, pay the farm off and retire. You don’t have her phone number by any chance?

    • williamabong

      Can’t happen, just another bullshit beat-up by a media trying to prove how oppressed marty are under the heel of the white mans jackboot.

    • peterwn

      She is kidding – pulling the usual sort of trick when under pressure to buy time. It is a similar sort of stunt that I think Barry Hart allegedly used to try and keep his house. If you are facing a mortgagee sale, you sign a S&P agreement with a mate and get the mate to lodge a caveat on the property. It will not work but it buys time until the mortgagee can get it before a judge. She has effectively tried something similar to stay put despite rent arrears.

  • williamabong

    She’s a marty she has to be given the house, end of story.

  • johnbronkhorst

    If she has $1 mill…why would she buy that shit hole?
    As an aside,,,,it probably wasn’t a shit hole before she moved in 11 years ago.

    • steve and monique

      Will remove shit hole,relpace with new home,and sell for profit

  • CheesyEarWax

    Classic bludger now wanna be a benefiter. Sounds like she got kicked out not because she has been lying about her circumstances. The whanau sounds like a syndicate.

    • Jimmie

      Yup my take exactly – trying to make a quick buck off a state house and hope that HNZ would fall for it – classic parasites.

  • thor42

    Yep, classic Herald sob-story. Bloody ridiculous.

    If I could raise a million dollars, I’d buy a house in the Marlborough Sounds. I wouldn’t be at all interested in a state house, even if it were offered to me.

    • williamabong

      Bugger all to do with the shitbox state house, try the good dirt it’s sitting on, she thinks if she can stir up enough shit her and the cuzzies will get it for a song.
      Onsold by lunchtime nice wee profit for the bros, and all done with whiteys money.
      Throw her out in the street she doesn’t need a state house she’s obviously got the means to raise a seven figure sum.

  • Whafe

    It is another factual reason why the NZ Horrid is almost to bad to wrap fish n chips, light the fire, let alone wipe your arse….
    Give me strength……

    • Mr_Blobby

      If they didn’t spoil it with bad ink it would be perfect.

  • Pita

    I note that she also owed Housing New Zealand $122,912 for rent dating back to 2002…at the earlier rent of $135 per week this amounts to quite a few years!
    Has she paid any rent at all and when did she stop paying?

    • williamabong

      Isn’t sunlight the most wonderful disinfectant, the plot starts to thicken, there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.
      Somehow I think she will rue the day she lifted the lid on this stinker.
      Next question to HNZ, why is someone allowed to live rent free for more than ten years?????

      • Teletubby

        At $135 a week rent is $7020 per annum, therefore $70,200 over ten years so one has to assume the $122k figure involves some penalties or interest, regardless it seems she has paid stuff all of the rent over the last 11 years. The only thing wrong in this story is she should have been kicked out 10yrs and 11 months ago as anyone would be if they didn’t pay their rent

        • Dave

          And when will Granny Herald print a retraction advising their decline reader base that their TRAINED AND SKILLED Repeaters forgot to ask about the debt etc. What a pathetic bunch of bullshitters they are, their roles must be awful, knowing they are only producing bullshit and Whale Food.

      • jtvamb

        I know this person . Greg Mcdonald is her partner . He has done this before with another HNZ home . She is a dumb shameless hori .

    • Never in the dark…..

      Perhaps after reviewing the case, they’re claiming back dated market-related rent from her. The legality of which might be brought into question. But then again, so has she.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I sounds like she lied to get in and is still lying. This looks like a reassessment and backdating. It should have been done many years ago.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Sounds to me like buy it cheap and then flick it off for a profit. Subject to getting another state house house for next to nothing.

  • steve and monique

    That place is worth a Million dollars. What a rip off. Good luck with the housing crisis Auckland,there is your problem,not a lack of housing. As for her paying that amount,well idiot comes to mind.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Plenty more where that came from when it comes to Kiwis and the purchase of residential property.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Folks – please remember Sheep’s words – Times are tough under John Key’s regime. Prices are rising, inflation is very high, power prices are sky high, grocery prices are out of reach for common man – so million dollar is spare change for a poor family….you get the message….so get back to work…

  • bigbruv

    Why the hell do we still have state houses in nice areas like Mission Bay anyway?

    State houses should all be in out of the way areas of town, away from where decent tax paying folk have to see them.

    Ideally we should not have state houses but if we must then they should be as cheap as possible and in the undesirable parts of town.

    • WayneO

      Troll much?

      • bigbruv

        Not at all WayneO.
        I detest state houses.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I think it is called pepper potting. Putting state houses in all suburbs so as not to create ghettos.

      The problem is that the tenants children don’t mix with the locals, for economic reasons and because there neighbors a more like to be going to a public school rather than a state school.

      Then you get the social cost of more crime like graffiti and burglaries etc in the areas surrounding state house clusters.

      • AngryTory

        But while we have bludgers, we need ghettos to put them in!

        No fair to mix bludgers in with honest working folk.

    • Jman

      I completely agree. Why the fuck should any of our taxes be paying for this bludger to have a huge 1000 square meter section in Mission Bay with a view overlooking Rangitoto, when 99% of hard working taxpaying kiwis could never dream of affording a property like that.

    • peterwn

      Mission Bay and similar areas were on the edge of urban development once and had inexpensive land suitable for state housing. Ponsonby & Herne Bay were also cheap areas once (Ponsonby had a significant Pacific Islands 50 years ago).

    • AngryTory

      Why the hell do we still have state houses

      Aha. now there you have it. I don’t buy any of this crap about “affordable housing” – what NZ needs is a few more real slums. So don’t sell “state” houses to their bludging tenants: bulldoze the lot.

  • Jimmie

    Who’s got 50 cents that somehow she is linked up to Labour, the Greens or Mana?

    • Simo

      A safe bet at even $50!

  • Tom

    No prizes for guessing this woman’s ethnic background. A picture of her was not really required to figure it out.

  • LesleyNZ

    Well there we go. So low income workers CAN afford to buy a house – even a million dollar house! What on earth was she doing renting this house from the state when she can muster up a million dollars that quick? This woman needs to refund us taxpayers the subsidy we have paid to keep her in this house and pay the debt she owes in back rent.

    NZ Herald and Mainstream media – DON’T EVER publish any more sob stories about people who can’t afford to buy a house. Just do what this woman did and you can afford a million dollar house!

    • Bafacu

      Problem is Lesley, she wasn’t renting the house from the State – she was squatting! You have to pay money to be renting.

  • flashman

    They’ll do what most tenants did under the UK’s right-to-buy scheme. Sell it on at a big profit and buy somewhere else in a low priced area for cash. They’re not daft, they can do the numbers.

  • opusx

    She can have my house in Palmy Nth for a million. Nicer than the one she’s posing in front of, rates are pretty good, and no chance of tsunami being land locked.

    • Kendall

      We don’t want her here

  • Chris

    I’ve been called the biggest right-wing prick who’s ever walked the earth, but I just can’t agree with you on this one. It’s all to do with the meaning of ownership and private property. Her family is prepared to front up with the cash. Assuming the house is for sale and the price is acceptable to HNZ, why don’t they accept the sale? Just because someone can get the money from somewhere for a specific purpose why should it matter? The money’s not hers – obviously there’s a condition on how it’s spent which is that it’s used to buy this house. In other words if the house hadn’t come up for sale presumably family or the woman wouldn’t have even thought about raising the money, which in turn means she would’ve been trundling along on her $400 a week job. What’s the difference between her family buying it on the open market, which they could easily do but for HNZ’s silly position around the fact that the potential buyer is related to the current tenant and wants to but it so that their family member can live there? Where’s the logic in that? It’s as if HNZ is prepared to sell to a private wealthy person, but not sell a private wealthy person who’s buying to keep a loved one housed. Think a bit harder about this and the flaws in HNZ’s logic become clear.

    • Dave

      Chris, for a right winger you seem pretty naive. Something is not right here, she could not manage to pay rent for years and years, too poor, or couldn’t be bothered.

      Why are the family so interested NOW that she is being turfed out on her ear ?

      Where were they when she was struggling.

      As others have said, its scam like, on $400 she can never repay it without interest.

      Simply said, someone has the cash to splash, she is a patsy for them and fronting a sob story to twist the Governments hand.

      On occasions like these, when someone that has “wronged” you offers an unbelievable deal, its an indication something is not right, and to turn it down and walk.

      Me, HNZ should offer it for Public tender for the highest bidder, and EXCLUDE the debtor, until all debts are PRE PAID. Lets see how desperate she and her supporters are then.

      PS: In the tender, HNZ can insert – Already attracting NZ wide interest from undisclosed syndicate……..

      PPS: It would pay to check the zoning etc, something may have been ovrlooked, could it be in a mixed residential / commercial zone, making the land worth 10 times what we think?

      • philbest

        Google search for real estate sites in any of the US cities where house price median multiples have been stable at 3 in all Demographia Reports, apply a filter for “less than $60,000”, and you will see why it is completely unnecessary to have publicly subsidised housing at all when you have a free market in housing that is not being f——-d up by b—-y central planners.

        Here’s a start:





        I have picked those 4 cities because they are not busted-arse post-crash cities and their cheapest housing is not in ghettoes. Those prices are merely “NORMAL FREE MARKET bottom quartile house prices”. What our b—–y central planners are depriving us of, just as b—–y central planners are depriving North Koreans of food.

        • Dave

          Agree entirely, don’t forget its often the SOCIALIST central planners and SOCIALIST local Govt representatives that want to provide free / subsidized housing. Im pro a few more shelters, short term stays for 3 months or so to help people get on their feet, but whilst there, intensive and compolsury Training and guidance on getting out, getting a job, and fending for yourself.

          • philbest

            Yeah, the Left loves creating captive constituencies, including people who can’t afford a house – therefore they love planning that drives up the price of housing.

  • Jax

    1000sqm with Rangitoto view, CV of 920k – Chances are its worth more like 1.5mill or more even double in this market if sub-dividable into 3, even more . If she asked me for a 1mill loan I would give it to her in a flash (with a contract) and we could flick it the next week for a 500k profit and split it . So im not surprised she had no problem rustling up the mill from family . These people are experts on taking from the largess of the taxpayers, who is surprised this is just another method. Thankfully HNZ realise this and are not letting it go for that price. If she wants it so bad, she can go to the auction like everyone else.

  • Truth subscriber

    Bitter and twisted commentary from ugly New Zealanders who havent achieved much…yawn, join the pakeha party why doncha.