Independent analysis of Bain parallel lines

We are nothing if not thorough here at WOBH. Performing investigative analysis just like the mainstream media.

When Joe Karam came up with the greasy parallel lines theory the media produced 8 photos showing they could be replicated.

This morning I revealed more evidence of greasy parallel lines that showed that David Bain couldn’t have committed the terrible murders at Every Street.

Like the mainstream media I have found 8 images that show that the greasy marks are easily replicated and that anyone could have loaded that rifle magazine using their forehead in order to avoid fingerprints on the rifle. 



Like Joe Karam I think I claim categorically that the magazine made those marks…


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  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Interesting that David is the only one with a trigger smudge on the end of his nose!

    • It finally explains how the magazine was found lying on its edge. The nose was holding it in place.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        Well it is definitely a smudge and grey in colour which means it could only have come from handling a rifle. I’m sure if we got a group of volunteers together, they too could replicate that mark on their noses by attempting to load a cartridge. This is beyond circumstantial evidence and points to the true culprit. I say free Robin Bain.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    I also think that this scenario requires serious consideration:

  • Jester

    Serial killer confirms theory!

  • Open and shut case. Well done Cam.

    What a motley collection of volunteers you managed to arrange there!

    • Orange

      Some of them look like real weirdos

  • LinkinHawk

    Dim.Con looks like jabba the huts over weight body double.

  • David Bain

    Hey, what’s all this stuff you guys keep writing about me being guilty???

    “THE PRICK SHOT HIMSELF!” I didn’t do anything of the kind and am totally innocent.
    Daddy was the one that did it, and blew away my entire family. How do you think I feel having been locked-up in the ding-dong for 13 years?
    Yours sincerely, David Bain.