Is the Pakeha Party a marketing scam? You decide [POLL]

A bit of a revelation has emerged  on the TradeMe message boards.



Turns out that the Pakeha Party may not be a genuine movement at all. You decide.

Here is the email exchange.  Between David Ruck, the seller of and its Facebook page, and Paul Harris, the potential buyer.

Hi Paul [Harris, aka stonemaster],

Please use david.ruck [AT] to correspond.
We have a *website being built with excellent features* – I will hand
this over and redirect to your domain name.

I will also *hand over admin to the Facebook page* and advise the
best way to introduce the best way to present your party to the strong
following on there (with some well constructed status updates).

This has been a *HUGE marketing campaign* that has been created for
you!!!!! ALL that *media exposure* and you get to take it all over!!!
You simply can’t get any better than this absolutely.

*$100, 000 and I hand it ALL over to you and [remainder of email cut off]


Paul then responds to David Ruck:


Dont know what to say…really dont.

Its a pity it was all a revenue collection thing.


David realises he’s come on too strong

It isn’t. If you guys don’t want it I’ll go forth with it. But because
you are trying to do a similar thing I thought I’d offer you the
opportunity to take it over


Paul isn’t buying this new explanation.  He’s actually coming from a genuine point of wanting to have a Pakeha Party himself.  He replies

Over four decades this team has been working on this. Not a facebook page
or a tv interview, but actually gathering evidence and research. Time

I havnt got the heart to mention it to them.

End of the day, you have 40,000 Kiwis you are going to trick, pay and
sign up.

Was telling a guy today that David Ruck will be remembered as the guy
that started the movement. I dare say I feel you will be remembered for
something a little different.

Real kick in the teeth for a bunch of people that have tirelessly worked
for years to gather the truth and the facts so that even your kids could
grow up as equal New Zealanders.


Yep.  Paul’s gutted.  His dream of a genuine 40,000 New Zealanders-strong Pakeha movement is nothing more than the dream it was the day before.

David isn’t quite done yet

 I’ve been speaking to them – they think it’s a great idea. I didn’t
realize you weren’t involved in that process – it’s maaaaarketing AND more
– every political party has to pay ALOT for marketing my friend. I will
deal directly with them.

Sorry for any mis-understandings Paul I think you are taking this the
wrong way.


At this stage Paul has lost all interest, and is no longer up for a fight

Yes, maybe I did take it the wrong way.

Good luck and all the best in the negotiations.

You did well David.



So, readers.  A little poll, below.

Based on what I've heard, seen and read to date, I believe that

  • The Pakeha Party is a money making scam (56%, 369 Votes)
  • I'm not sure. I'm going to watch this develop (33%, 220 Votes)
  • The Pakeha Party is a genuine political movement (11%, 73 Votes)

Total Voters: 662

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  • LesleyNZ

    Not sure what this party is – certainly annoying some though. Think there is a genuine Pakeha Party FB page and a fake one.

    • Col

      That’s correct.

  • PeterNZ

    I wouldn’t just hand it over and walk away so the $100, 000 is related to all the work I would expect to be involved in IF I handed it over including in depth website building and features which we are currently working on. That email was simply an initial draft proposal. – David Ruck

    • That’s just confusing. Either you sell it or you don’t.

      Are you now saying that at $100,000 you wouldn’t actually transfer ownership and you’d only be handing over the admin/management of it?

      And then you’re expecting payment in advance, part of the $100,000, to cover your time in helping them in the admin/management/development of it?

      • PeterNZ

        100,000 for creating a Facebook page which idolises separatism, as a money making scheme

    • A proposal nonetheless…for $100,000 to do what exactly…build a website? Mine cost $4k, add an admin to FB…30seconds work, reassign domains…5 mins work.

      It is not only a scam it is extortion…from a guy who has been jailed for stealing before.

      • AngryTory

        So what would you do with $100,000 for starting a party.

        That’s only $1000 each from the top 100 contributors.

        If you asked, you’d have it by Monday

        • No you wouldn’t, ask anyone involved in fundraising, it never happens like that.

          Plus what are you getting fro your $100k…a list of 40,000 racists and rednecks? It isn’t worth $100 let alone $100,000

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            Do you have any information on what their platform on issues like trade, immigration and education etc. are? Are they a pack of parochial protectionist losers? Just the name itself conjures up images of the BNP and Maori-boy genius with a bullhorn. Surely there’s a niche which can be carved out from the demise of ACT for a market liberalisation party? Surely at least five percent of Kiwis would support that to give the National party a bit of backbone. Why do nutters like the conservative party and these loons keep cropping up instead?

          • AngryTory

            Sure if I asked, I wouldn’t get anything – and I’m not promising to do anything.

            What I meant is: if you asked the whale Army I’m sure you could easily raise $100,000 over a weekend. You’d only need 100 contributors to give $1000 each. Or 1000 each giving $100.

            What do you want to do with the money – that’s your own affair. You could drink the lot. Or start a political party.

            You could probably get 500 financial members – enough to register for the list – at the same time.

            Now sure that’s nowhere near enough to run a national political campaign for a major party but it would be a damn good start – and would already put you ahead of the likes of Maori, Mana, Dunny, and ACT.

            Again: Beppe Grillo managed to do just this in Italy. Timo Soini in Finland. Farange in the UK. I figure there’s at least 10% up for grabs, perhaps more, that a Whale party would get at the next eletion – taking votes from both Nats & Labour, so strengthening the centre-left (as against the Labour/Green extreme left). And best of all, you’d be able to extract a real price from John Key after the next election: say the end of unionism in NZ, or the abolition of the Maori seats, the end of WFF, or really substantial tax cuts for high-value Kiwis.

            NZ really needs a political party to the right of National. I can’t think of anyone in the country better placed to form, fund, and lead such a party than you.

  • motorizer

    sounds racist.

    • Different from the Mana Party, how, exactly?

      Putting aside that you might not like the idea of it, we’re already putting up with this in the form of Mana, and to some degree NZ First.

      • Travis Poulson

        That’s the double standard the PC brigade (and the treaty brigade) have conned people into believing.

        Looks like it’s working. By definition racism goes both ways, except of course in New Zealand.

      • motorizer

        they are all f*ckin racist.

        i thought you might have taken that as good humour.

        • I’m just saying it is a legitimate need that part of the electorate feels isn’t sufficiently represented by the major parties.

          • motorizer

            I will work on my dry humour……

  • cows4me

    David Ruck is a strange name for a Nigerian.

    • Col

      It may be Mallard Duck?

  • AngryTory

    There’s only one chance for a new party that can radically change NZ:

    Bring on the Whale Party

    If blogger Beppe Grillo can hold the balance of power in Italy – Whale can do the same in NZ!

    • steve and monique

      Where do I sign up.

      • AngryTory

        That’s what we all want to know!

        • steve and monique

          The Whale party,Not the pakeha party

  • Ahh..I just posted you a news tip about it, but you’ve already done a post.

    I think here’s what happened– Kiwiblog was probably the first major blog–after The Dailly Blog– to post about Pakeha party.

    In the comments section of Farrar’s post someone pointed out that 1Law4All party exists with very well-defined goals that most Pakeha Party “Likers” would agree with.

    I myself, started posting the link to 1Law4All on Pakeha Party’s Facebook wall. And I suppose others did too.

    Apparently, at some stage David Ruck–who, by his own admission, has no knowledge of political trends– noticed 1Law4All’s existence and thought:

    “Oh…Fuck!!! Something like that ALREADY exists??? And they got all the political machinery and policy thing set up. I’m doomed… UNLESS….., I approach someone and sell my brand and website for $100,000 before it goes bust!!”

  • pukakidon

    You are having a laugh, this guy Ruck is a convicted thief. If he has anything to do with a political party I would be running the other way.

    • Col

      No, if he was in there he would understand all those MPs, they all lie, just some more than others!!!

  • pukakidon

    I dont agree with race based politics, neither on one side or the other.

  • Orange

    he says his current job is a web developer so sounds like it was a build it and move it plan from the start

    • Yep…once a thief and conman, always a thief and conman.

      • Hazards001

        Bang on…once a politician always a thief and conman.

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  • snakebit

    The pakeha party is a load of balls, even if it is genuine BUT thats the point – which is that racism is a lot more obvious when its white (less so when its darker).

  • Graeme

    What the Pakeha party facebook page does show that there is a groundswell of support for a party that is prepared to stand up to the bullying tactics of the Maori Separatist movement. Unfortunately I do not think Mr Ruck is the right person to run it.
    I would encourage anyone who has had enough of the treatyist bs to follow and support 1law4all.

  • Paul Harris

    I never mentioned to David Ruck that I was a member of 1lawfor all. I never gave the impression I was part of the steering committee or such like because I am not. I simply wanted him to talk to *some guys* i knew.

    Man, I couldnt believe it when I read his email. While asking for membership fees and donations, he was actively trying to sell the facebook page.

    Then you have to ask the question, who is the bank account holder and is it an incorporated society? Is David Ruck able to get his fingers on the cash?

    If it smells like a dead rat…it is.

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