I’ve heard of Up & Go, but what is Oatgo?

via the tipline

Looks like the Herald is back at it…not sure they even stopped. Anyway it seems Jesse Ryder will be playing for “Oatgo” next season.



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  • Bunswalla

    There’s plenty of other examples in the Horrid on a daily basis. For example, today they apear to not know the difference between minimum and maximum…


  • Time For Accountability

    Porridge disguised as a laxative.

    This is why us Scott’s wear kilts.

    The go is faster when you don’t have to unbuckle or unzip.

  • Yvette

    I agree it is annoying that mistakes made in much of the MSM indicate writers no longer actually check what they have just written – that ‘proof-reader’ is a position now rests in press history.

    But many of these mistakes are obvious vocabulary glitches or fat fingered typing.

    What is more insidious, I think, is lies that pass for facts and are never corrected.

    As a friend points out, yesterday’s Dominion Post carried a really stupid argument for ordinary people to install solar panels and stated absolutely that Auckland has as much sunlight as Los Angeles. But in fact, according to numerous sources on the internet, Auckland has roughly the same annual sunlight as Wellington, 2,000 hours. And Los Angeles in fact has 3,000 hours – an absolutely huge difference. Seattle, which has a totally lousy climate like ours – unrelieved dinge and rain day after day, still manages more sun than either Wellington or Auckland at 2100 hours. Some time ago, somebody said we in Wellington had more hours of sunlight than Edinburgh. Well yeah, they have an annual rate of 1500 hours – in other words they have premium dinge, as opposed to our standard dinge.

    This story again demonstrates how little New Zealanders actually know about their own (or other people’s climate) and, worse, are unaware of what is in fact easily demonstrable truth.

    What’s more, the friend believes, no reporter in New Zealand will ever question this story – it will simply become an accepted fact.

    Well, I hope this Comment corrects that.

    The completely goofy, and mischievously awful crudiforous report, emanated from Auckland University. But the Dominion be damned as well, for copying, pasting and printing – and not checking.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      You mean, like the dickheads who proclaimed the Manawatu River to be the most polluted in a western country?

      Yeah right.

    • AnonWgtn

      Problem is that most people in the production of the Herald cannot speak properly therefore cannot read or write properly or use a spellcheck.
      But the have Degrees in journalism from one of our great Universities, or polytechs.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Maybe if he goes to Oatgo, he’ll eat more oats and less pies and become a bit less of a fat cunt..?

  • Sidey

    Meanwhile, local bar owners are rubbing their hands in anticipation.

  • pukakidon

    What unprofessional buffoons the journalists are now. Pathetic