Labour are dodgy all over the world

Not just in New Zealand, but also the home of the modern Labour party.

The problem is they are all under the control of corrupt unions.

The Labour leader and Mr McCluskey today clashed over allegations that members of the Unite union tried to fix the selection of a Labour candidate in the Falkirk constituency.

As both men faced questions about what they knew about allegations of wrongdoing in Falkirk, a dispute over local party management escalated into a fight to establish who controls Labour.

Mr McCluskey accused Mr Miliband of seeking to emulate Tony Blair’s drive to curb the unions, while the Labour leader’s allies suggested that the union chief’s job was on the line. Some party figures are privately speculating that the argument between the former allies will leave at least one suffering fatal political damage.  

Unite’s backing helped Mr Miliband take the Labour leadership in 2010, and the union has since given the party more than £8 million in donations.

Mr Miliband had given the union considerable sway over party management, largely through Tom Watson, the shadow cabinet member and general election coordinator, who quit this week over Falkirk.

The Labour leader today tacitly accused Mr McCluskey of complicity in trying to rig the Falkirk selection by enrolling union members in the local Labour Party without their knowledge. “We had members being signed up without their knowledge, bad practice, malpractice, and, frankly, instead of defending that kind of thing, Len McCluskey should be condemning it,” he said.

Labour officials said the party had asked Scottish prosecutors whether there was a case for a criminal investigation into the union’s actions in Falkirk.

Sources suggested that enrolling union members in the Labour Party without consent could breach fraud and data protection laws, as well as electoral law.


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  • Whafe

    Are we surprised??????
    No, the mantra of changing the thought process that you are owed, one of the key movements of the left (Labour), of which in the end to deliver means borrow borrow borrow, then borrow some more, is it a wonder they are dodgy?…Mmmmm… No
    Fundamentally it cannot work. So next in line is to be dodgy….