Labour is no NASA, that is for sure

No gender quota at NASA, and look at their latest intake. Just talented people.

There is no man-ban at NASA.

Nasa’s new astronauts: Christina Hammock, Anne McClain, Nicole Aunapu Mann and Jessica Meir. Photos from NASA.

Nasa’s new astronauts: Christina Hammock, Anne McClain, Nicole Aunapu Mann and Jessica Meir. Photos from NASA.

You probably don’t give a shit about astronauts. And to be honest – I can’t really blame you.

You’re probably too busy with your everyday life to worry about NASA and things like missions to Mars and what the International Space Station is planning.  

Because when you have three children/uni assignments/work deadlines/sick parents/a grumpy partner to contend with, outer space understandably might take a backburner on the list of Things To Care About.

But you need to care about astronauts.

More specifically – you need to care about what NASA just did, because it’s pretty amazing.

You see, last month, NASA announced their 2013 astronaut candidate class. This class is made up of eight people who will join the 49 NASA astronauts that already exist and are working on rather impressive things like missions to asteroids and planets.

Four of those people are women.

Their names are Christina Hammock, Nicole Mann, Anne McClain and Jessica Meir.

NASA didn’t select these women because they had some kind of gender quota to fill. They simply did it because they were the best people for the job. And out of all astronaut candidate classes, that’s the highest percentage of women ever selected in a NASA group.

Quotas? Nah. Just employ the best people there are.

Perhaps that is the problem with Labour…barely any of them have ever had a job, and are from organisations and trades, like unions and teaching where mediocrity is rewarded and tenure is preferred over competence.


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  • thor42

    Can we offer Fenton and Moroney to NASA (to send to Mars)?

    • Dion

      Good idea – they’ll still have representation in parliament via Green MP Cath Delahunty – who of course is the member for said electorate.

    • Mr_V4

      Mars called to say the environmental conditions are toxic enough to life without adding Fenton and Moroney.
      They suggest Venus with it’s clouds of sulfuric acid as being more suitable.

  • Dave

    Well, NASA cant call it the CockPit anymore, have to be the B.. Office.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    It is important to be aware of female astronauts. One might follow you across the USA in a car wearing a nappy.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Queef Free!

  • Andrei

    LOL NASA is so busy scoring PC brownie points that it has forgotten that it can’t actually fly astronauts into space anymore.

    The USA is fucked basically

    • Rodger T

      JesusFuckingChrist Andrei ,there are kitchens in space too,the module does`nt vacuum itself.

    • LabTested

      LOL – and you have forgotten that NASA actually does not want to fly astronauts into space any more. They have bigger plans & no longer want to run the bus company that just gets the bodies & supplies up there.

      “The goal of the NASA commercial crew-transportation program
      is to free up NASA resources to focus on human exploration beyond low-Earth
      orbit. That means turning to private companies to build a spacecraft to service
      the space station, which also should help lay the foundation for a broader
      commercial human-spaceflight industry, advocates of commercialization say”

      I’ll explain it for you. NASA is thinking of Mars & is not interested in being the local taxi company for the space station.

      ..and as I’m sure you will agree, why would NASA (or any government department) do something that the private sector can do better, cheaper & quicker

      • Rodger T

        Way too many words there for Andrei to understand LT,I doubt he read the original post,he saw the picture of the women and went off foaming as per usual.