Labour split on the cards

The policy wonks seem to be taking over the Labour party and the best example of out of touch pointy heads running amok is the Man Ban.

David Shearer has now come out against it. So too has Iron Mike.

Former Labour president Mike Williams says a proposal to allow the party to stop men from seeking selection as candidates in some electorates is “discriminatory” and will turn male voters off it.

Several of Labour’s male MPs have also voiced concerns.

Clayton Cosgrove isn’t impressed:

List MP Clayton Cosgrove joked that he had been Labour member for a long time and would do most things for the party but not “have the operation”. 

Neither is Damien O’connor:

West Coast-Tasman MP Damien O’Connor said he was confident his electorate would “not ask for something so stupid” as a women-only candidate selection.

Shane Jones lets rip:

Shane Jones said it would do little to help Labour get back into Government.

“The last time I checked it was the blue-collar, tradie, blokey voters we were missing. The notion of blocking males is so absurd it’s hard to believe it came from people with the interests of Labour at heart.”

Phil Goff and Andrew Little have also opposed the rule change.

This nonsense would have been quietly choked at birth if Andrew Little had been in charge of the party. It is doing nothing for cohesion and is threatening to turn into a nasty spiteful little tiff.

I wonder if we aren’t seeing the demise of the once proud Labour party. It seems that this rule change has been brought in to ensure John Tamihere gets rinsed in Waitakere and Stuart Nash is run out of the party altogether.


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  • Elitist Tory

    I think a Labour split would be a good thing; if Goff, Cosgrove, O’Connor, Jones, Little (and even Shearer) had any guts at all they would quit and form some sort of ‘Social Democratic Party’ and leave the looney left to it in the empty shell of Labour/Greens

    • Agent BallSack

      NZ First is a better example, theyre still a viable partner. Centre Labour could prop up a National Government and earn votes while doing it.

      • Elitist Tory

        If I was John Key I would be offering these Labour MPs $1 million in donations to quit Labour and form their own party haha!
        …and on what an issue to be quitting!

      • rockape

        John tamaheri, nz firsts next leader. He is brown and a failed Lawyer who has spent a bit of time fending off financial scandels. A she in for the job.

  • Bart

    A split in the Labour Party? What, like when Peter Dunne formed United Future, or Richard Prebble formed ACT? Well, it seems like the time for Labour to make that osmisis like split to create another natural ally for National!

    • Bunswalla

      Or when Jim Anderton formed the Alliance Party?

  • Shoreboy57

    Waiting for the dual leadership policy announcement

  • LesleyNZ

    Now Damien O’Connor is a No. 8 wire real Kiwi bloke. What was it he said about the “gaggle of gays” taking over the Labour Party? Voila! We now see the result!

    • Chris

      Shearer might have to sack the gaggle in his office.

      • Agent BallSack

        As opposed to Robertson gargling the sack in his office.

        • Sponge

          One of the best comments I have ever seen on this blog. Great work!

        • Whanga_Cynic

          Gotta be comment of the week, just brilliant!

  • Lofty

    The demise set in when Helen and her cohorts gained power….years ago….this latest brain fart is simply a continuance of the slide.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Great work on setting the narrative on this Whale – it’s been a real media coup – with the MSM being forced to playing catch up… and Labour frantically rushing around trying to put out policy-flop fires everywhere.
    A simultaneous smear on both the leftie MSM asleep at the wheel and the dreaded, dead head Labour Party. Nice shootin’ Tex!

    • Hazards001

      Well said, the best bit is of course in the background Shearer and the dykes will be desperately trying to find out who leaked it…long may that person of moral fortitude remain anonymous .

  • nudgy

    Shane Jones hates the carpet bagger ginga communist aussie so perhaps it is not now too far fetched a theory that he could jump waka and help prevent a Labour/Greens government with some assistance from Winston.

    • I can still see Jones succeeding Peters as the leader of NZ First one day; especially after seeing the two of them dine together at the Green Parrot one night a while back.

      • LesleyNZ

        Aha – politics – just a game.

  • Bob Murphy

    A SPLIT? Is Mallard having the operation?

  • Jimmie

    Labour Split? Um hello there are already how many factions?

    Cunliffe Supporters

    And now Males vs Females

    There are so many factions that surely most of the MP’s have a foot in more than one camp.

    Political Schizophrenia I call it – a whole zoo of crazy egotists with few things in common.

    Is Labour going the way of the Alliance and Owen Glenn’s inquiry – looks that way to me.

    I wonder if John Tamihere will change his mind about standing for Labour.

    • LesleyNZ

      Very well put Jimmie.

    • Dave

      You forgot their 50% Co-owner, the Greens. And look at that, Mr Norman has been silent this week, look out shearer, he has a knife and he stands behind you.

  • Agent BallSack

    Any male member (groans) of the Labour Party who votes for this is voting himself out of a job. I would say caucus is split! (Groans again). That’s my quota for puns for the day.

  • Agent BallSack

    I still wonder who Shearer is taking orders from. Or advice. Whoever it is, he should STOP immediately. And if he’s not then he should START immediately.

  • williamabong

    Split into two, blokes and brains on one side and dykes and union flunkies on the other, instant implosion from the dykes, then they may actually see what people think of them,

    • Agent BallSack

      With Labour its always the public cant grasp the policy, not the policy failing to grasp the public. The hoi polloi are wrong.

  • LesleyNZ

    Like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The Labour Party are imploding………….. Trevor Mallard has been quiet – most unusual.

    • Agent BallSack

      And Cunliffe. Those two are on my radar as having most to gain from the leak.

    • manuka416

      Pass the popcorn

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        You missed the coke!! Sheep’s famous words on Gimore saga – “Coke and popcorn”

        • Dave

          Yes SCS, Sheep couldn’t handle a beer at a BBQ could he now, just a coke……

    • Agent BallSack

      I’m thinking Trevs plans for the Speakers role are looking about as water tight as the Rena about now.

      • Dave

        Who is Trevor, whats this Rena you speak of……. So last year ABS

        • Agent BallSack

          Damn I better up my play!

  • Agent BallSack

    Hmmm silence from Silent T? Looks like Shearer has been set up for a shot to the back of the head at midnight. Who has most to gain from a coup? Cunliffe. Who should be worried that this may cost him his seat? Cunliffe. Unless youre planning on being the leader…then you wouldn’t have to be so worried now, would you? Cunliffe?

  • LesleyNZ
    This is your problem Labour. The “gaggle of gays” are gaggling. What we are seeing here is proof that the sexual preference you have dictates a certain behaviour and/or what policies are supported. A blue collar real Kiwi Labour bloke would never think like Tim Barnett: “Labour’s general secretary, Tim Barnett, said the party used its list ranking to address gender imbalance, but also needed to ensure there was some balance in the electorate seats. Electorates applying for it had to be motivated by the right reasons. “If it is clearly being done solely to block somebody they don’t want, then the council can say no.”
    “Gaggling” – Definition 3. an often noisy or disorderly group or gathering: a politician followed by a gaggle of supporters.

  • Corner_shop_not

    You should see the crap they’re spreading now over at the Standard! Basically they are trying to turn the table around back onto Key for only having 8 women out of 28 Minister positions…..They totally miss the point being made here the positions are based on Merit not gender or race or orientation!
    Bring on the factions i say so this stupid Labour party can self destruct, and then my only wish is that the Jandal Pushers over at the Hemp infested Green Party HQ go broke due to their lack of fiscal management ability. Oh and that media loving attention seeker – can go sweat his arse off over at FBI HQ
    Apu has spoken.

    • Dave

      And the Nats have two of the most capable Women in politics currently, MP’s and Ministers that actually achieve stuff, and don’t fold when the going gets tough. Collins and Paula. Go girls.

      • Corner_shop_not

        Agree – Collins has potential to be PM when Key retires.
        Paula just diligently stamping out bludgers one stomp at a time and doing a damn fine job…

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I was waiting for the John Key angle here….OK, now this is John Key’s fault. Very good. Wait for garden gnome John Communist Campbell’s special show on how John Key has caused this situation and how Labour are addressing this.

    • Bob

      The gymnastics going on over at The Stranded from the Labour ‘loyalists’ trying to spin this is hilarious, grasping at anything and spouting the most ridiculous drivel to try and distract from what a disaster the whole Labour party fiasco is! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    • 76special

      Deathmatch- Those 8 Vs the entire Labour Party…. Less of a contest than a SBW fight

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Mischief making of the highest order…..

    • Dave

      SCS, you are incredibly talented at making mischief, i like it. However, you are now a second rate show.

      The Liebour party seems to have trumped you well and truely this week, as impossible as that sounds, they seem to now have a natural skill for being incredibly stupid.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        I agree entirely. Now that the jokers have realised that this has backfired big time, the losers are starting to put focus on GCSB and whether Key knew about FatCon before the raids. There was a labour loser on Lary’s show this evening stating that John Key has to resign if FatCon proves that John Key knew about FatCon before the raids. Who cares whether Key knew Fatcon or not?

  • CJA

    In terms of the gender imbalance remember that Fenton and Moroney can pretty much be counted as men. In the same breath Robertson and a few others may be considered as women.

  • Bad__Cat

    I notice that none of Labour’s “women” ( and I use that word in its widest sense) are objecting to the man ban

  • AnonWgtn

    Understand that Helen Clark is in New Zealand in August on a lecture tour.

    David S beware the Ides of August about 58 days to go.

    Presumably Clark has chosen that time to sort the men out in Labour and approve the creation of the Women’s Party, called Labour Man Ban Party – her finest achievement to date. LMBP party led by Pansy Robertson.

  • rockape

    How about 2 Labour parties. Labour(female) and Labour (male) they can live happily side by side on the opposition benches.

  • niggly

    Crikey I had the misfortune of taking a gander at The Scumdard today and some “spinner” was spinning that all the negative press about this proposal is more-or-less to do with … John Key !?!?!?!