Labour’s new direction – 42 days to go



Last night David Shearer took another pasting on 3News with an additional poll specifically about him and his [lack of] leadership.

Labour’s winter of discontent continued today, with a meeting of its MPs in Napier cancelled because of fog and earthquakes, postponing questions about another drop in the 3 News poll.

We also asked voters about leader David Shearer and whether Labour needs to remove him as leader if it wants to get into the Government in 2014. Only 45 percent said no, keep him. Almost as many, 42 percent, say remove him. The rest didn’t know.

“There’s no vacancy,” says Mr Shearer. “I’m not moving.”

Of Labour voters, 51 percent want to keep Mr Shearer. But a big share of his own people, 39 percent, wants him gone. The rest didn’t know.  

And about those don’t knows…Loads of them in Labour.

Asked who else should do the job, David Cunliffe was the favourite – 26 percent want him – same with Labour voters. Deputy Grant Robertson was on 16 percent – about the same with Labour people. Former union boss Andrew Little is on 9 percent, popular with Labour voters though, on 15 percent.

The most popular contender is actually “don’t know/someone else” – 50 percent of people had no idea, and 42 percent of Labour voters couldn’t choose either.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    It would appear that it is easy to have “no idea” since the Party itself, has absolutely no idea. Has this country ever seen a political party with such limited resources, both financial and human, and in such abject disarray as this Labour Party?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Nanny Herald reports – “Labour leader David Shearer has appointed his former press secretary
      Fran Mold as his chief of staff in an attempt to tighten up the
      political management of his office for election year”.

      I can see the Tories starting from John Key at the top starting to worry with Sheep’s precision moves…..

      • In Vino Veritas

        Unfortunately for you SCS, there are no Tories in NZ. When was the last time you heard Deo, Regi, Patriae?

  • metalnwood

    So yesterday the poll had 45% of people voting for national and today 45% of people wanting to keep Shearer as leader.

    Who would have thought that all of national supporters want to keep labour together and all of labour wants to pull itself apart.

  • GregM

    I am still astounded that 30% of voters think Labia is a credible alternative.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      They are the types of people who watch friends and Shortland Street. There are a lot of them. They are commonly referred to as “the great unwashed.”

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      My sources tell me that 30% will become 42% before December 2013…..

    • Hazards001

      I’m astounded that you think there are less than 30% of the voting population that aren’t bludging bleeding heart liberal tosspots all trying to get their snouts in the Labour bribery and money for nothing trough.

  • Jimmie

    They should have included ‘no one’ and ‘shut the party down’ as options.

  • rockape

    The report summed up Labours problems,they dont like their current leadership but there IS no allternative. When did you last hear Labour stand up and state where they want to take NZ. When did anyone in Labour show any leadership since Clark. Remember the good old days when there was always a deputy in waiting not a gang of wannabies all prepared to cut each other,and their leaders throat to achieve their personal political ambitions. Thats one of the reasons since Clark they have had two weak shadows of a man. Much easier to stab in the back when when they feel their own time is right. Instead of working for the party and the country, they spend their time plotting their own future rather than policies for NZs future.

  • JeffDaRef

    So if 50% of people polled have “no idea”, they clearly only polled Shearer and one other…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    What happens if Sheep is still the leader after 42 days?

    • Hazards001

      Labour aligns with the Greens for the next 10 years and NZ is fucked!