Labour’s new direction – 52 days to go


It is recess in parliament for the next two weeks…and the next Roy Morgan poll will be finishing up calling today.

It is hard to anticipate the Roy Morgan poll, the last one saw Labour drop so in their usual see-saw fashion a jump for Labour could see the poll save David Shearer for another month.

The major networks aren’t due to poll until late August.  

If it does show a drop for Labour as a result of the man-ban fiasco then expect the recess to be used to marshall the numbers and cut deals ready for the first caucus meeting after recess.


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  • Scott

    Hopefully we see a jump for Labour, then this soap opera could go on for another week or two. It’s like watching Shortland Street (not that i’ll ever admit to watching it). You know what’s inevitably going to happen, but the producers are trying to draw it out for as long as possible.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Well, National must be loving it. If you were a conspiracy theorist, you could almost ………….

      • dyannt

        I’m more inclined to say that the Greens must be loving it…….

  • Time to print up a set of Whaleoil BBQ aprons – one for each Labour caucus member and send them as a gift.

    • Dave

      Yeah, the graphic depicting the members sitting around a huge Spit Roasted Sheep, with one chair (in a prominent position) vacant. Takers anyone?

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        I thought it was Grant Robertson who likes to be spit-roasted. He’ll be so jealous of the sheep. Maybe this is why he wants to become Labour leader. It is like the plot of Caligula by Albert Camus: a highly elaborate means of eventually receiving death by boonji.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Here is how it is going to play out folks. Rouge Morgan will show a 2.5% jump to Labour and 2.5% drop to National thereby reducing the gap by 5%. Sheep will be jumping in joy. The bloody TV1 and TV3 polls are not due until late August?? What the hell happened to the June poll and July polls? I thought they will be running one every month….Any way nothing is going to happen in 52 days. That much I can guarantee folks.

    • Col

      Sir you told me last time the poll would come out and show an increase for Sheep, that didn’t happen, so I will say it again, sheep the Labour party will drop again? And you need to shout me a beer for being wrong last time.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Mr Col….hmmm grrr ssss – yes….last time was rounding error…watch out for the next one….Labour rises from the ashes…

        • Dave

          is that the ashes of the BBQ for the roast sheep SCS, i hear they knifed each other trying to decide who would be forced to take over the leadership, and only 50% survived the battle.