Labour’s new direction – 56 days to go

I’m not sure David Shearer will make it to spring…what with the Man Ban to deal with plus an out of sorts caucus…touch and go now.


One thing is for sure, this song won’t get any airplay at Labour’s conference.


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  • AnonWgtn

    Helen will be packing her bags in New York for her UN all first class expenses paid Lecture tor of New Zealand shortly.
    She’ll sort em all out, except front bums, gelding Robertson, an other Homosexuals.
    She created this during her toxic reign.

  • Dave

    Wrong Video clip, under Labours new policy, it should be “Its Raining Women”

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      It’s Raining Bush Pigs is more appropriate.

  • It’s Raining Men is a GLBT “anthem”.

    You know how to twist the knife, don’t you Cam?