Labour’s new direction – 62 days to go


Seal – Prayers for the Dying


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  • blokeintakapuna

    It’s like a slow moving train wreck about to happen, or an accident on the side of the motorway that everyone (except you of course) slows to watch – even though they don’t want to…
    Be interesting to see what the Maori Party leadership battles will bring to the NZ political landscape…

    • Dave

      Best (political) entertainment NZ has had in years BT

      1) Labour Self Destructing, broke, MP’s looking after their own interests, its a bit like hearding cats!
      2) Unions planning takeover, fighting for control of Labour
      3) Shearer getting knifed slowly (as WO says) Tick tock…..
      4) Greens pulling the rug out from under shearer while stealing Labour’s voters
      5) Maori party self destructing, leaderless, going down the toilet
      6) NZ First has no credible policies, just an old drunk bleating at every opportunity
      7) Mana going nowhere, leaders family violence and thuggery exposed

      Yup, Labour and Co, NZ’s worst kept Political joke. If only it were a joke, and all of this can be attributed to Shearer’s inability to sort them out and LEAD and then Labours complete lack of Leadership anywhere in the party and a strategy.

      At least Key / National have the stones to say NO to those that threaten to bring the party into disrepute.

      • AngryTory

        At least Key / National have the stones to say NO to those that threaten to bring the party into disrepute.

        Utter Crap. School lunches & The Fucking TrainFrootLoop should bring the party into disrepute – not to mention continuing to pay bludgers ACC WFF Dole DPB and super.

        And all of the above was pushed through by Mr Key, often against the advice of his own minsters.

        • Dave

          Read again AT, I didnt say they are tough on issues or dropping welfare, but did say, “NO to those that threaten to bring the party into disrepute” Ah…… Aaron whats his name, ah….. Peter Dunne gone……….

          Now compare that to Labour, yes, Shane Porn Jones, nope, he is back Mr Assault Mallard, yeah, still there.

          • AngryTory

            How much did they cost you? Basically zero.

            How much will the fruit loop? Billions and billions.

  • Bryan

    interesting listing to sheep on tv one this morning talking about “all the needs of the people up east Coast” I could not help thinking that sound’s like a pastor visiting his flock not a politican telling us where he wants to lead the country with vision and that’s a strongly held labour electorate still expecting a govt to provide all in 2013 and they would have gone with Mana because they put on a good show running up to the bi election and maori will always go with who put on the best show regardless i know as i lived in rotorua for years
    they like to be seen backing the “popular” choice regardless

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Every passing day. Sheep is gaining massive support around the country…..

    • Sheepish follower

      We are 30 million sheep and multiplying..beware…

    • johnbronkhorst

      Maybe he could move around more freely, if he could shear the Daggs…..the unions, mallard , jones, king, hipkins, ardern, goofy, cunliffe, Robertson etc….OOPS isn’t that almost the whole front bench?

    • cows4me


  • Time For Accountability

    I get the impression that Labour is like a balloon that has a slow leak. – Deflating.
    Everyone on the outside can clearly see the evidence that the balloon is descending.
    The balloon pilot, however, denies there is a leak.