Like? What’s not to like? Likes for everyone!

I’ve been thinking about Facebook Likes lately.



Here’s the blog’s Facebook page.  And it has 483 likes.

And here is David Shearer’s:


Even though David won’t be with us for much longer, he’s still got a very nice 6,849 Facebook likes.

Well done David.

And here is the Facebook page of the Green Taliban



So there we are.


Me: 500.  Shearer: 7,000.  Green Taliban: 30,000.

Does that look about right?  In proportion?

So here’s the question that’s been on my mind.  How does a Pakeha Party achieve this, and so quickly?




Well, if you want to have a lots of Facebook Likes, and you want them quickly, you just buy them.




Now, in case you think I’m drawing a long bow here.  It happens all the time:



Have a think about it.

Whaleoil: 500.

Shearer: 7,000.

Green Taliban: 30,000.

The Pakeha Party: 57,000.



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  • Rusty B

    Perhaps they could introduce a “Bullshit” or “Tosser” button. Watch the screaming Ginga or “Sheep” go backwards then!

  • opusx

    Sounds like ‘like’ envy you have there Cam. Do a poll of your readers to find out how many actually do the Facebook thing. I don’t and never will. I am actually able to have a social network that relys on face to face contact. And facebook is nothing more than a data gathering advertorial.

    • I think that was my point…you might have barely got it.

      • opusx

        I know that was your point Cam. I like you for what you are ‘on the inside’. :-)

    • Never in the dark…..

      I have a login. There’s nothing on my ‘wall’, no one can: post to my wall, view my non-existent photos, view my ‘friends’. The list for which is limited to extended family (most of whom are else where in the world), a woman I’ve known since we wore nappies,and in the case of my son, a couple of his friends. He’s in Europe and never calls his Mum, so his friends keep us up to date.

      Sorry Cam, nothing personal, but I don’t use the ‘like’ button, unless it’s to enter a competition, after which the ‘unlike’ gets used fairly promptly.

  • LesleyNZ

    There we go – I didn’t know there was a FB for Whale Oil Beef Hooked. You need to promote it more to get likes. I think perhaps you need to try and get the accompanying photos/pictures/videos to go with the posts to make the FB page more interesting.I see there are a few FB pages with whaleoilbeefhooked in them. The genuine Whale pic shows the real one.

  • Bunswalla

    I guess if you’re going to sell your FB page and website for $100k, spending $880 is a pretty good investment.