Man Ban a symptom of inept political management

John Armstrong speaks plainly about what the Man Ban says about David Shearer’s leadership of Labour. Emmerson backs this up with another superb cartoon.

cartoon copy

When you are in a hole, you can rely on Labour to dig itself into an even deeper one beside you – as it did this week with its shoot-yourself-in-both-feet potential change to party rules to allow women-only candidate selections. 

This was not solely political correctness gone stark-raving bonkers. Apart from alienating one group of voters who have drifted away from Labour in recent years – men – such a rule change would be just as insulting to women in insinuating they could not win selection on their own merits.

The proposal should have been kiboshed by the leader the moment he saw it. That he didn’t – or felt he couldn’t – points to deep schisms in the party.

The message voters will take from Labour’s warped priorities is that of a party which cannot get its act together in the snoozy backwaters of Opposition, let alone in the blazing sun of Government.


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  • cows4me

    Poor Mumbles, he’s either a very weak leader or he lacks the intelligence to realise how this would been seen by the general public. It’s probably time for a new ringmaster.

    • Mr_V4

      Those options aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • Whafe

    So tell me this please. How long can a party that is so inept and appalling stay in tact (yes that is hard to define, to me they are totally inept), but seriously, it seems even their card carrying red pinkos are starting to question what is going on…
    I can’t work out in my mind just how Mumbles can stand up and spout off etc etc… How do humans function when there is just no respect for them…..

    • Harvey Wilson

      The Labour Party exists because people vote for them. I think this says more about the voters than it does the party itself.

  • Elitist Tory

    This is the greatest example of inept political management – causing an own goal and blowing election chances – since 1966 when Norm Kirk, in a moment of madness, allowed a debate on the Vietnam War at the party conference.

    All great stuff for the clever dick lefty membership, as they made speech after speech denouncing allies, but disastrous for the party which saw an immediate collapse in support in provincial electorates amongst male voters.

    It is interesting to note the person who demanded the debate was Trevor De Cleene.