Man Ban hits Labour, they drop 2.1% on 3News poll



3News/Reid Research released their latest poll a short time ago.

Key numbers are:

National – 49.5% up 2.4%
Labour – 31% down 2.1%
Greens – 12%
NZ First – 3.9%
Maori – 1.6%  

According to 3News National could govern alone and the Man Ban has hurt Labour.

This will be a body blow for David Shearer’s leadership off of the back of the Roy Morgan poll. The only solace for Labour is that the main polls are yet to show the same sort of numbers as their internal polling is.

Labour has a caucus retreat tomorrow…going to be seriously icy for sure.


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  • That wasn’t a quake we felt. It was the door being slammed in Shearer’s face.

    • Travis Poulson

      if so, they’ve sure slammed the door a few times tonight.

      • StacyMcNaught

        He was trying to finish a sentence and kept popping his head in…

        • Allan

          Perhaps its not doors but more a long winded tantrum any two year old would be proud of!

    • Actually, I thought it was Shearer being thrown out of a third floor window…

      • Johnny T

        Nothing like a good bit of defenestration.

  • Jimmie

    This must have the driver of of the latest Shearer stabbing going on at the strandard.

  • cows4me

    I would make a bet that Nationals gain was through women polled after the “man ban” was sent to save us from the evil male.

  • drummerboy

    labour doesn’t need a need a new direction, i like the direction they are going now, down. now if only the greens would head in that direction too.

    • thor42

      I’ll second that…… :D

  • Steve R

    Shearer picked the best time to go away . I still think he’s the best man for the job and we should start a campaign to keep him as labours leader.

  • GazzW

    On the basis of that poll National appears to be winning the centre – right where it matters.

    • AngryTory

      Crap. National is “winning” the hard left – where it matters.

      Please explain how:
      – keeping WFF
      – keeping student loans
      – building the railfrootloop
      – school means
      – paying billions for bureaucrats to spend even more money on welfare

      are in any way “centre-right” policies.

      • GazzW

        You’re fantasising again AT. This is New Zealand not your loony idea of Utopia.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sorry folks. Nothing to worry here. There is no “2” in front of the Labour number. Holding extremely steady at 31%, same as Rouge Morgan. With Greens at 12% and NZ First sure to move to 5% on election night, Sheep as always on target. Remember, Labour is doing almost 4% more that election night.

    • Col

      I hope you haven’t spilled that beer from the last bet, do I get double or nothing if the poll shows Labour going down again? lol

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Col – I am winning the bet with Dave big time as Sheep is holding steady at 31%. So I will do a virtual transfer of my winnings from Dave to you to settle our account. While I am happy Labour is going down, Greens are not which is a big worry. With Winnie sure to cross over the 5% threshold on election night, a National win in 2014 is still not assured.

  • thor42

    The thing is – Labour get themselves all tied up in knots about this PC “representative” BS when 99% of voters couldn’t give a *toss* about it.

    I *couldn’t care less* if the Nats were all men, women or compulsive public masturbators. As long as they keep a lid on welfare and spending then that’s fine with me.

    • pukakidon

      You are right instead of the Gaggle of gays, Feminazis, PC terrorists trying to push their own barrows, they would be better focusing on the real issues that the Labour Party stood for 40 years ago. Shit can the looney Watermelons and they might take back some of the vote again.

      These people in Labia dont give a toss about the people they represent.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      If NATs could gain only 2.4% and Labour could only drop 2.1% due to the “Man Ban” fiaso, Sheep says he will take it any day….I don’t think this poll is really bad for Sheep. Keep your Tory love aside and think logically for a second. Sheep will get 31%on election night, Hippies 12% and Poo 5% for sure, Add to this toxic mix Horny Hone’s 1 seat.

      • AngryTory

        And the Maorimander. When the Maori seats vote Maori party on the list, but Labour or Mana in the seats, that’s an extra 3 or 4 seats for the extreme left communists right there

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          Oh yes, the colour of your skin vote, gee, and I thought privilege based on skin colour was, well, very Tennessee.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Not satisfied with the man-ban and the cock-block, Labour’s wimmin’s faction have now called for a clit-tick. Labour Party members, excuse the pun, will be required to tick any name indicating possession of lady bits. In other news, Steve Chadwick is filing for a name change.

    • AngryTory

      As long as they keep a lid on welfare and spending then that’s fine with me.

      But they’re not. This government is spending more on welfare than any other, and we’ve got the railfrootloop, school meals, and now Basher’s Billions for Benefit Bureaucrats…

      I’ll bet that almost all of the lift in the Nats’ support was due to the welfare reforms – they are *very* popular and very much needed.

      Real welfare reforms – substantial cuts in the Billion dollars every week we flush down the crapper on welfare – are needed more than ever.

      Basher’s Billions for Benefit Bureaucrats will must mean spending more, not less!

  • Col

    Labour Party new theme song, THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIENDS I THOUGHT THEY WOULD NEVER END, la la la.

  • Lopsy

    Stop attacking Shearer you lot. He’s the best Labour leader National have ever had.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Thanks for supporting my leader Lopsy. He is the best :-)

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep says – “it is a wakeup call” and he also gave such a guaranteed assurance to Paddy Gower that he will be leading Labour to victory in 2014. He also told Paddy that he unwashed want to hear about high power prices and housing affordability. The determination in his voice must be churning Johnny boy’s stomach……

    • Whanga_Cynic

      And, of course, Paddy agreed with you SCS, “No need to panic about these numbers”. LOL

  • spollyike

    Who gives a FUCK about Labour/Labia/Liabore/Loserbore anyway, don’t give them oxygen on this blog and just maybe they’ll go away.