Maybe Prosser wants all the 1080 for the Wogistanis?

Wogistani hater, Reiki Master and advocate of natural health and ‘complementary therapies’ Richard Prosser steps outside his area of expertise (more on that later)  to cough up a call for change but less forthcoming with any credible ideas like all the rest of the hippies and uninformed whingers whose knee jerk reaction is to scream “BAN 1080” at every given opportunity like the blinkered fools they are.

The 1080 debate has re-ignited with renewed calls for aerial drops to be banned.

Last week, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright said there should actually be an increase in the use of the poison on Department of Conservation land.

She thinks it is the best way to combat rats, stoats and possums on a large scale.

But New Zealand First outdoor recreation spokesman Richard Prosser says we need to look for alternatives, as 1080 kills indiscriminately.

“It kills by disabling oxygen metabolisms, so animals or creatures depending on their size and their body weight die over a period of anything up to 48 hours, of respiratory and cardiac failure.

“They’re in great pain and distress while that’s happening.”

Richard Prosser says a ban here is inevitable, and the Government should be focusing on developing alternative products and strategies for pest control. – Newstalk ZB

At this point in time 1080 is a necessary evil, and there is no sufficient alternative solution yet except for a birth control method being developed which was covered in the news several years ago.  The only thing I’d change would be adding deer repellent to all 1080 drops, not just in the eight recreational hunting areas of Pureora, Kaimanawa, Aorangi, Lake Sumner, Oxford, Whakatipu, Blue Mountain and Kaweka.

The Department of Conservation’s previous excuse for not broadly using repellent  has been the cost, citing a 25% increase for 1080 laced with the repellent. They’re more than happy to waste money on pointless research (and what more research could they possibly need to do after decades of usage?) instead.

Lace that 1080 up with deer repellent and bombs away. Anybody out there that keeps regurgitating the “just shoot them” and “get all the bludgers off the dole to trap them” and “why can’t people trap them, the fur will be a good source of income” lines really have absolutely no idea of they’re talking about, probably never had dirty hands, touched a dead animal,  and have a total lack of understanding of possum control or the logistics and costs involved.

Not quite sure I’d be so comfortable listening to Prosser on any such matter though:

Richard is an initiated Reiki Master and has had a long association with natural health, complementary therapies, and organic gardening. He has also been a truck driver and a pub manager, self-employed engineering contractor, and worked in a variety of sales roles. – source

Anybody trained and accomplished in multiple forms of quackery should be ignored. Natural health,(is there another kind?) Complementary therapies, yea we all know what that is. Watered down water, aromatherapy, yoga and other hippie fads

Here is an idea, how about homeopathic 1080 poison Richard? Watering it down will make it much more potent, won’t it?

Somebody is in the wrong party.


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  • “homeopathic 1080”

    Travis, you’re a legend

  • opusx

    Excellent post Trav.

  • blokeintakapuna

    It won’t be the panacea to all the pest control problems, but certainly having more arms and legs out there in active pest control would be a great start – as well as providing employment and “bush craft skills” to those keen and willing to learn?
    Who will teach it? Perhaps ex-armed forces in a more of an “educational / instructor” role, or maybe even for PD where a more “supervisory” stance is taken. But once again, it would only be done with those that really wanted to go bush – otherwise, there’d be plenty of other issues to sort…

    • kehua

      Crap, crap and more crap, you simply have no idea of the skills needed and the level of fitness required or the terrain involved. 1080 is the most cost effective and efficient method of killing possums and rejuvenating the bush and birdlife.

      • Kopua Cowboy

        Despite this, there are still those who are willing to get off their arses and do the hard yakka to make some coin. I say trapping is to be encouraged

        • Rex Widerstrom

          That’s the way I look at it too. If it couldn’t replace all the 1080 use it could replace some of it.

          Maybe use shooting in the areas where bush meets urban areas & reduce the risk to domestic animals (cue the irrational cat haters et al, but you try telling Granny that Mr Tiggles was a casualty in the war on possums).

          There’s money in fur, and possibly in meat if it were marketed well (“sustainable” etc).

          But most usefully it’d take some young unemployed males who don’t want to stack boxes at the supermarket and teach them self respect, bushcraft and other skills.

          As I said, not instead of 1080, but as well as. Feasible, surely?

        • kehua

          I agree. I did possums every winter for 8 or so years in the 70`s and used to get tallies of 3/400 a week but the area that I trapped ,shot, poisoned was probably no more than 20,000 acres. Every other trapper that I talked to spoke of getting $8 averages, reality being that like me they were struggling to get $4, not a lot when you are out all night, up early to beat the maggies and hawks , skinning all afternoon and wet days and the missus tacking out, brushing and pulling pelts. Add all this to a `season` of 4 winter months before the monkeys start rooting and the fur gets wrecked. In all reality I cannot see the present day man being up to it.

          • Travis Poulson

            “I cannot see the present day man being up to it.”

            Nope. I’d say the ratio of real men vs soft cock poofs has swung dramatically in the wrong direction.

  • thor42

    Yep, I’m ok with 1080 being used.

    On the theme of getting rid of pests – I’ve been very interested in the work being done with mosquitoes.
    A British company is now trialling a method in which the males are somehow “tweaked” so that when they mate with a female, the offspring inherit a “lethality gene” and they all die. This has been used very successfully in a number of places.

    Here’s a link about it –

    I wonder if they could create a “lethality gene” for possums too? Would be very useful if they could.

    • Bad__Cat

      No No No No No! Bad thor42! That’s Genetic Modification and that’s EVIL. (According to the watermelons)

  • steve and monique

    Have only got one choice to kill these pests,and that is 1080. OK,it is nasty stuff,and kills the odd non target species,but possums are destructive little fuckers,so bomb away. Deer repellent would be a good idea. As for getting bodies in the bush to shoot of trap(cyanide,or mechanical). Good luck,it is tough going out there. Maybe reintroduce the bounty on possums,and rabbits like we had way back when.Had loads of fun,and got bullets back for our trouble.

    • cows4me

      Sorry bounties don’t work that well. They simply encourage “farming” of the pest targeted. Get the easy ones and leave the hard ones to repopulate the easy areas for next season, thus a regular income. A bounty system has to graduated to work successfully, it has to play to human greed. Example season one, $2 a tail , season two $4 a tail, season three $8 a tail, season four $12 a tail.

      • steve and monique

        Good point. Agree they only target the easy ones. 1080 still needs to be used. Just having a flash back to when we used to get out any chance we could to shoot. And as a bonus we got bullets(.22, or 12 gauge). Starting to sound like my dad,so will stop there.

  • Matt

    1080 as a killing method isn’t actually very nasty at all (unless you are a carnivorous mammal – of which NZ has zero native species).
    And to those who advocate trapping and hunting – thats fine for areas where access is easy. Aerially dropped 1080 is for the back of beyond areas where you just can’t get the people/equipment in to do the work.
    Also traps are pretty heavy to lug around the bush… it takes hours to lay a few hundred traps along a trap line covering at best a couple hundred square metres. Think about the massive areas DOC has to cover.