More Like This, Labour rules changes pushes for more women [LEAKED DOCS]

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I have just received the final edited list of proposed rule changes for the labour party that will be discussed at the forthcoming National Convention.

In case anyone doubts the veracity of the documents the properties and meta-data show that the document was prepared by Robert Gallagher the Vice President of Labour and last edited by Tim Barnett, the General Secretary.

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Labour is making a push to promote more women candidates with several rule changes.  

New Rule 289A.  For the 2014 election the Moderating Committee shall, in determining the list, ensure that for any percentage of party vote likely to be obtained, and taking into account the electorate MPs likely to be elected with that level of Labour support, the resultant Caucus will comprise at least 45% women.  For the 2017 and subsequent elections the percentage shall be at least 50%.

and perhaps the most alarming for members the rule proposing to exclude men from standing in some electorates.

New Rule 248A. An LEC may request that NZ Council determine that only women may nominate for the position of Labour candidate for their electorate. Such approval overrides the right granted in Rule 251 for any member to be eligible for nomination.

So, Labour is wanting to institute a “Man Ban” to set aside some electorates for women only candidates.

On top of that they will be looking to adjust the list as well.

Amendment (deletions and insertions) to existing Rule 287.  The Moderating Committee shall examine the Regional lists and consider the representation across all lists of tangata whenua, gender, ethnic groups, people with disabilities, age and youth, sexual orientations, and the geographical spread and range of skills.  …….

Amendment (deletions and insertions) to existing Rule 290.  The Moderating Committee shall be bound by the need to arrive at a list which:

a)          fairly represents tangata whenua, gender, ethnic groups, people with disabilities, sexual orientations, and age and youth.

b)          ensures ………………….. etc

having due regard to priority orders that have emerged from the Regional List Conferences.

Deletion of current Rule 293. There shall be no barriers to nominees on the grounds of sexual orientation or marital status.  Gender, ethnicity, age and disability are active criteria listed above. 

The full document is embedded below.

Labour Party Rule Changes 2013 Final


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  • Sidey

    Seems in line with Labour’s current policy of requiring at least 50% of MPs to meet minimum moronic and bullying standards. Although the distribution appears substantially skewed lately…

  • Brendon Taylor

    Such changes must surely be against the human rights act, while ensuring that the electorate labour supporters don’t get the best person for the job, although I can see the advantage for labour in these changes because the current male members of the labour caucus don’t exactly give the male labour supporters much to cheer about.

  • cows4me

    Fucking idiot, politically correct morons. Another case of undeveloped socialists minds trying to impose their screwed view of how the world should work. New flash retards, most normal people vote or promote the best person for the job be they black, white, male female. If women can’t cut the mustard putting some token sheila into office will be an abject failure. And these retards wonder why they can’t gain traction in the polls.

    • Donovan Jackson

      Do they realise that they may be alienating 50% of the vote? Mind you, Labour fellas might just be so pusillanimous as to abdicate their man card…

      • cows4me

        Does that mean pussy wiped Donovan?

        • Donovan Jackson

          Hehe, sort of. Pusillanimous means timid, weak of character; ‘uxorious’ is the proper word for pussywhipped…!

          • Hazards001

            Perhaps…but, pusillanimous has just become my word of the week…maybe the whole year. And it will be used in the context put forward by Cows. uxorious I’m saving for unsol

          • LesleyNZ

            Loved Basil Brush!

          • Hazards001

            Me too :)

          • Hazards001

  • Magoo

    Are they supposed to be women in those pictures? Most of them look more like cut and tuck ‘Toni with an I’ tranny wannabes. That’s just soured my stomach.

  • Jimmie

    Excellent. The great beast Labour has been grievously wounded over the last few years and now has turned on itself.

    This has to be the start of Labour polling in the mid to high 20’s – I mean are they trying to morph into the green party?

    • John Phillips

      Yes, clearly they are.

  • unitedtribes

    Would love to be the fly on the wall watching the morons at the moderating meeting trying to get a consensus

  • metalnwood

    Hah, the complete irony that they will delete a non discrimination clause so that they can try and enforce non discrimination. So we will discriminate all over the place just to make the statistics look OK. You would think that at the end of the day it would look like a party that has equal rights all over the place but the reality is that probably everyone was discriminated somewhat to get their place. What a laugh.

  • williamabong

    And still these morons wonder why their party falls into a hole at warp speed, they should just about be coming in behind Winston in the next lot of polls.

  • LesleyNZ

    Deletion of current Rule 293……… Hmmm and here they were banging on about marriage equality during the gay marriage bill. This is a human rights issue. Man-Ban is extremely sexist. The best person should get the nomination not because they happen to be a woman and because the new female quota rule states that only Labour Party females are allowed to apply.
    Is Tim Barnett still around influencing the Labour Party? No wonder the Labour Party is in a mess.

    • Random66

      ‘Man-Ban’ – love it. The trouble is labour have forgotten what real men look like so they wrongly believe the answer lies with women (given Helen’s success). The truth of the matter is even if someone like John Key did try to lead Labour he wouldn’t be allowed to because of the nut jobs currently running the show. Totally agree that the best person should get the nomination, the problem is they judge the best person by their gender not their capabilities which is why Labour will be toast.

      • LesleyNZ

        And they don’t know what a REAL women is either! What a mixed up political party with an identity crisis. The Stuff poll is interesting.

  • Auto_Immune

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if they tried to implement rule 287 and 290, wouldn’t that actually result in less rainbow MPs in Parliament?

  • johnbronkhorst

    As I look upon the photo’s, I am reminded of the immortal words of…..The Lorax……..

    • metalnwood

      Thats not entirely fair. One of them definitely looks like a woman, the one on the left. Given that, it’s very strange she is the one who just happens to be gesturing how big her dick is.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Not suggesting they are Hyena’s are you?…Vestigual penus?

  • Elitist Tory

    Labour – the party that keeps on giving….to National!
    Mr Key please make TV adverts out of these documents, please run the adverts in the final week of the election campaign, please let the (heterosexual) men of NZ know what Labour thinks of them.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Real estate such as buildings and property shall be held and administered on behalf of the Party by either Labour Party Properties Inc. or Labour Party Properties Ltd.”
    By removing
    (in accordance with the Articles of Association of that Society)”
    Does this mean these bodies can act as they please without reference to the rules governing them (under their OWN rules)?
    If so, it sure sounds like they would operate in govt. (if voted in) in exactly the same CORRUPT way, they did last time!


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  • johnbronkhorst

    “For the2017 and subsequent elections the percentage shall be at least 50%.”
    So, it will be made up of mostly women! Can the labour party be treated like an employer, in this case? It is illegal to advertise a job based on gender!!!

  • MarcWills

    Christ! They’ll be making fudge packing compulsory next.

  • JeffDaRef

    focussed on the things that matter….. (snigger)

  • Pete George

    Trevor Mallard may have to have a sex change to ensure he achieves his ambition of another 25 years in the Labour caucus. Apparently acting like an old woman in the House will not be enough to qualify.

  • blokeintakapuna

    The elected female Labour MP’s must feel totally de-valued, cheated and compromised with those new proposed rules. Unintended consequences means, Labour are really saying, we don’t want a Party composed of those who earned their place through merit – but rather a hotchpotch gaggle collective of PC individuals attempting to appear credible, whilst being completely outclassed by superior competitors that won their place at the table based on merit alone.
    Dame Susan should anticipate a flood of calls from disgruntled, females that have earned their place – only to find themselves alongside some numpty List MP parachuted in because of their gender/sexual orientation/ethnicity.
    Labour – come up with credible policies – fully costed and articulated to the country. Then let the best individual compete for the role based on merit. There… solved it for you.
    Treat it like you were an employer and needed some staff. Surely you’d employ the best individual, not some crony? Let’s examine your past track record…

  • richard.b

    Riddle me this….
    If – “For the 2017 and subsequent elections the percentage shall be at least 50%.”

    Then – I guess the 50% applies to both men and woman (to be fair).

    Therefore – If there are an odd number of candidates then they can’t both be “at least 50%”

    • Pete George

      No, it is not designed to be fair. As I understand it the quota is for female MPs only, so there could be 60%, 80% or 100% women.

  • Bob

    Has Russel Norman, Green party co-leader and utter cunt, called for a leak enquiry and made a complaint with the police yet over the leak?

  • Dave

    Dear Mrs / Miss / Miss. We invite you to become an MP within the labour party, and advise you hve passed the Pre Selection criteria on the basis of being a female, with a nice smile, and secondly that you have a pulse. We can offer you free travel, huge salary, free meals and alcohol, like minded numpties to work with, a nice office and huge perks available. Please sign on the dotted line below.

    Discrimination alert…………

    In all seriousness, Labour have a bigger problem than this Rule Change… They have a massive leak inside their grubby little party, so the tongues will be wagging and the knives out to find the leaker. More chaos inside labour ensues, what a circus

  • Phil

    There is no point using a selection method based on acutal talent/skill when there is none.

  • Whafe

    What is even more amusing, it is highly probable that Mumbles Shearer will not have even seen this, nor knows it exists :D

    • Travis Poulson

      He’ll be squirming like a cat on a hot tin roof trying to explain that.

  • rockape

    I hope they fill their quota for the mentally deranged, or have they done that already?

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  • AnonWgtn

    Well Timmy Barnett is a closet woman, as well as a homosexual.
    What does that make him ??

    • Dave

      Just plain Queer, so a well qualified Labour Pollie.

  • Arran Hunt

    So Labour thinks that women can’t get in to parliament on their own merit….

  • OT Richter

    Labour, the “Leave your penis at the door” party.

    John ‘Front Bum’ Tamihere won’t be pleased.

    • Lopsy

      Hilarious, thanks for pointing that out. He has only just renewed his affections for them. Completely fucks his mana innit?

  • island time

    Is that Jamie Joseph second from the right?

    • Scott

      Kees Meeuws I think

    • Travis Poulson

      Oh, I thought it was David Tua.

  • richard.b

    So Mr Whale, why then did you include the photos of 5 blokes?

  • Justsayn

    Very stupid and rule change – such a public pubic probing is potentially politically problematic.

    BUT… if I ran a political party I should be allowed to base my candidate decision on gender (along with other things like religious belief, ethnicity, or whether they are a ginga).

    In political terms the “best person for the job” is the one that will win you the most votes come election time. Nothing more (sadly). The best vote winner is automatically the “most able”.

    If a party decides they need a woman, or a man, or a gay, or a maori, or an asian, or a christian, or a communist ginga from aussie, or an ex-mayor tree pisser, or a… well you get the idea… in order to win the most votes they can at the election, then that is a part of deciding who is the “best person for the job”.

    A rule about gender balance… that is a bit silly and shows a lack of faith in the ability of those you have entrusted to make the decision on who is best.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Look at those beauties! Labour, keep it up. Keep these policies rolling. I am thrilled to hear this!

  • Lopsy

    Brilliant, fantastic, more, more. The entire male fan club of the Labour party will be, by agreeing to this, taking a razor blade to their own testicles and spitting on a good fair chunk of the wider public. Stupid is as stupid does. More, more!!

  • xyz

    I think an Ugly-Woman-Ban would solve the ‘problem’.

  • Spiker

    This is political masturbation on a grand scale. Spectacularly stupid thinking.