Now we are talking, a pill to replace exercise

Scientists may have found out how to put a workout in a pill. Now we are talking.

Earlier this week in the journal Nature Medicine researchers at the Scripps Institute in Florida suggested that we are closer than ever to attaining this goal. They found that mice injected with a protein called REV-ERB underwent physiological changes usually associated with exercise, including increased metabolic rates and weight loss. Even obese, inactive mice experienced these changes.

Apparently American, and most probably Kiwis lie about taking 2 hours per week to exercise. if true though, and we really did exercise for two hours per week imagine the benefits of such a pill.

The exercise pill would help on multiple fronts. First, just think what we could do with an extra two hours per week. We would finally have the time to sit down and phone an old friend, take another shot at those scrapbooks, or get that bathroom repainted. Time really is money, and getting those two hours back would count for a lot.  

Moreover, we would not need to shoulder the burden of guilt that many of us experience due to insufficient exercise levels. No longer would we feel compelled to avoid looking in the mirror in the morning or avert our eyes as we drive past a health club teeming with fit and trim exercise enthusiasts. Such guilt cannot be good for us, likely elevating the levels of stress hormones in our bloodstreams and undermining the self-confidence we depend on in so many other spheres of life.

Of course, we would recoup even more time than the two hours we actually spend on exercising. Think how many minutes we spend every week just talking ourselves into it, getting dressed for it, and driving to it. And what about all the after-exercise time – driving back home, showering, getting dressed again, and then sitting in the easy chair contemplating how tired and sore we feel or congratulating ourselves on what good care we take of ourselves.

Plus think of the benefits tot he government’s coffers in ACC alone.

And what of the millions of exercise-related injuries that occur each year in the U.S.? According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 700,000 children are injured each year during exercise at school, while over 1.5 million Americans visit emergency departments for injuries suffered playing sports such as basketball, baseball, and football. Far fewer people choke on pills.

I checked with ACC’s cool Injury Statistics tool. The savings would be immense.



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  • PlanetOrphan

    A pill to wake up , A pill to sleep , A pill to … … … …
    5th element comes to mind …. Or Cloud Atlas maybe.
    And people are saying we have stopped evolving , yeah right M8!
    I wonder if they have ever thought about “Why do people take P ?”

  • steve and monique

    And the old age pill, that Auckland uni,and some American scientist is developing. Guess this all will save the aging population,and the cost attached to these people. Plus the odd fat fuck too.

  • nudgy

    A protein called REV-ERB really…I think someone is taking the piss…

  • Hazards001

    ” Even obese, inactive mice experienced these changes.”

    What I wanna know is…where the fuck did they find them? McDonald’s?

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    If you want to lose weight, I recommend the occasional speedball. :-)