Only Six Types?

Shelley Bridgeman has listed 6 types of annoying people. Perhaps there wasn’t the space for the rest.

Her list: [abridged]

Every day we encounter petty annoyances. Often they’re nitpicking trifles, of insufficient consequence for victims to feel inspired to form a support group or even write a letter to the editor to voice their concerns. Nonetheless repetitive displays of the same thoughtless behaviour can wear a person down. So in the interests of raising awareness of these issues and, hopefully, modifying the behaviour of repeat offenders, here is a list of people who really do need to try harder.

Drivers who won’t drive through the gap

Picture this: a car ahead indicates a right turn and must wait for the stream of oncoming traffic before proceeding. Sometimes the car immediately behind this vehicle will stop and wait as well although there is enough space to the left of the front car to drive a bus through. Meanwhile a queue of cars needlessly banks up behind the second car and a traffic jam is created purely thanks to idiocy. The sheer stupidity is only underscored when finally, much later, the driver decides he/she can fit and drives victoriously through, freeing dozens of people from an imaginary barrier. What goes on inside that driver’s head? Does he/she suddenly realise that driving through is an option or does he/she subscribe to the theory that cars shrink while waiting?  

Footpath hoggers

If your group of pedestrians is taking up more than its fair share of the footpath’s width – perhaps because there are three or four of you, or perhaps there are two of you with, say, a dog on an extra-long lead – it’s your responsibility to make way for an oncoming pedestrian, either by going single file or by moving your dog in closer or by one of you falling back behind a friend to allow this other person to pass.

Inconsiderate backpack wearers

Many backpack wearers are either unconcerned with the comfort of those around them or have a very poor sense of spatial awareness.

People who issue false virus warnings

Before forwarding me and all your other contacts an email headed “VERY, VERY URGENT – PLEASE CIRCULATE” about an email message with an attachment called “BLACK MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE” which is said to contain a virus that “burns the whole hard disk C of your computer” please establish the veracity of this claim.

People who needlessly press the pedestrian button at traffic lights

I have two things to say to these people. Firstly, if the little red man is already illuminated then there’s no need to push the button to cross.

And, finally, people who click ballpoint pens on and off incessantly


Come on…I reckon my readers can compile a better list than that.

My biggest one is Socialists: Thinking they can just continually take, take, take.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    People who speed up in overtaking zones and slow down after.
    People who deliberately block your view at a concert.
    and lastly
    People who bitch about other people, just because they were inconvenienced a little.
    Now lastly
    People who make these fucking stupid lists!!!

    • Bunswalla

      +1 People who up-vote a comment then feel the need to reply to the original message stating that they +1’ed it.

      Also, people who end their posts with their name or initials, even though we can see who it’s from because it has their handle at the top. Yes, JC, I’m talking about you.


      • Me too! (+1’d that)

  • David

    People who block off supermarket isles with their trolley whilst they have a natter with their mate! To make matters worse if you dare to say “Excuse Me” not only do they not move but they look at you like you are the rudest piece of excrement that has ever existed in the history of time! This is why we generally shop online now!

    • RightNow

      Harden up David. Just increase to ramming speed and barge through with your trolley.

      • David

        It is in Porirua and a trolley at ramming speed wouldn’t have a chance against a couple of Islander Ladies who probably out weigh me buy 50Kgs each lol

        • Magoo

          Just drop a tin of corned beef on the floor and push their trolley out of the way when they scramble to pick it up.

          • David

            Ha ha good plan I will have to try that one next time!

          • johnbronkhorst

            Reminds me of a joke.
            How do you get a fat woman into bed?
            Piece of cake.

          • Dave

            More to the point, how do you get them out of bed?

        • Dave

          I just tell them, ” im just moving your trolley, its in the MIDDLE of the aisle and no one can get through (often also due to their considerable Ars…..) and then push it to the side away from them. Always do it with a smile, never copped abuse back (yet).

          • David

            In Porirua? You are a brave man!

    • OT Richter

      Pack n Slave Mt Albert seems to be an evening meeting place for the local ethnic population.

      • Stocking up on the specials for coke cans for the dairy

  • williamabong

    Supermarket staff who consider filling the shelves the single most vital task, and have no problem blocking a walkway with four trolleys of their shit.

    • David

      And look at you like a you are a total a hole if you try to actually get around them to buy something!

  • JeffDaRef

    – 75km outside lane of a motorway
    – people sitting outside you on motorway but not overtaking, thus blocking you in
    – 80km on open road, then 120km on passing lane
    – male co-leaders of the Green Party
    – actually, female co-leaders of the Green Party too
    – actually, all members of the Green Party!!
    – while I’m on a roll, add all members of the Mana Party too
    – and before some ask – I’m not annoyed by members of the Labour party, I just pity them
    – people who stop point-blank on footpath
    – fat German crooks
    – I could go on, but theres work to be done….

  • Magoo

    Global warming alarmists spouting complete nonsense whilst refusing to acknowledge empirical scientific facts. They then have the hypocritical cheek to accuse others of having their head in the sand.

    Self righteous lefties who accuse others of being racist or Nazi’s when history shows the opposite to be true – e.g. Democrats and KKK, Nazi’s are socialist.

  • Dave

    1) Those that harm others, bullying abuse, assault etc right down to nasty inconsiderate people.

    2) The whingers – life is not fair because……..

    3) Those that expect the world and the government owes them a living…. Entitlement

    4) Discrimination, yes, despite my posts re Maori etc, I loathe those that discriminate against others and put them down unnecesarily.

    5) Those that believe they OWN the particular piece of bitumen they want to drive on at 20 KM/H less than everyone else just because they are busy talking on the phone, to the kids or simply because they don’t know how to drive. Keep Left remember!!

    6) Socialists, greenies and the do gooders who are intent on adjusting income and wealth by their robin hood methods, socialism = keeping the rich poor, and the poor poorer.

    7) Lastly, and most importantly, UNIONS, who are the leeches of society, taking from the poor and keeping it for themselves whilst fucking businesses the world over. Actually, they fit all of the above except point 5.

  • MrAuz1989

    With footpath hoggers, why is it that the ones that walk at a pace that a funeral procession would find sedentary, are invariably accompanied by 5 associates, all of whom are walking as if they are on their way to the O.K. Corral? (i.e. 6 abreast, right across the footpath)

  • James Stephenson

    Tailgaters, especially the ones that act affronted that I’ve helped them test their brakes.

  • Col

    Not indicating at a roundabout, and turn left.

    • Kendall

      Indicating right at a roundabout, then going straight through

      • WallyAnchor

        And indicating left at a roundabout, then going straight through. The police made a big hooha a while back about indicating when exiting a roundabout – even when going straight through. That’s all fine and well on a big roundabout, but completely unnecessary and even dangerous on a small suburban roundabout because on those there isn’t enough time to indicate before you exit, so people start indicating their exit before they even enter the roundabout. I’ve even seen Police cars do this.

        • Kendall

          True that

        • Col

          that is so dam true, but then some F*^& yank changed the road rules.

      • Col

        Smart ass, I will watch 4 you?

  • I fear that providing a list of people that are annoying would say more about me than I would like to reveal, so I will keep the list to those that spontaneously annoy me simply by existing.

    Winston Peters
    Russel Norman

  • Jman

    Whats wrong with pressing the pedestrian button at a traffic light? I always do it unless I know someone else has already pressed it. I don’t want to take the chance that the traffic light will think there’s no pedestrians waiting and just cycle right past the little green man stage.

  • Allan

    Wankers in tin tops that fail to see me on my bright orange motorbike!

  • WallyAnchor

    Along the lines of the false virus warnings, people who repost/share things they assume must be true, but are so glaringly fucken false to anybody with half a brain. Like this gem I saw posted on facebook 2 days ago:

    “This year July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years. This is called money bags. So copy this and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui, the one who does not copy, will be without money. Figured I’d pass this on!”

    Right off the bat I can find 9 things wrong with this quote – how many can you find? WTF motivates people to post this shit?

    And if you downvote me for reposting it myself, I’ll completely understand – even if I am just trying to illustrate a point!

    • Hazards001

      The only reason I’d down vote you is for going on facebook in the 1st place…and if we had to list the most annoying things in life…then yep…that piece of stupidity is right up there..and peoples addiction to it.

      • WallyAnchor

        Can’t argue with that. Sadly it’s the only way to keep in touch with some people today – but there’s so much inane bullshit in the way on there that it might be time to cut them loose.

        • Hazards001

          I work on this theory. I have a cell phone, a land line,an email address and a mailbox. in that order you can prioritise the importance.

          If you call me on my cellphone it better be important. If you text me it better not be. If you call my landline (at home) you better not be a sales rep and if you email me you might want a long reply.

          If you send it by snail mail it’s probably breakable or a bill.

          All those make sense to me.

          Nothing on the social media that can be gobbled up by all and sundry does. Remember..once it’s on the’s on there forever!

          • WallyAnchor

            Now those are rules I can relate to and might have to adopt myself :-)

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Only one thing really annoys me – the freeloading, bludging Road Lice who think they own the road

  • cruiseyman

    People who use generic cv templates so I’m constantly reading that they “thrive on a challenge and can work well unsupervised or as part of a team” Absofuckinglutely meaningless.

    • Hazards001

      Not sending you my CV then. Mine says something along the lines of..”I thrive on the challenge of working unsupervised although I can work happily in a team environment if required.”

      Which loosely translated means “Best you give me all the difficult and taxing tasks because I sure as fuck can’t work in a team of deadhead fuckwits that are all looking for someone else to blame for their own ineptitude.”

  • Col

    Oh yea people on bikes who come into a round about and point the left thumb to turn left, no wonder they die. I was told you put your Fucking arm out so cunts like me can see you, no mercy for you. Yes I ride a bike and drive.

  • WallyAnchor

    The media reporting somebody drunk (or on the way) as being x mg (or whatever) “over the limit” or “over the legal limit”, when the reporting has nothing to do with driving. We have a legal breath/blood alcohol limit for driving, but not for anything else as far as I’m aware. Yet we see people reported (usually injured or dead) as being “over the legal limit”, even though the report doesn’t include them driving. There is no legal limit for alcohol, unless you’re driving. Sure, use the legal limit as a reference, but make it clear it is the legal driving limit, and ensure it’s clear that there was no driving in such cases.