Penguins doing fine despite Global Warming

Global warming was supposed to see the end of penguins amongst other things.

In 2009 the following prediction was made in Australia:

MARK COLVIN: Scientists monitoring Australia’s most famous population of Little Penguins have had a scare, after some chicks died of starvation because their parents had to go farther afield than usual to find food.

Phillip Island’s nightly parade of the penguins is a major tourist attraction.

A biologist who works with the colony says it’s a problem which could become more common as climate change takes hold.

Four years on you’d expect that the poor wee things would be in dire straights. Turns out no.

The little penguins of Phillip Island are experiencing a baby boom.

Last summer’s breeding season was the best in a generation, a dramatic turnaround from the 1990s when either foxes were snatching the flightless birds or they were starving to death.

Research manager of the Phillip Island Nature Parks Dr Peter Dann says the rise in population is “about food”.

“These chicks are fatter, they’ve grown faster, the parents have brought back more food. The parents have been heavier than normal right through the breading seasons,” he said.

Dr Dann says it is a far cry from the 1990s, when food was scarce.

“It was even worse in 1995, when the main food they were eating during that breeding time was pilchard, and the pilchard had a huge die-off right across southern Australia to New Zealand,” he said.

“A lot of birds were actually dying of starvation and they bred very late.

One of the curious things about all this is that when Australia’s warmer, particularly in Autumn, penguins start breeding earlier in the following Spring and they breed much better than when Bass Strait’s cooler in Autumn.

Once again the alarmist media, complicit scientists and gullible fools are wrong.


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  • thor42

    Ssssshhhh….. there *isn’t* any “global warming”…..

    Don’t wake the greenies……

    • Kimbo


      BURN HIM!!!! (with a renewable energy source that will not add additional carbon to the atmosphere).

      • cows4me

        To right Kimbo he’s a heretic, he needs frying.

  • surfisup

    One news was the classic tonight — they showed some pacific island where the high tide mark has moved up the beach and hitting some houses. The inference was that this was caused by global warming as it was mentioned many times.

    But, right at the end of the story, they mentioned that the island itself was subsiding due to geological factors … so , the story was pretty much fraudulent.

    Global warmists really do themselves no favours when they cry wolf.