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Misha and Lucky

Micah and Lucky

What do you see here?


Or danger?


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  • Dave

    Hmmmm protecting his masters offspring, or protecting his next meal, one can never know with a member of the feline family.

  • Donovan Jackson

    Cute, but I would’t let my 3 month old sleep with a dog or cat.

  • Sidey

    Depends whether you’re Gareth Morgan or a normal person.

    Agree with Donovan. I’ve owned dogs for most of my life, still wouldn’t trust even the gentlest pooch with an infant or small child. It only takes once for something terrible to happen. Might be a reaction to a kid pulling its ears, or just an instinct when something is too close to it.

    People forget that despite centuries of domestication, cats & dogs are only a whisker away from being wild animals. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have feral cats & dogs roaming the countryside pretending to be panthers.

  • BigDes

    To young to be sleeping with a pussy. Might get a face full, and that could end badly.

  • opusx

    Ooh…freaky. Reminds me of Stephen Kings ‘Cats Eye’.

  • Saccharomyces

    Very cute, but very dangerous. We’ve got two cats, and a baby imminent. We’re not quite sure what we’re going to do about one of them, which is VERY smoochy, he’ll most likely be all over the baby. Thinking of a mesh screen for the baby’s room. The other one won’t be a problem, he’s a stray that adopted us when he was a little kitten, but he’s terrified of everything, and will just avoid the baby at all costs!

    • opusx

      Caught our cat sleeping on out babies neck years ago, in the cot. Was winter so guess bubs was snuggly warm. Gave us a hell of a fright. I had a quite word with the cat and it never happened again.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Gareth Morgan markets a new product……Stuffed cat baby warmers.

  • John1234

    Ok, as long as the cat isn’t attempting to shag the infant.

  • niggly

    I’ll go for cute (cute buba and cute grey cat).

    Especially if cutesy pics like this piss Gareth Morgan off!

  • Harvey Wilson

    This is very dangerous for the cat. Who knows where that baby’s been.