Pita Sharples to quit politics

via ODT

via ODT

Claire Trevett Native Affairs has a nice scoop:

Pita Sharples will resign as the Maori Party’s co-leader tomorrow and will quit politics altogether next year.

Dr Sharples tonight told the Herald he planned to stay on as a minister and Tamaki Makaurau MP until the 2014 election. He would not run for Parliament next year.

The 71-year-old will stay as co-leader until the party elects a new leader, which he expected to happen at the AGM in Whakatane in a fortnight.

The Maori Party is most definitely falling apart.  Instead of the by-election being a wakeup call or a Call to Arms, it appears to have provided another nail for the Maori Party coffin.

Personally I have never forgiven him for stuffing up the Kahui Twins investigation by insisting Maori protocol precede the need for Pakeha justice.

In the end there was no Justice for anyone, and two innocent souls lie unavenged.


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  • motorizer

    Too little too late. They really are playing a game of catch up. And they aren’t dirty enough to capture any of manas voters.

    • Travis Poulson

      There is talk of a merger.

      • Whafe

        A merge with what? Don’t know that they have anything tangible to merge with anything do they?

        Sad but true…..

        • Travis Poulson


          • Whafe

            That of course was my first thought, but dam, what a cluster fuck that would be…… Would be an even more racist left of left pinko party. God help NZ…..

            Oh well, Rangi will support it

          • Travis Poulson
          • Whafe

            All good.

            Would be a huge shift for the Maori party to the left.. At times the current Maori party are more right leaning than National.. If the Maori party again did some spooning in bed with Hone / Mana party it would be a sad day for a good many Maori whom think Hone is nothing but a racist fuck knuckle

          • Travis Poulson

            Completely agree there, many would have breathed a sign of relief when he left. Poor Maori Party, can’t live with him, can’t live without him.

          • Whafe

            Was speaking to my father late this evening heading home from work, re how I struggle to gain an understanding how society as we know it allow this racist Hone to spout off and accept it…. So it disgusts me to no end that the Maori Party are thinking of jumping into bed with him / Mana again..

            What a HUGE step back for the Maori Party….. Gutless co-dependants, weak as piss

          • AngryTory

            At times the current Maori party are more right leaning than National

            most of the time, the current Labour party are more right leaning than National. Hellen Clark’s Labour government were certainly more right leaning than National.

          • Whafe

            Going off topic, but an’t really disagree with you. It seems the western world as we know it, are to dam scared of being right, but they all know it is the best and correct way to go…. Helen Clarks decade of giving, giving and then giving some more have become the dominant part of society…. The I am owed culture, makes me sick….

    • Time For Accountability

      Or dirty enough to get in the Msm

  • trisha

    Te Ururoa Flavell will no doubt be the new broom…. as he and Hone don’t see eye to eye hopefully he will stay clear of Mana . As a rangatira Pita has let his people down these last years. imo

    • Whafe

      And if indeed Pita Sharples has any connection as it very much seems in suggesting jumping back into bed with Hone / Mana Party, he has indeed let his people down. Well in fact urinated all over his people…

      • trisha

        Just read the newstalk link and we are disappointed at his Mana/Maori party merge idea. but we hold out hope that Te Ururoa Flavell will be a strong advocate for putting the Maori Party back onto the right track.
        To be more vocal than Pita in the things that matter, dont hurt your children,dont hurt your wife or neighbour, dont steal, dont blame any one else, grow your own fruit and vegys, dont drink alcohol in excess, to join the real world where education (in charter schools) can lead to real jobs, and that Mana is something to attain to, not join up with. Pita is a lovely man, innovative in his construction of Hone Waititi school but he is just a teddy bear in a sea of white pointers.

        But I would never say Pita pissed all over his people

        • Whafe

          yes, I may have been a little strong to say he has pissed on his people….. But it really is a sad day that he is clearly advocating getting back into bed with the racist that is Hone / Mana….. As you say, with a bit of luck, should Te Ururoa take the reigns he puts the kybosh on such a thing

    • kehua

      Te Ururoa Flavell is a good moderate thinking man, without the shadow of Pita Sharples hanging over him he will I think grow in stature amonst Maori voters. Hone And his Homai te Pakipaki mates do not enjoy the respect of thinking Maori.

  • Mr_V4

    The sad thing is the implicit assumption that maori political parties should group together not based on ones ideas rather on how ones skin absorbs and reflects wavelengths of light.

  • Time For Accountability

    The Maori party was all about improving Moari quietly achieving in a constrained way.
    They have done great work in bring white and brown together. I know a lot of non Maori who have good respect for their attentions listed to their vies and supported them. I have respect for both co leaders.

    Mana is all about hatred, and separation.

    I find it ironic that minto campaigned against arpatheid yet supports a party that has those very views itself.

    Mana would be better labeled the Harawira hatred party.

    I cannot see that thinking and intelligent Maori would merge with a hatred party.

  • Rangi

    Personally, I blame the police for stuffing up the Kahui investigation. Who, in their right mind, strikes a deal for immunity from prosecution with a prime suspect in exchange for testimony which the jury takes less than an hour to discredit?

    The Police are absolute in their subpoena & investigative powers. Pita Sharples certainly ain’t.