Please Labour, keep Sue Moroney talking about the Man Ban

Sue Moroney was The Nation, explaining the Man Ban policy….please Labour, please, keep Sue Moroney talking on this.

Chris Trotter has some very good points that fortunately Labour will ignore.

Colin James had some good comments.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Folks – Sue Moron is a winner. She is going to swing the election 2014 in Labour’s favour.

    • Jimmie

      typo there SCC: “Sue Moron is a winna”

    • Dave

      I didn’t know that she was a swinger SCS, and How do you know she is SCS. The mental picture is enough to blind one for life SCS.

  • metalnwood

    Fascinating, cant wait for the left media to start outing some other policies as well. It’s great when the left commentators aren’t on board. Real popcorn watching.

  • Kimbo

    Exhibit A for the Prosecution’s case: ‘Explaining is losing’

  • Michael

    “Angle parking in a parallel universe.” – describes the NZ political left perfectly.

  • rockape

    If Labour want more women in power, they are going about it the wrong way. 41% of their present MPs is a lot more than 50% of what they will have post election especially with dumb views like morons!

    • metalnwood

      Like Thatcher said in another video here – They would rather have more equality but be worse off.

  • GazzW

    Regardless of how this ludicrous proposal is ‘softened’ for public consumption it will be the focus of interest for the media at the AGM in November. Whether that remit is passed or rejected is irrelevant, the fallout will carry over into election year. A disaster for labour. Keep digging that hole Sue – wanna bigger shovel?

  • thor42

    Dear Labour – Forget about the “50% women” thing.

    Try aiming for **1% SANE** instead.
    “You must crawl before you walk” and all that……

  • LesleyNZ

    In the 2006 census just over 2 million people, 55.6 percent of those answering the religious affiliation question, affiliated with a Christian religion (including Māori Christian). The latest census will probably have a different percentage. If the Labour Party believe in equality and balance then 55.6 percent of male or female MPs must be of the Christian religion. This man ban is opening up a can of worms. What the Labour Party really need to do is find out what is a “Kiwi woman”. They might just find that the Labour Party women are not at all representative of the average “Kiwi woman”. In all this gender busting stuff has the Labour Party actually stopped and thought that perhaps a lot of Kiwi women don’t want to be in parliament? This latest saga reminds me of Labour’s policy that a child cannot fail at school and the word fail should never be mentioned – oh and remember the quota system for traffic tickets? Manipulation, control and denial of the truth.

  • Simo

    It’s a blatant power grab by the feminazi’s, seeing Shearer is wobbling around the political spectrum. A shrewd tactic to make the NZLP its own.

    Being a party representing every minority known to mankind, it has to dissolve like a frag grenade at some point as all these cultural and politically sanctified factions just cant work together… over David.

  • williamabong

    Mad as a bucket of frogs, she’s fighting with Arsenasty to see who can get to the bottom quickest.

  • Phill

    “Well let me clarify David Shearers position…”
    So now he has list MP’s overturning his words on national TV, while wearing the oppositions colours…..I’d call that a PR disaster!
    And she said it all with a straight face. The loony’s have taken over the asylum.
    Please Shearer, hang in there…I’m so looking forward to a televised leaders debate!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Can some one please shut that noisy front bum up!

  • Positan

    It’s almost impossible to conceive such blindness of focus as is exhibited by Moroney on such a matchless irrelevance. “Political representation” only means that the views of the electorate can be communicated to government for the purpose of it determining their substance and/or need for action/attention.

    Labour, the most determinedly stupid of political entities, with adherents who are ascertainably brainless, incredibly sees “representation” as a male/female thing. If even the most meagre of intellects outside Labour can grasp that the essential elements of representation are competence and capability – male or female – that issues of gender difference matter not a whit, it really screams to the heavens that Labour MPs shouldn’t even be trusted positions in Opposition – let alone Government.

  • KEllyett

    If only Labour had a test to be an candidate, literacy and numeracy would be a good stater let alone an IQ at least above average.

    Yes Aaron Gilmore was/is a tool but at least he wasn’t a crim like Philip Field.

    Sue Moroney is like the stupid gift that keeps on giving, she should be encouraged to keep talking on behalf of David Shearer, God forbid that Labour starts to look credible……

    • parorchestia

      National’s wish list for the next election:
      Shearer to stay as leader
      Sue to keep talking
      The feminanzis to keep making policy
      Trevor to keep boring everyone with his interminable points of order