Politicising disaster

It had to be the Green taliban that would jump onboard first at politicising the earthquake in Wellington. Of course it would be Gareth Hughes too.

No evidence is produced that earthquakes have resulted in oil spills anywhere in the world…yet they just launch forth with this disaster porn masquerading as concern.



The sanctimony of these pricks is lost on them however. One commenter in the thread points it out rather clearly.

Your argument will be much more valid the day you stop driving your car, using public transport, airlines, anything containing, made of or stored in plastics and stop purchasing anything that wasn’t transported to you or the place you bought if from on anything more complicated than a horse drawn cart. Until this happens, you also have a dependency on the oil you’re trying to prevent from being drilled. You just don’t like it that we have used up supplies drilled from foreign countries and are now having to look closer to home to find it.

Another commenter adds;

show me the last oil spill caused from an earthquake……all you guys do is run a campaign of fear, based on nothing. Shame so many of the muppets that follow you don’t think for themselves and follow blindly….

I can’t hardly wait for them and labour to start posting their disaster tourist photos later today. Chris Hipkins has already indicated via Twitter he is on his way.


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  • Sponge

    God I loathe that rat faced lying cunt.

    • opusx

      He really is a fucking moron. Still, he’s got a great press agent.

  • redeye

    Clint really does have some batty ideas.

  • Simo

    Ya don’t believe me do ya?

  • Agent BallSack

    I just walked down to the bank in my lunchtime. Cant see any reason why the ANZ bank in Petone would be closed today, considering they have more concrete in them than the clyde damn.

    • Bunswalla

      I don’t think the bank’s servers and computer systems are in the Petone branch.

    • Mediaan

      News says all ANZ are closed today in Wellington area.

    • Dave

      From Memory the fault line runs right under Petone so they are probably being cautious. We came close to leasing space on the foreshore, but walked after finding the building had been vacant for over 2 years, and had the fault line under it. Still empty another year later!!

      • Agent BallSack

        Exactly why I live in the hills. That and the fact Lower Hutt flood plains hasn’t had a good sluicing in a few years.

  • steve and monique

    How stupid do they think people are.

  • Col

    If I find a Green voter I will tear them up, thinking some fucking assholes would vote for them, this party putting fear into people, anyway it will come to bit them in the ass.
    I think we should have a sign in our case and when we see one of the motherfuckers we pull out the sign and shame them.
    Also put a sticker on there car NO PETROL I WANT TO FUCKING WALK

    • Time For Accountability

      They are not the think persons party.

  • Col

    Better idea every time we see a sticker “”Vote Green, put a sticker on the petrol filler, please fill with WATER.

    • steve and monique

      “Vehicle contains nuts” would be appropriate.

      • opusx

        Traces of nuts.

  • expression07

    Do the greens realise that no drilling has actually occurred in that basin yet, and is unlikely to occur for another 4 years?

  • johnbronkhorst

    If he drew the circles a little bigger, he could include Taranaki……. and ………………………………………………………………..Saudi Arabia!

    • Harroputza

      Or even more than, like, 10% of the permit area.

  • Kendall

    There are some fucktards in this world

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    I expect Mr Shearer will be brushing the cobwebs from his spade as we speak and looking for the best spot for a photo op.

    • Harry B’Stard

      hes busy with the spade, digging his own grave

  • Spam

    An in breaking news, an earthquake destroyed the Maui platform. Oh no – wait. It didn’t, as the Maui platform is probably the safest place in New Zealand in an earthquake, given its design.

    • LabTested

      I have just spend a few minutes search Google & YouTube for oil rig + earth quakes & the simply is nothing. The closest is that a rig sitting on top of a 6.5 quake in California was not even damaged due to the design. If GH & Greens want to link earthquakes & Oil Rigs then where is their evidence

      • blokeintakapuna

        One doesn’t need evidence when one is a sanctimonious hypocrite drawing a rather long bow for one’s own political self-interest. Facts and evidence are just inconvenient…

  • Mr_Blobby

    Terrible timing it could have happened on a sitting day.

  • oh Lookie, one of them commentators is wearing a tinfoil hat:
    “Shay Kossow @Greg Burrows we have cars capable of running off h2o we dont need oil weve also had self sustaining electromagnetic motors for years that the government keeps secret because their greedy self centered [expletive]”

    • opusx

      Yeah, I saw that one too. Spooky ain’t it?

  • tarkwin

    Not only is Mr Hughes a complete wanker, we get the honour of financing his fanciful out pourings. Mind you it looks like he didn’t spend much on the graphics.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    What utter fucking bollocks. Some commenter on Stuff called “Vote Green” said “vote Green or Labour to stop the shaking”. If Hughes is anything to go by, they do find these fucking morons. (Sorry, can’t link to the comments).

    • steve and monique

      Only shaking if these retards get in power,will be us.

  • rockape

    Just remember the Greens and Labour can only maintain their vote by fear. In the Greens case fear of environmental disaster, in Labours case fear of class struggle.

  • And all the while Dr Norman actually boasts about his flying around. His carbon footprint must be bigger than Ronald McDonald’s shoes…

    • DLNZ

      He could reduce his carbon footprint but he’d still be a fucken clown.

      • In Vino Veritas

        The only time he can make a footprint is when he takes his foot out of his mouth.

    • CheesyEarWax

      …with my hard earned tax dollars. Fucking commie.

    • Bob

      Russel Norman, Green Party Co-leader in an utter cunt!

      • steve and monique

        Shame such a useful item gets to be used to describe fuckers like him.

    • johnbronkhorst

      But without flying…where else would he find that …pie in the sky?

    • Travis Poulson

      Didn’t take many comments to delve into a vile cesspit.

  • Justsayn

    On that logic we should move Te Papa to Auckland. It could amalgamate with the Auckland Museum.

    • jcpry

      According to the very good simulation at the Auckland Museum when Waiheke blows the museum will be curtains. Better to leave it there next to the as either way it is stuffed.

      • DLNZ

        Even better move some more Green voters to Waiheke :P

    • Hazards001

      Why bother? Best to leave the kiddy exhibition where it is. No need to devalue Auckland Museum.

  • cows4me

    These wankers moan and bitch safe in the knowledge they can have their cake and eat it too. What a different story it would be if they had to lead the lives they wish for others. They know that oil drilling will never cease nor the modern conveniences it brings because the vast proportion of the population will not allow it. They are shallow cowardly people who know they will never have to stand on the principles they claim to hold dear.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Its the same old trademark of by-gone Communists, fear mongering is their main weapon. Fortunately, we don’t live in the 60s anymore and someone should tell the Greens that.

  • maninblack

    Good grief- i hate the green hypocrites so much.. they really are cunts.

  • John.Doe.2013

    When will the MSM pick up on the rank hypocrisy of the greens and call this BS for what it really is ? Shame on the Green Party for this scare mongering attack. What a sad day for NZ when oxygen thieves like this twerp get an audience….

  • In Vino Veritas

    Given that there are 4,000 or so rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, how many, Mr Hughes, have created an environmental disaster due to natural causes? Most are not anchored to the bottom by towers any more. Rigs built since 1978 are capable of withstanding 120 ft once in 1000 year waves. I’d suggest that the career politician, Hughes, is scaremongering once again. Perhaps he’d like to ban walking as well, since if everyone walking at any given time turned into a zombie, the human race would be toast.

    • Bad__Cat

      Walking should be banned because when breathing out walkers exhale CARBON dioxide which causes GLOBAL WARMING!

  • Yossarian

    I give it two weeks before John Key gets blamed for this earthquake as well…

    • GazzW

      For sure Yossarian. It’s all down to him and his rich prick mates in Hollywood and on Wall Street.

      • opusx

        It’s a conspiracy man.

    • AngryTory

      When there’s another earthquake that wipes out wellington and much of the govt – we should all be clear it’s Key’s fault
      – for even trying to “rebuild” Christchurch rather than flatten it and walk away
      – for not doing the same to Wellington while he had the chance.

      The government will have to be rebuilt in Auckland with 10% of the civil servants – finally taking the axe to the bureaucrats, stopping welfare, doing only what NZ really can afford.

      But Key should have done this as soon as the writing was on the wall from the financial crisis, or at most after the Christchurch earthquake.

  • Mediaan

    He should apply for citizenship in Burkina Faso — it has everything he wants there.

  • philbest

    If there is any link between earthquakes and politics that needs reviewing, it is Greenie absolutism that insists on “compact city” urban planning in disaster-prone locations. What happens when, not if, the big one really does hit Wgtn and brings down the buildings of the kind that it has ten times as of many as ChCh did? And containing ten times as many people?

    Why is there so little of Greenie policies publicly being held responsible for endangering human life – like why shouldn’t a mine like the Pike River one have been open-cast? The lamestream media gives these people too much of a free pass, like they are modern day saints.

  • metalnwood

    I just dont go out of the house anymore. The chances of getting run over, falling off a cliff or hit by a rogue flying squirrel are to much to handle anymore.

    Then I read someone died slipping in the shower, at home.

    It’s too much for me, I think I will just top myself and go out on my own terms. Way too much risk to do anything thees days.

  • David Kennedy

    I don’t blame the National Party for earthquakes, that’s just silly, I only blame them for the $12 billion dollar leaky building debacle, the expensive Novopay mess, the disastrous reforms to the electricity industry…and, given the laissez faire legislation opening up our waters to oil industry cowboys, the potential for yet another National Party catastrophe in our marine environment.

    • Mike D

      Just a few wonky facts there mate, but don’t let the truth get in the way of your story!

      • David Kennedy

        The 1991 changes to building regulations; the implementation of a system that caused problems for New Zealand Post, had no trial and 147 software faults; Max Bradford’s idea to bring us cheaper power through a private model of supply causing a 70% increase in charges.

        No wonky facts as far as I can see.

        As for the oil exploration legislation:
        -The royalties imposed are minimal compared to most other countries.
        -Companies applying for exploration licenses do not have to have proof of financial viability or drilling experience.
        -Oil company insurance is set at a minimal level and would not even cover the costs of a minor disaster.
        -Deep Sea drilling has a concerning history of accidents and the risks are much greater than in other environments.
        -Maritime New Zealand has none of the equipment or resources to manage a major disaster. By the time the equipment arrived from elsewhere, it will be largely too late.
        -The Rena disaster cost the country around $50 million and an oil rig disaster would cost billions.
        -We will still have to pay market rates for the oil recovered.

        This sounds very much like the sort of deal that the Government is doing with Sky City, we carry the risks while the other party reaps the profits.

        • metalnwood

          Life of the party, found on whaleoil.

        • CheesyEarWax

          You are cherry picking the wrong tree. The Rena clean-up was paid by the shipping company with hardly damage to the environment, your Green friends didn’t gain any support on that. What risks are there with SkyCity deal if we are not stumping up with the cash to build it? Instead of having pokies littered in neighbourhoods and unmonitored, they will be in a central location monitored and controlled. I can’t see anything wrong with that. If SkyCity reaps in profits thats because they are taking the commercial risks, not the tax payer, but if they don’t it will be their lost not the tax payer but we still get a free convention centre.

          As for oil drilling, deep sea or not, you are against anything that touches the environment, yet you live day-in-day-out on products that came from the environment, you are such a fucking hypocrite.

          As for paying market rate for oil, do you want oil price be subsidised and cheaper? So we can burn more oil?

        • Actually Dave, SkyCity is carrying the risk of the convention centre, to the tune of $450m. It’ll take a heck of a lot of 10c pieces to go into the extra 230 pokie machines (while pokie numbers nationwide continue to fall) to recoup that investment.

          • David Kennedy

            Not according to Treasury, KS. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/8930525/SkyCity-deal-doesn-t-add-up-Treasury
            Also do remember we will be covering Sky City’s gambling license for the next 35 years despite any future shift in attitude towards the industry.

          • You’d be one of the first cunts to complain about treasury predictions when it suits you.

          • David Kennedy

            They’re generally pretty knowledgeable when when commenting on financial and economic matters, not so good when they start dictating what happens in education. What i don’t get is when Bill English’s old firm does some research and says it’s a bum deal, he and Key don’t listen. Whose advice do they follow?

          • CheesyEarWax

            So I guess you’ll follow the almighty Treasury’s advice that NZ Power is anything but cheaper power prices?

          • CheesyEarWax

            What future shift in attitudes, are you a fucking clairvoyant? If the past 25 years is anything to go by we are more relaxed about gambling.

            Treasury has sour grapes because Key and Joyce didn’t involve them in the negotiations, and since when Treasury is an expert at assessing social harm in gambling?

    • Passing legislation on the books with Labour in early 1990…National only gained the house in Nov 1990…Novopay, contract signed up by Labour, after the unions bitched like whores not paid about Datacom, the reforms to the electricity industry were not disastrous, unless you are a labour supporter…and the biggest increases occurred under Labour. What does your car run on? Thin air? How many marine disasters have occurred in Taranaki in 30 years? Oh that’s right…none.

      • Bad__Cat

        It’s lovely to see a lefty spout crap, that’s quickly debunked with actual facts. Thanks WO!

      • David Kennedy

        Cameron, you don’t know what you’re talking about, this Government cut funding to the Education Ministry by $25 million and appointed someone to lead it from the UK with no understanding of our public education system (Lesley Longstone had a background in Charter Schools). A review of the Ministry of Ed by the State Services Commission and the PMs Office rated it as the worst performing in the state sector and yet Government Ministers trusted their advice to implement Novopay without a trial and with 147 identified software defects. The resulting mess could not be blamed on an under resourced Ministry or the previous Government.

        The electricity reforms have been a disaster (I’m no Labour supporter) considering the abundance of renewable hydro energy compared to most other countries our electricity costs have increased faster than most OECD countries. You will find few experts who claim that the reforms were a success.

        Taranaki drilling is not in a deep sea situation and is gas not oil.

  • Phil

    I’m sure that area is prone to asteroid strikes too.

    • steve and monique

      And Unicorns

  • LesleyNZ

    I hope Gareth and his mate Cliff don’t own a laptop, ipad tablet iphone or android or anything else made out of plastic.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Imagine this rat being your environment minister. This country will go to dogs.

  • Chiefsfan73

    Seen on a car today, bumper sticker reading stop off shore drilling. FFS, epic hypocrisy

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      What do they have against having sex out on the boat. God, they really do want to ban everything that’s fun.

  • Mr_V4

    If a big crack opens up old rat face can put his front teeth in there. Should hold it open for a while.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Scare mongering bastards. Thats all they are good for or not.