Poor buggers, having to exploit a back door loop hole

A gay couple in Pennsylvania have had to resort to all sorts of legal trickery in estate planning because their state doesn’t recognise same-sex marriage. Poor buggers…this is just sad when you think about it.

A man in Pennsylvania has adopted his partner of 44 years to circumvent high property taxes that would be imposed on either of the men if the other dies.

John, 65, and his partner Gregory*, 75, made the decision to become father and son to avoid a 15 per cent tax on any property and assets willed to one if the other should die – a much higher tax than married spouses or family members are required to pay.

The state of Pennsylvania, where the men reside, recognizes marriage as being only between a man and a woman and has no provision for civil unions at this time.

‘If we just live together and Gregory willed me his assets and property and anything else, I would be liable for a 15 per cent tax on the value of the estate,’ John told ABC News. ‘By adoption, that decreases to 4 per cent. It’s a huge difference.’

It was decided that John, the younger of the couple, should be the adoptive father, since Gregory’s father is still alive at 95.

‘I had panic attacks about a sibling swooping down if Gregory predeceased me,’ John said. ‘A couple of siblings are homophobic and I thought, “We better get our ducks in a row.”‘

The couple began putting their affairs in order.

‘I made all my end-of-life arrangements,’ said John. ‘I want to be cremated. With my Irish-Italian family, there would have been a four-day viewing and a Catholic mass and I don’t want to put Gregory through that.’

In the absence of hope that Pennsylvania would legalize gay marriage in their lifetime, John and Gregory took the decision to adopt to protect themselves from high taxes.

‘We didn’t have the confidence that same-sex marriage would ever be approved in the Commonwealth [of Pennsylvania],’ John told ABC News.

*Gregory’s first name has been changed; surnames not given


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  • sniff the speckled ring

    Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a more sinister reason for this. Perhaps they were roleplaying that case in the news were the gay man adopts a boy to use as his sex toy.

  • Andrei

    Hey ho the usual crap from the whiny brigades.

    The problem is the overly complicated tax codes in the USA not that that two elderly pansies are unable “marry” each other.

    Theater to fool the stupid

  • Saccharomyces

    Wow, so now they can be done for incest?

  • Andy C

    Backdoor & buggers. Only 2? You normally cram in more than that WO.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Very punny headline Cam…..

    • Missionary


  • motorizer

    their love for their state is greater than their love for each other. they should have boycotted and left town. Win win.

    • Rangi

      and had their properties taxed to buggery on the way out….

  • Elitist Tory

    Interesting how the people of Pennsylvania are happy to take tax dollars from gay people but will never grant them the same rights as everyone else.
    A modern equivalent of the theft of Jewish artworks and gold by the Nazis, in my opinion.
    Same sort of thing happens in New Zealand where legions of homophobes who opposed gay marriage are happy to get pensions, healthcare, roads, schools etc paid for with gay tax dollars.
    …. it seems that ‘freedom’ only applies to people we like.

    • Andrei

      Don’t be stupid these characters have exactly the same “rights” as everybody else and they are perfectly free to do with each other whatever takes their fancy and nobody gives a damn or cares less

      You are obviously a mug who falls for any line of bullshit

      • Elitist Tory

        They do not have the right to get married, therefore you are talking rubbish. How silly.

        • Andrei

          No – nobody has the “right” to get married. It is something that you may do if you have attained adulthood and you can find an eligible partner who agrees to undertake this with you.


        • Missionary

          Is that the same as the right to have kids?

        • cows4me

          How strange I never knew marriage is a right. Boy the lunatic left have done a number on you.

          • Hazards001

            It’s a right I’m perfectly happy to forego.

      • Andy C

        The article says that they will be economically disadvantaged compared to other couples, and that there is no ability for them to get onto the same playing field as they cannot get married. You are just trying to be tricky with words to make some other crappy point.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Back door loop hole? That is some kind of euphemism, surely? Can’t be as bad as a Somali dump-truck, a glass bottom boat or a donkey punch, so my sensibilities are immune to any shock I might get by deciphering the meaning…

  • Hazards001

    Hello..poofter post…must have taken an 11% drop.

  • blairmulholland

    This is a tax problem, not a gay marriage problem. Disgusting that the state taxes estates, and overrides the Will of the deceased.