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Actually this isn’t a post about a cat in a tree, but one almost as bad. Stuff reports that a man was ticking off buying a Harley-Davidson from his bucket list and kicked the bucket….oh and check out Stuff’s image caption.


A man who waited nearly 40 years to buy a motorcycle has died in a crash just five kilometres after picking it up.

For 38 years Barry’s wife, Pam, had resisted his desire to buy a motorcycle, always saying they were too dangerous.

But, as the Wyoming Star-Tribune reports, Pam recently relented.

”It’s on my bucket list,” the Star-Tribune reported he had kept telling her.   

When she relented, she told him he would riding alone.

Barry decided on a 2013 Harley-Davidson which he had told Pam was “frill free”.

On June 27 the couple went to the dealership together, but then split up to meet again later a local casino, after Barry had taken the machine for a ride around the city.

The Star-Tribune reported there was time for a quick photo and Facebook posting with the caption, “44 years finally got one”.

Barry failed to arrive at their arranged rendezvous. He was killed just five kilometres away from the bike shop on Highway 789 when he fell off his machine and ended up under a truck and trailer unit with his helmet found 10 metres away.

Pam told the paper she had no anger or resentment at the cruel irony of the situation.

“It was something he wanted his whole life,” Pam said. ”It’s like my son said, ‘Dad went out with the biggest smile on his face’.”


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  • LabTested

    I think about this every time I am passing an 18 wheeler on the bike, or going through an intersection.

    But I am assuming it will be quick & I will be just be another bit of road kill.

    but beats dying of old age in a dementia home

    anyway….. (warning possible fatal crashes).


  • Allan

    Best advice I was given when learning to ride, everybody comes off (or goes for a flying lesson) eventually! this poor bugger just happened to come off sooner – though I would suspect that he didn’t have a heck of a lot of training before getting on that heavy boat anchor

  • snakebit

    Having been in a motorcycle crash I can tell you one thing for sure….he didnt die with a smile on his face…..there’s plenty of time for screaming before you hit.