Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON – Week 8

Still some people MIA, like Shearer, I suppose.  But some good results from those reporting in!  This is Week 8 of the Produce Delivered BLUBBERGEDDON weight loss challenge.








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Cam Slater is enjoying Produce Delivered fresh fruit and vegetables every week while the Blubbergeddon challenge is on.  Lucky bastard.





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  • LabTested

    Not that i’m following this, but it looks like you just entered people in your table randomly (or in the order that they joined) This means that there is a total disconnect between your graph & the legend. eg John (starting at a whopping 127kg) is the top line in your graph, but the bottom dot in your legend. Someone like Donovan (who clearly needs a feed) is the bottom line in the graph, but a middle dot of your legend.

    I think your data table needs to be sorted by starting weight. So all (****) people are at the top & less **** people at the bottom. Then lines & dots will be easier to match and so it will be easier to ignore this and move on to the next post