Put your hand up if you are sick of “awareness raising”

We have seen it all…last weekend there were twerps sleeping out for a night under stars on the pretence of “raising awareness” of homelessness.

Pathetic liberal hand-wringers mostly…including Jacinda Ardern sleeping “rough” in a Panda Onesie! Raising awareness? Pah! More like assuaging liberal guilt. She is just taking the piss…waiting for the Man Ban to take effect. Seriously who was advising her?

"Raising Awareness" in a onesie?

“Raising Awareness” in a onesie?

I learned about sleeping rough as a kid by going tramping, not wearing a panda onesie.

Anyway I’m sick of these sorts of campaigns, seems others are too:

Campaigns designed to raise awareness are as much about advertising the status of the campaigners as they are about changing the outlook of a target audience. For example, advocates of breastfeeding produce literature that affirms the virtuous nature of their own lifestyles while also inviting those who have not seen the light to become aware. The very term ‘raising awareness’ involves drawing a distinction between those who are enlightened, who are aware of something, and those who are not. It draws attention to the fundamental contrast between those who know and those who are ignorant, between the morally superior and the morally inferior. So someone who allows his children to eat junk food is not only unaware and ignorant; he’s also morally questionable.

Awareness-raising campaigns impute to their advocates the values of intelligence, sensitivity, broadmindedness, sophistication and enlightenment. For that reason, the mission of raising awareness has become a key cultural resource for those who want to distinguish themselves from others. Awareness-raisers are invariably drawn towards inflating the behavioural and cultural distinctions between themselves and the rest of society; they are preoccupied with constructing a lifestyle that contrasts as sharply as possible to the lifestyles of their moral inferiors. What is really important about their lifestyles is not so much the values they exhort, but that they are different, in every detail, from the lives led by obese, junk-food eating, gas-guzzling, xenophobic and fundamentalist consumers of the tabloid press and junk culture.

Sociologically speaking, the act of raising awareness is really a claim for moral respect, and more importantly moral authority. The possession of awareness is a marker of superiority – and the absence of awareness is taken as a sign of inferiority. Those who refuse to ‘be aware’ are frequently morally condemned. Outwardly, awareness-raisers eschew the language of morality. They insist that they’re just providing information to help people make an informed choice. They say they are not in the business of judging others; they only want to support ‘the vulnerable’. In truth, when it comes to preaching, these awareness entrepreneurs are in a class of their own. They may use the rhetoric of non-judgmentalism, but they have no inhibitions about telling parents how to bring up their children or instructing citizens on how to behave and what food we should consume.


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  • Tom

    I’m just disappointed that I missed the Grey Lynn Panda Cull..

  • tarkwin

    Pity they didn’t get urinated on and robbed by those nice homeless people.

  • metalnwood

    I like people who can take the piss out of themselves. She should have worn a horse suit.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Don’t mind awareness campaigns on factual and educational stuffs, like prostate cancer etc.., but social issues like homelessness and child poverty involving politicians and celebrities is cringe worthy.

    • Reason1

      Could not agree more, These campaigns are about how these morally superior beings feel about themselves. None of them would go and offer the homeless a meal and bed for the night or go into a shelter and clean the urine stained beds. But appearing in a media campaign strokes their egos and sense of moral superiority. Ardern is all about being on camera, she is in a party of bush pigs so I guess it is natural she is their poster girl. I bet the feral women in the Labour Party hate her.

    • spiker

      Where do the Greens get their figures on child poverty? New Zealand does not have a statistical poverty index. None of the global information collating agencies, such as the UN and World Bank, have any data on poverty from the New Zealand government and they say so. I am not saying it doesn’t exist but I am sure it is not to the extent the Greens say. Besides, what’s the baseline for child poverty. Parents can’t afford a scooter. Or, parents can’t afford to feed a kid after they have bought a scooter? I don’t mean to be sarcastic but – what are the ACTUAL FACTS?

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I’m aware of the buggers each time my nostrils are assaulted by the smell of stale urine. I don’t need air-heads reminding me.

  • That’s one happy-looking homeless person.

    Jacinda– “Ooo such fun times. Take another picture of me!

    “I’m having a wonderful adventure and at the same time I come across as a Lefty-Liberal who really CARES…..”

    • GazzW

      Spot on Rajiv. The day I get to see Jacinda spending the weekend at the City Mission’s detox unit cleaning up vomit and getting delirious street people out of their urine-stained clothing is the day I will start taking her photo ops seriously.

      Who the fuck plans labours photo ops?

      • andrew carrot

        That person also forgot to air-brush out the second $600 Kathmandu sleeping bag. Sweetums would have endured a rough night without it.

        • GazzW

          And I’ll bet that the $600 Kathmandu sleeping bag is being professionally laundered on the taxpayer as we speak.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    I’d just like to make you aware that I’m a good person because……see, that’s me! Yeah Jacinda, but what do you actually stand for re ‘homelessness’ (now there’s a debatable term) in Auckland? Do you want to encourage ‘bums’ in the centre city or discourage them?

  • Bunswalla

    I think Catherine Tate takes the piss out of them the best…

  • spollyike

    Not if it’s “The Pakeha Party” style of awareness raising…

  • cows4me

    These socialist, liberal, progressive twits, or whatever they call themselves today believe their sole purpose is to save us from ourselves. Hay enough already I don’t wish to be saved.

  • Lion_ess

    If only Metiria Turei wore the Panda Suit, Jacinda in a Mr Ed Costume and Gareth in his Chicken Suit – Animal Farm anyone? I wonder if this is what George Orwell had in mind …
    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

  • MrAuz1989

    If some halitosis ridden brickpress nicks her last malt whiskey, watch her smile vanish faster than David Shearer.

  • MarcWills

    This article accurately describes the Greenpeace and Occupy losers – a certain Ms Lawless comes to mind.

  • In partial defence of Jacinda Ardern (boy; saying that grates!), she wore the onesie after a challenge to sponsors to front up with a certain amount if dosh.

  • In Vino Veritas

    A mate and I slept in the back of a Ford station wagon on the Gold Coast one night in the very early eighties. We were arrested for being vagrants!

    It appears that Jacinda didn’t forget the makeup before “roughing” it.

    • andrew carrot

      or the sheet of cardboard placed between her and the ‘toxic’ seat

  • GregM

    Every bloody week it’s something else, I’m sick of it. Most of the stuff they are “raising awareness” of, I don’t give a shit about anyway.

  • Alan Borthwick

    Did not one person in the media call her out on this blatantly obvious stunt? she is clearly mugging for the media. if she wants to live like a homeless person for a night, swap clothes and let the homeless person live at her house.

  • Phil

    Being a vagrant and homeless should be a crime and these people should be locked up – not pandered too.

    Prison can provide the help (cold turkey) they require and they should not be released until they are clean.

  • WayneO

    As I see it raising awareness basically means seeing how many likes you get on facebook. It goes something like this:

    1) Find a cause
    2) Post a picture on facebook
    3) Obtain some “likes” on said photo
    4) Magic fairies do something
    5) Achieve world peace

  • spiker

    It’s all condescending stuff. Mind you, lack of awareness is back of a lot of accidents in New Zealand, or anywhere in the world for that matter. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of accidents are caused by people who cannot foresee the risks involved in their activities or who are oblivious to their environment. Water safety is a classic example. Hunting accidents are another. Raising awareness is a favorite trick of the Greens, more like creating alarm and panic so as create a weak society that is easily controlled.

  • Jonathan Pull

    And heres WO on his high horse digging a people.parties highlighting a social issue yet its perfectly ok for him to do the very same not a week ago.
    Your sick of awareness campaigns yet you run many of them yourself.
    The Labour’s new direction updates every day keeping people “aware” your fixation with the man ban.
    You seem to be selectively sick of what bears no benefit for you or your page hits (which yes I contribute to, blah blah)

    • WayneO

      This is an opinion blog, not an impartial news agency. Nobody says it’s not selective.

      Also, your grammar and spelling is just awful. Are you a teacher?

      • Harvey Wilson

        He even spelt his surname wrong.

      • Jonathan Pull

        Can’t disagree with you on either point.Although scorning someone for doing something like it’s the devils own work and then doing so yourself is pretty bad.
        And thank god I’m not a teacher, my grasp of punctuation and spelling at times is horrible, doesn’t mean the message can’t be conveyed.

  • Mallard the duck

    Raise awareness….me senses there is a catch in there…it means Labour will be raising taxes to raise the awareness of homeless so that the taxpayers can pay towards giving “free” housing to the homeless….also free lunch…hooray….I think I will open another TUI…

  • DLNZ

    Its total madness that millions of stupid people in the US (and around the world) were outraged by the KONY2012 “campaign”, yet child abuse in the US kills more children EVERY year than he did in 20 years.

  • MrAuz1989

    So if Duck says he’s “going for a tramp”, is this what he means?

  • Bad__Cat

    At least she should be safe, wearing the high reflective hood and teeth.

  • Rodger T

    Oh ,the horror,I suppose she had to drink her chardonnay out of a plastic cup too.