Random Impertinent Questions for Greenpeace

Further to my earlier post about Greenpeace’s massive billboard promoting name recognition for Simon Bridges I have some questions for them.

  1. What ‘material‘ is the poster/billboard made out of?
  2. If not then where does the raw product for the billboard material come from?
  3. Did you know that the raw product is banned in the US, is toxic (especially by inhalation due to its high vapour pressure), highly flammable, and carcinogenic. Its high solubility and 50-year half-life in anoxic aquifers make it a perennial pollutant and health risk that is very expensive to treat conventionally and when has been released into homes at levels high enough to produce cancer risk?
  4. What is the manufacturing process used to create the material?
  5. Is that material biodegradable?
  6. Did you investigate the use of biodegradable billboard skins? 
  7. Simon Bridges' hot pants?

    Simon Bridges’ hot pants?

    Did you know they are still made from PVC?

  8. Can you prove that you did…show us the invoice?
  9. How is the material disposed of? And if it’s sent to a recycler how does Greenpeace ensure that their product is recycled?
  10. What colour process/dyes are used in the process of printing?
  11. How are those ‘dyes’ created?
  12. When you cam up with the #pantsonfire idea were you talking about pants made out of the same product as your billboard?
  13. Why did you launch the billboard on the same day you announced you ship more of your donations offshore than you spend in NZ?
  14. Are you complete hypocrites?

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  • Mickrodge

    Did I just see questions 1-14 bounce back awkwardly off the shield of sanctimony?

    Greenpeace…do as I say not as I do since 1972

    • Andy

      Not quite. According to Patrick Moore, who was one of the founding members, they were Ok until around the mid-eighties when they became overrun by “neo-marxists” (his words) who had an “increasingly irrational agenda” that was “anti-science, anti-intellectual and ultimately anti-human”

      (I just love quoting from “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout!)

  • PlanetOrphan

    You know a lot about the environemtnal hazards Cameron
    Greeny in a past life M8? ;-)

    • motorizer

      most people know (and care) more about planet earth than your average feel good hippie greepiece part time political follower. after all it is only a disguise for their socialist agenda…. as im sure everyone know…

  • Whanga_Cynic

    Only one answer to Q14!!!

  • Jmac


  • Richard

    One more question. Would the media accept a large poster funded by Exclusive Brethren attacking a Labour MP ? What’s the difference between Greenpeace colluding with the Greens, and the EB / Brasch episode ? Did Greenpeace meet with the Greens to discuss their campaign. When ? Where ? Who attended ?

  • Dave

    Excellent exposure Cam. NZ await Greenpeace’s apology, after they have cleaned the organic egg from their face.