Richard Harman questions Shearer’s leadership

Richard Harman, the producer of The Nation doesn’t hold back in exposing the lack of leadership in Labour.

Make no mistake this “Man Ban” furore has raised potentially fatal questions about David Shearer’s leadership of the Labour Party.

Here at “The Nation” last week we got a front row view of just how dysfunctional the Shearer leadership machine is.

First up, it is mind boggling that it was left to Cameron Slater and his “Whaleoil” blog to reveal that the party was proposing to allow women-only  candidate selections as part of a bid to evenly balance its gender representation by 2017.

This proposal is part of the party’s Organisational Review which began work last year.

Its proposals have already surfaced at a national conference; at local LECs and at regional conferences.

They then went to the party’s Policy Council.

Either Mr Shearer is so out of touch with what is happening inside his own party or alternatively — as one Labour source suggested to me over the weekend – he simply wasn’t listening.  

But nor, apparently, were the rest of the caucus.

Or, and this is important, Mr Shearer’s media advisors.

On Friday, the chief press secretary was on a day off.

That about sums it up.

Such is the lack of urgency in the Leader of the Opposition’s office that his staff work appear to work public service hours.

Plainly no one in that office  — and this particularly  means Mr Shearer — thought on Friday that the political crap had hit the fan.

Labour didn’t see this coming and still doesn’t fully understand the implications of what they have done.

Helen Clark would never have let this happen on her watch, she was far more astute and more importantly far more in control of her party than David Shearer will ever be.

I’m afraid he is terminal…this is the final straw and the resulting drop in the polls that is imminent will finish him off.


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  • maninblack

    The labour party is rooted. I cannot wait for the next poll.

  • steve and monique

    RIP(rooted in politics) Labour.

  • I see that Labour is now being called the Labia Party in some quarters. They have only themselves to blame for all the mocking that is going on.

    • blokeintakapuna

      It doesn’t help their cause that the males don’t have a sack either…

  • Jimmie

    What a joke. After losing two elections, having mediocre leadership, political threats from both left and right, membership number going through the floor, a caucus and party membership at logger heads with each other and all they could come up with to turn it all around was to put in place a gender quota.

    I mean who completed this organisational review? A complete moron or three?

    Beggars belief.

  • jv

    The inference from Richard Harman’s commentary is that if David Shearer cobbled together a Government he would be lead by the nose by the unions, the Party and the wimmins caucus, the Greens and Winston. Neither he nor his male caucus colleagues (of whatever persuasion) would have a clue what was going on.
    Very very scary and mindboggling indeed that this time we’ve had to rely on Whale Oil

  • AnonWgtn

    Helen will be back in New Zealand in August on a lecture tour .
    She is talking on her role in UN – (not to mention one of the most corrupt organisations in the world).
    She will sort the buggers out with Robertson then.
    Probably one of the worse Deputies ever, continuously undermining his Leader from within.

  • Whafe

    Skills and Knowledge is transferable, LEADERSHIP is not….. Liabour, you are paying the pricve for your idiotic organisation that is nothing more than a chook running around the coop with it’s head cut off…..
    The Labia Party name gives Labia a bad name, Labia is useful, the Liabour Party are not, you are still the Liabour Party

  • flashman

    The genie’s already out of the bottle with the Man Ban. Even if it’s not official policy, the question will be asked about any new female candidate. Bad management – Labour leadership should never have allowed it to get as far as it did, if it wasn’t going to be supported.

  • parorchestia

    Labour should be an easy sell – rob the rich and give to us, the poor. So why the low polls?

    It was similar message that got Mao into power, though he meant rob everyone to give to him. The Chinese haven’t woken up to the con yet.