Rodney Hide still battling the dodgy ratbags at the Meatworkers Union

The dodgy Meatworkers Union has finally filed their accounts, and as Rodney Hide finds they are still dodgy.

I fear the registrar of Incorporated Societies is getting sick of me. I have had to write to him again.

Regular readers will recall Neville Harris and I have had quite the correspondence over the past year. The issue is the New Zealand Meatworkers’ Union not filing its branch accounts as required by law.

The union has been getting away with just filing head office accounts when all the financial action is in the branches.

Anyway, Mr Harris got on their case and after much to-ing and fro-ing the union filed consolidated accounts as required. All to the good. But then I decided to take a look.

Sacré bleu! Still not right. The accounts are so qualified that we can’t take much from them. There certainly are apparent irregularities. 

Member should be concerned about the flagrant breaches of accounting practice going on at the Meatworkers. Why they are still a registered union is beyond me. Same goes for Unite union which still hasn’t filed years worth of accounts.

 I consulted with high-powered accounting types. They were horrified by the accounts. I talked to legal beagles. Nope. The Meatworkers’ Union accounts still don’t comply.

The law requires, among other things, that “Every [incorporated] society shall deliver annually to the Registrar, in such form and at such time as he requires, a statement containing the … income and expenditure of the society during the society’s last financial year”.

That’s straightforward enough. Especially now that we have established that union accounts must include branches.

But what do we find? The accounts are all qualified, and to such an extent they are meaningless.

Wait till you hear about their poor recording of cash.

First, the auditor qualifies each year from 2005-11, declaring “control over cash receipts prior to being recorded is limited and there are no practical audit procedures to determine the effect of this limited control”.

But what cash receipts are we talking about?

The receipts of the society include members’ subscriptions income, interest income, rental income and sundry income.

With the exception of sundry income, the auditor should have been able to obtain appropriate information over the completeness of the first three categories. The failure to do so means the union has failed to provide a statement of the union’s income and expenditure as required.

Still more to come…

The auditor’s report on the financial statements for the years 2006-10 is qualified because “the Otago Southland branch auditors have not been able to locate their audit files”. The same qualification is made for the same reason for the Aotearoa branch in 2007.

The 2009 audit report contains a qualification that the auditor was unable to find any records or evidence supporting the dissolution and distribution of Waitotara sub-banch funds back to its membership.

My high-powered counters of beans opined politely: “It is an unusual set of circumstances that would give rise to neither the branches themselves nor their auditor having any records that could have been used by the auditor for the purposes of auditing the union.” Indeed.

The unions and their Labour pals like to talk about shonky deals…well they should look rather closely at the shonky deals and book-keeping going on inside our unions. This is members money we are talking about.

While Helen Kelly is trotting around the countryside organising major union opposition to minor law changes by National perhaps she could also sort out the dodgy unions and their dodgy accounts.

I think if we had a proper regulatory authority like an Independent Commission Against Corruption like they have in Australia we might well see the NZ version of union and ALP scams appearing here. Currently it seems the light hand of union regulation is producing some pretty dodgy behaviour.


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  • Dave

    This really needs to be pointed out by one of the MAIN repeaters, presenters, why isn’t the little Pinko Campbell shouting from the roof tops, and asking the union, Kelly, little and co why one of their affiliated unions is Ripping off their workers and where the money has gone.

    If this was a school PTA a national party candidate or similar, the likes of McCarten, Campbell and many more would be all over it for months. Nope, not a union, they can do whatever they like.

    PLease keep the sunlight pouring into those mirky corners WO.

    • Michael

      McCarten worrying about financial accountability – don’t make me laugh. Where did the Unite Union employee tax payments go?

      • Dave

        That was part of my Point, McCarten is the biggest union / Labour flunky / hypocrite in the country, yet he would complain if anyone remotely associated with the right picked up a 2cent coin on the footpath. The guy should be sent to siberia to cover the coldest and most remote areas, naked!

  • Col

    So some of or most of them will be jumping ship, after filling there pockets and doing dirty deals. WATCH THIS SPACE.

  • thor42

    Was Andrew Little ever connected with the Meatworkers union? Which union was he with?

    • guest

      EMPU. There is two things that won’t go in his favor ever. “employers are the only parasite”. He will never get the business vote. He will also raise taxes of anyone earning over $100k to sixty cents in the dollar. Capital gains tax will be set at 15% on daily homes.
      All business will be unionized and compulsory union fees will be paid by business.
      Add into ACC tax being raised. Union leadership vote for leader will be raised to 40% and list MPs must be union background.
      NZ will be not allowed to trade with USA. People will not have overseas visas for any longer than six months.
      Media will not be allowed to report on any matters and will be vetoed by a national journalist agency set up.
      The prime minister role will be changed to president and he will ordain himself as president by government decree.
      Police will be fully funded as a president police force and there will be random jailing of any dissidents.
      Businesses will be closed down and replaced with government agencies.

      Private schools will be closed.

      And you think I am joking

      • AngryTory

        Only 60c?? Even Hellen did that!

        More like 90c, and say 120c for every dollar over $150k

        Like I keep saying: the mere presence of a “Labour” party is incompatible with NZ being a modern democracy.

  • AngryTory

    Deregister the criminal conspiracy, jail the fucks, revoke all civil rights from all members & ex-members.

    Just goes to show how badly NZ needs an anti-corruption commission to help rid NZ of unions, the Labour & Green parties, and other anti-capitalist terrorist conspiracies.