Royal Baby brings out the nastiness

The arrival of the royal baby has brought out some real nastiness.

Like that of Seven Sharp producer Mauricio Oldmedo-Perez:

That tweet was favourited by Jenna Ward who thinks that despite plastering her Twitter profile with her employers details that her tweets are her own:


Of course the Green Taliban get in on the act as well;

Not to mention Home Brew who posted this tweet that Toad re-tweeted;

Labour flunky Jackson James Woods didn;t miss out, neither did Martyn Bradbury who re-tweeted this;

Matt Nippert lectures his boss about what should or should not be on the front page of the DomPost;


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  • Muffin

    Well I’ve never watched seven sharp. Looks like rubbish, now understand why.

    • andrew carrot

      Mauricio regards the following (part) comment by a BBC journalist as “great stuff”:

      “‘True Journalism’ has never been so valuable. We still need the Ernie Pyles on the scene, taking their time to find the defining detail. But we also need a new category of reporter, responsible for finding the hidden signal in the noise. We desperately need skilled professionals who can turn isolated units of social content into compelling stories, who can shape the narrative emerging out of the cacophony of conversation flowing through the social web.”

      Ahh well, if “true journalism” is his professional mantra, then I suppose it explains why Seven Sharp aims for “compelling” rather than accurate stories. Pahh with “defining detail”, it’s not a priority.

      Edit: It also explains why the MSM gets most of its stories from the social web!

  • GaynorB

    I guess all the above think that their comments make them look clever?
    Seems to do the opposite , I guess it is always possible that they were never clever in the first place….Nasty comments and brand new babies don’t go together! Labour voters is my guess.

  • tarkwin

    I only watch Seven Sharp because I can’t stand Campbell. What possessed that idiot producer to write something so stupid? Fuck off Mauricio, you’re nothing but a snivelling socialist wanker who doesn’t know when to keep Your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself. How many viewers and advertisers do you think this outburst will cost? I hope you end up on the dole queue where you belong.

    • Nechtan

      Matt Nippert may well need reminding from his boss, thats its news that sells newspapers.

      • Dave

        How the hell does the horrid survive then?

        • Nechtan

          One of the eternal mysteries as I’m buggered if I know.

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          Cotton buds who are impressed by shysters in Armani suits put their life savings into these ventures and expect them to compound in perpetuity. Simple as that. I can think of no alternative plausible account for this bizarre phenomena.

      • andrew carrot

        Apparently his comments don’t align with those of his bosses, if the extravagant front page of this mornings Horrid is anything to go by.

    • sheppy

      Get a Hard Disk recorder, then you can watch something of your choice at the same time and skip past the nauseating adverts.
      We gave up on Communism Live and the alternatives ages ago once we realised how biased they are!

      • Agent BallSack

        I can’t stand Campbell and cant bring myself to watch the tripe that is TV1s version of Lite News at 7. Choice has the best programming on FTA TV atm.

        • sheppy

          Yep a few good things on there atm

      • CheesyEarWax

        I also gave up Dear Leader Live ages ago as well. I watch seven sharp for the articles that is Alison Mau.

      • Ratchet

        TV3’s programming is 90% shite anyways, 7 Days just happens to be right at the bottom of the barrel. Don’t bother turning on the telly until at least half 8, if at all, and then it’s often to catch up on the not quite as shite programming using TVNZ direct. God bless smart TVs.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Just gobsmacked at their arrogance of their own importance!

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      There needs to be a poll of journalists perhaps asking how many of them grew up as middle-class only-children. From my experience first hand with people who are vain and egotistical, they are almost always an only-child.
      Not that being an only child makes you this way: it is a necessary condition but not a sufficient one.

  • Nechtan

    Some of the same bitterness and plain nastiness that celebrated Maggie Thatchers death. I’m neither here nor there by the latest additional to Royal family, but I can’t understand why anyone would put the boot in (especially in what is essentially public). Does it make them feel better about themselves?

    • tarkwin

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m no royalist but I see this as something good we can all be happy about. Won’t do the English economy any harm either. I often wonder about people who can only see the bad side of something. Is it a socialist trait? Maybe you could call it Darien syndrome.

  • richard.b

    There are some things that make people happy or smile that give a little boost to the economy. Feel good stories like an All Black Test win for example.
    This is one of those. There will be people (10% 20% 50%? of the population) who will be happy around the water cooler this morning. I would have thought that would be a good thing.
    Why do some enjoy raining on others parades?

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      Tall poppy Syndrome again? Every chance you can get. kick someone further up the ladder than you, in the false belief that it will increase your own ranking. But really I suspect it comes from own personal inadequacies.

    • Beats me – probably cause their own up bringing what absolute shite and buggered.

      As you said (and I said in FB as well)

      To all the publicly declared haters and I don’t carers out there.

      The saying goes we don’t care about you either then. Let the world (and if then an Empire) enjoy a euphoric moment for a few seconds in this brutal world.

      If all we do was focus on the mundane and the misery we would all go screaming mad and self destruct. So take a moment, sip your drink of choice, raise the glass/cup and a smile, think euphoric thoughts to lift the spirit – then go back to whatever you crap were doing.

      The world needs happiness and happiness does boost economic productivity

      Seems some are not even capable of that

    • Chiefsfan73

      Rhetorical question me thinks.

  • Super_Guest

    Attack a baby? Classy.

    • Betty Swallocks

      Oh come on, you know it’s a national sport in this country!!

      • johnbronkhorst

        NO…it’s a labour/greens sport!!

      • Whanga_Cynic

        Not in my culture.

        • Betty Swallocks

          Irrelevant. Rugby isn’t a national sport in my ‘culture’ but coming from NZ I’m saddled with it being regarded as such, if you want an analogy.

  • Phar Lap

    Seven Sharp watched the three losers last night making fun of the earthquake in Seddon.Wonder how the people in that town felt about it.

  • Dave

    Whilst I am not a fan or follower of the Royal Family, these idiots are taking the piss out of an innocent little baby. The little chap can not help it he was born into royalty, and some F…wit is already suggesting his organs be harvested.

    To the idiot Perez, you call yourself a Journalist, perhaps a produce, you need to think about what you are saying.

    Best plan is to leave the poor little chap alone, his entire life will be played out like a soap opera, everything he does and touches will be for the world to see. Perhaps the media should follow the likes of Perez and Ward around for a month 24/7 to see how they like it.

  • Kiwikea

    What’s Seven Sharp? Did I read the Homebrew tweet wrong, thought they were talking about their “music”.

    • In Vino Veritas

      You are drawing a long bow to say Homebrew make music. If it were paper, it would only be good for wiping ones arse. Dropkicks who somehow get to breathe the same air that I do, all of them.

  • GregM

    It’s a little bit of good news. Something the MSM has no idea how to deal with. C**ts.

  • Agent BallSack

    Some people are so inherently miserable they can’t see the good side of anything. Looks like about 6 of those people just outed themselves.

  • Bart

    Just a thought, and a relevant one today. Who is more suited to wielding the ultimate reigns of power? A presidential figure is subject to the whims of whatever power bloc happens to be in favour at the time, assailed from all sides by lobby groups and people with their own agenda to advance. Although elected by the people, per se, the distance between the populace and the president is so vast, that the only access is via a myriad of personnel who are either in a place due to some sort of connection aligned with some ability, or some influence gleaned from wealth.

    A monarch, on the other hand, is selected from birth, educated and trained in his or her role, and, as is the case in our current monarch, posessed of a strong sense of duty. It is a leadership that is more delegated than desired, and as such may be of more value, as long as it is provided with sufficient checks and balances. A Constitutional Monarchy such as ours may be the final safeguard between maintaining our freedoms.

    • tarkwin

      I’d rather have King Dwayne than President Helen.

      • Dave

        But, I am sure President Helen had a much deeper voice and bigger balls!!

    • James

      You forget the other issue – a monarch costs a lot less than a president. The cost of POTUS is greater than the combined costs of all the Royal Families in Europe.

      • Mediaan

        Quite right. And, to us, the cost of a monarch is very little indeed.

    • LabTested

      This country is too f**ked up with Treaty of I Want It shit to even go anywhere near changing to a presidential system

    • flashman

      Yes the whole thing about the Royals owning all the property in the country is bollocks too. Prince Charles isn’t about to sell Cornwall to the highest bidder. The Queen as head of state does “own” it, but in reality she has no more control over it than a President would have. And the Royal estate provides a lot of jobs. OK a hereditary monarchy is morally indefensible, but looking around the world at many Presidential candidates, even in developed countries, Republics don’t have all the answers either. President Shearer anyone?

  • Quintin Hogg

    I don’t watch Seven Sharp, listen to radio live or Homebrew and I don’t see that changing in the future.
    What utter dickheads they are.

  • jedmo

    Nasty viewpoints these people have…glad it’s been outed…also while I’m in a crapulous mood.. why does the elocution of all Green MPs grate? They speak impeccable top school / university precise enunciation, while claiming to represent the hard-up and underdog..patronising and hypocritical…only the comfortably brought up middle class kids that they seem to be, can afford the luxury of promoting pie-in-the-sky sustainability waffle, over the basics of jobs…food on the table…that’s my rant, taa

  • Tom Sawyer

    I am not a Loyalist but Perez`s Facebook posting identifies him as totally unsuitable to produce anything on mainstream TV but he would fit in on TV 3`s anti Government Campbell show. His comments would get him a standing ovation at a Green Party convention.

  • rockape

    I never worry about these dickheads. They lead heir lives filled with their own view of their own importance. Looking over their shoulder and waiting for the person, a bit younger,a bit better looking who is going to replace them and consign them to their future as an Ex personality, They dont have the brains to be proper reporters thats evident from the fluff they produce, So off to the dole queue soon for the lot of them. What a sad insecure temporary life they lead.

  • Rusty B

    What a prick Perez. Seven Sharp is blunt too Dickhead!

  • surfisup

    Actually, I agree with the sentiments (although not the crudeness) of one of the comments, in that I don’t really care one way or another about the baby.

    It all seems a bit outdated to have inherited titles. I prefer the USA model, where success is more about ones efforts than ones parents.

    • Anonymouse Coward

      “I prefer the USA model, where success is more about ones efforts than ones parents.”

      You mean like George Bush?

      The days of someone born in a log cabin rising to the Presidency are long gone. Now you have to have gone to hahvard and be one of the military-banking industrial complex or prove to them you have their back.

      Take that so called Kenyan born Muslim radical who is now the President. How many crooks from Wall Street have gone to jail on his watch?

    • rockape

      es the Kennedys another great example of dragging yourself up by your families bootstraps!

  • Jman

    Perez tweet sounds like racist stereotyping to me. I wont hold my breath tho for the race relations commissioner being called. As Hone has proven many times, white people are fair game to insult and denigrate with impunity.

    Different story tho if he had tweeted: “So another poor, neglected, underprivileged Maori kid is born. Phew thought we were running out of them for a while”.

    • “So another poor, neglected, underprivileged Maori kid is beaten to death Phew thought we were running out of news there for a while”.

      Would be more accurate…don’t you think?

      • Betty Swallocks

        I’m more inclined to feel sorry for the Royal Baby; he’s likely to have a bland, unstimulating upbringing.

        Think about it – he’s never going to get the chance to play in the clothes drier at Kensington Palace, swing on the clothes line in the back garden or even see Kate bounced off the walls on benefit night because she won’t cook a man’s mates a feed. He’s never going to spend the night in the Limo while his parents fuck off to the Casino is he? I suppose the only positive is that he’s never likely to suffer from SOCK syndrome.

        • Agent BallSack

          …..Unlike Prince Harry

          • andrew carrot

            Harry had access to the best Playstation game ever, only one his Grandmother could afford: Apache Cull – Taliban Edition III. His bro had to settle for Microsoft Flight Trainer, Basic Search and Rescue.

          • Nechtan

            Good on Harry as well. I respect him for doing it.

          • Agent BallSack

            Say what you will about Harry, he certainly takes his role seriously in the Army. He could stay at home and be protected yet he chooses to fight for his country. Got to respect that – he is more of an honourable man than most Englishman would ever dare to be.

          • Betty Swallocks

            Although Harry may well have been a SOCK, he never actually suffered from SOCK syndrome, which has a very high mortality rate.

    • Dave

      “Underprivileged” Why are they underprivileged. All babies are born naked, devoid of any knowledge, assets, or anyhting else except the ability to suckle, breath shit and cry. The rest comes from their upbringing and their PARENTS and family / whanau. Even babies born into very very poor families make it, so please, lets cut the crap that babies born into maori families are underprivileged (or more so than born into pakeha families)

      Qualification – Generalisation – not all parents are bad, not all or most maori families are bad, just the stats tell us more harm is done to kids raised in a maori family. Sorry to the reverse racists, its statistically correct in NZ.

    • HtD

      I’m not really a royalist, but the royal baby is wanted, born of committed, healthy, stable parents in a proper relationship and who have the means and skills to raise a baby. I’d rather celebrate that than NZs common opposite – shit clueless ‘parents’ in a transient ‘relationship’ no money except welfare, chips on their shoulders and making no attempt to earn or even maintain their own health.

  • Andy C

    Toad’s one isn’t too bad is it? It’s a joke against national and doesn’t appear to be insulting towards the new baby at all. Seems OK to me. The rest however…

    • I agree to a degree, but the Greens at the moment seem determined to turn everything, even the birth of a baby 12,000 miles away into an attack on National. That’s a bit odd given that the Greens values specify that they should debate issues not personalities.

  • Brendon Taylor

    This is the sort of thing that people say so their mates will applaud them for saying what they are all thinking, kind of says a lot about their mates doesn’t it. I wonder if they would feel the same way if they were the parents whose child had received this welcome to the world, In fact if I was mates with the people who say these things about new born baby’s. I would wonder what thoughts they have about my baby boy or girl, also now wondering if they would be so bold with their public rants if it was a girl I’m sure prominent feminazis would have a gang up on them on twitter.

  • Mediaan

    These people are evidently obsessed by jealousy. And it is so severe, they can’t see the terrible drawbacks in a hereditary high position. Like constant attention to duty, constant attention to appearances, and limits on what they can do in life.

    • LabTested

      I feel sorry for the kid. Think of all the fun (& stupid) things you did growing up that will be denied to this baby. Imagine never being able to experiment with life without a hundred reporters capturing every second

      • johnbronkhorst

        and every move from now, until you die, scrutinised to see if you were being a good example!

        • tarkwin

          Tried sales lately? I’d give it a short term whirl!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Funny…how I didn’t, until now, know who any of these muppets (above) were. No actual achievements of note or opinions of value. BUT I do know who the largest tourism income earner, for the UK is!!…OH that would be, both directly and indirectly, the Royal Family!
    Imagine how many people would visit the UK (especially wealthy Americans) if there were NO Royal household. If Buckingham Palace was just another old building?

  • rusty

    Bit of an arsehole comment. However on a brighter not one wag tweeted that the Australian cricketers had asked for a referral to check if it was really out. Thats funny.

  • rightoverlabour

    Anyway the WO army could make this cunt’s life miserable for a while.? I have no knowledge of the workings of twitter, but could we not subscibe him to some necrophiliac website or something equally nasty? Him and that tart Jenna…

  • Dr Wang

    Mauricio OlmedoPerez – yet another Hispanic/Latino who feels he has to “racially profile” an “innocent child”…except this dickhead writes it down and fires it off to show the world his bitter racism.

    Edit: George Zimmerman, relative of yours Mauricio?

  • Agent BallSack

    The sad thing is, is this baby already has his life mapped out and there will be no accepted deviation from that course. Private schools, Nannies, University followed by a non negotiable term in the Armed Forces. He will have less freedom to make his own opinions or even publicly state those opinions than these assholes up above have. The only one I have a minuscule of understanding with is Harry, who seems to be able to pull off hi-jinks and get away with it. Looking forward to seeing him explore the Arctic later this week.

    • Agent BallSack

      BTW I am going for Richard or Arthur. Been a while since England had a King Richard.

      Richard I of England or Richard the Lionheart (1157–1199)
      Richard II of England (1367–1400)
      Richard III of England (1452–1485)

      • tarkwin

        King Jimmy for sure.

      • johnbronkhorst

        King dick???…Don’t give these muppets any more ammunition.

        • Agent BallSack

          He’ll be a shoo in for support from Labour voters over here. Those that know who the hell King Dick was, anyway.

          • tarkwin

            Not many of them left.

          • Euan Ross-Taylor

            He’s being shaken in his grave as we speak.

  • Dani

    Since Mauricio likes profiling so much, well I bet he’s the typical Chilean lefty, loserish in every way

  • steve and monique

    Hey we get some good news in this world,and these above fuckers have to shit on it. Congrats Kate and Wills, Would rather hear about your new arrival,then some rag head blowing up shit.

  • rockape

    Spoillt! I was quite pleased that when I went down to the Falklands Prince Andrew was in his helicopter flying missions to decoy missiles away from the fleet. Present pPrinces have serverd in the Military. Even Old Queenie chose to drive ambulances in the Blitz when she could have snuck of to a safe place, The Royal family is brought up in a disciplined way for a lifetime of service. Prior to a Royal Visit to an RAF Station I had access to the queens schedule for the year,over 630 engagements in a year! Hardly spoilt, if I had her dosh I would be sitting on my own private island drinking G&T 24/365.

  • Michael

    If you can’t say something nice….

    Oh screw it – if they don’t want to be subjects of the royal family there are plenty of republics to fuck off to.

  • mike

    There are times i wish that there was such a thing as karma… these douche bags would be at the front of the line for a bit of restorative justice.

    I for one thing Harry is a bloody legend, didn’t have to go to Afghan but chose to be with his men because that’s his job.

    Both he and William also do a lot more for the real needy people in the world with their respective charities.

    But hey haters got to hate.

  • out2lunch

    Homebrew are nothing more than a motley crew of uninspired dole bludgers who crowd around a microphone to depart their senseless lyrics to their even more stupid fans.

  • Luke D

    God save the Queen!

  • LesleyNZ

    The birth of a baby is an everysecond-everyday miracle and a wonderful celebration. What a nasty lot the above are. I never watch 7 Sharp – now I know why, Mauricio OlmedoPerez is a member of the spoilt indulged generation. What on earth is he doing producing on TV1? To say “And another rich spoilt privileged white kid is born. Phew thought we were running out of them there for a second. ” is nasty, uncalled for, unprofessional and lacking in wisdom and shows how jealous he is of anyone who is in a better position than himself. It is also racist. TV1 should get rid of Mauricio OlmedoPerez. He has proven today that he does not have the skills for the job of producing 7 Sharp. As for Jenna Ward – well RadioLive has already gone down the tubes – no wonder! The others should be ashamed of themselves. The birth today of this little baby Prince is a happy occasion – such a shame that his grandma Princess Diana isn’t here to celebrate with the happy parents. The Queen must just be feeling elated to at last hold her little great grandson and heir to the throne.

    • tarkwin

      News flash!! The baby’s black!! (just joking).

      • andrew carrot

        Or a ginga? Harry’s like his father and full of beans…

      • johnbronkhorst

        Can’t be, Obama hasn’t claimed it yet……..OH no that would only be, if it turned out to be a criminal!

    • Orange

      They are examples of exactly the type of media people that caused the death of William’s mother Diana. They don’t care about anything other than themselves.

  • Col

    I watch the News TV 3 or TV1 and then get onto WOBW, then I don’t get Brainwashed.

  • Alman

    I know how overjoyed i was when my baby was born – clearly the above people don’t share that joy at a new born. Why be so critical when a baby and little kids are the purest, honest members of society? Their genuine love is unconditional and we all get a smile just watching them.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Royal family members are up the chain because of nepotism and living off the violence of their ancestors, socialists advance through cronyism and tenured adherence to an entrenched (and clearly absurd) ideological orthodoxy, so you’d think they’d be natural allies.

  • pukakidon

    It shows you the caliber of the scum that work in the media, ignorant bastards. That Government sponsored Seven Sharp, is a puerile pile of dog crap anyway.