Sad Face of the Day

What is it with munters who run to the media to complain about problems all of their own making.

Why the sad face?

Why the sad face?

A Nelson man who was given $880 worth of tickets on three cars in 10 minutes says it was excessive and there were other steps the council could have taken to make its point.

Kane Heal who lives on Thompson Tce, Nelson said he was issued the six tickets on three cars in 10 minutes.  

He said the tickets were issued for legitimate infringements. None of the three cars was registered, one had no warrant of fitness and one was parked the wrong way on the street.

Mr Heal said he was selling the cars and they were not being driven, which is why they were not registered.

They were on the street, unregistered and unwarranted…tough shit drop-kick.


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  • Justsayn

    Good on you Council! All of that, and he was using the street as a car sales yard…. hope he pays his tax on the income from his (little?) business.

  • shorty

    What a noob. I wouldn’t buy a used car from him.

  • richard.b

    Very efficient paking warden I say.

  • Bob

    He looks as bright as a 2W light bulb

  • Saccharomyces

    Oh dear, this guy looks like a real winner. Looks like he’s pretty much operating as a trader, so good on the council coming down on him…

    • Saccharomyces

      I love the:

      “They refused point blank to admit that it was revenue gathering or over the top.”

      Well perhaps if you weren’t using the road as your place of business, they mightn’t take such a dim view of your non-compliance with the law.

      I sure as hell wouldn’t allow the guy to appeal.

  • Kendall

    Dumbass. Want to play like an adult then man up

  • Pissedoffyouth

    looks like a dumb {^}

    But seriously, why own 3 cars if you can’t afford to keep them on the road? Or on the lawn?

  • GregM

    Looks like a member of the Kyle Chapman club. Numpty.

  • snakebit

    Yes he looks like a knob but dont praise the council too quickly. Just the other day a young man got a parking ticket for parking too close to the end of my driveway. He wasnt blocking me in and the street was very crowded (Sat morn sports). He politely came and spoke to me about it and showed me the ticket – $240.00!! Sorry but thats excessive, sure ticket him but $240.00 is over the top – the punishment needs to fit the crime.

  • Magoo

    Isn’t a car supposed to be registered and warranted when being sold? Not the smartest cookie in the batch this one, admitting to the news media his intention to break the law.