Saturday General Debate

bain and carram


This blog has been providing you the hard hitting news when it comes to Bain and Karam, and today is no different. ?We can finally reveal the true nature of their relationship. ?As you can see, their relationship has become one with a special bond, and even though Karam continues to be a strong advocate for his boyfriend client, we can really dispose of any notion that Karam can objectively represent any ‘evidence’.

As we head into two weeks of school holidays Parliamentary Recess, things should calm down a bit. ?Especially for David Shearer. ?Or will it? ?As the calm settles in around him, will the silence drive him nuts? ?Why isn’t anyone talking to him? ?Join us in two weeks, for the next episode of Survivor Labour. Can’t really really use Outwit for them as they seem bereft of any semblence of wit and have a surplus of f*ckwits and halfwits.

Any predictions on Roy Morgan? Will it match labour’s internal polling and will labour start the recess with a two in the front of their polling numbers?

Did anyone else see this from Wendyl Nissen…we have always known she was a dirty, smelly hippy…now we know, unfortunately, that she is a dirty, smelly, hairy hippy. ?

Supportive wives may wish to go Brazilian in order to please their husbands, but not this supportive wife.

I was once presented with a voucher for a Brazilian from a friend which I showed to my husband.

“If you ever want to have sex again, you’ll throw that in the bin,” he said.

I’ve never been happier to obey.


I wonder though is she hasn’t got this sudden rush to discuss her out of control minge by reading this post and this post and this post from Andrew Sullivan.

I wonder too whether she will look into vaginal bleaching next as she seems to get her ideas from other sites she may as well get it from here.