Saturday General Debate

Morning all.

I’m not going to feed you back any of the stories of the week this morning.  But I do want to take a moment to highlight the great efforts of two of our unpaid slaves interns volunteers.

First, Nick Bird.  He’s helping with the photo of the day and doing a great job with the videos after 6pm.  I’m both pleased and annoyed he seems to be picking more popular ones than I am later in the night.  If he’s not careful, he’ll get to do them all!

And then there is James Howlett.  Also popping in a 7pm video every day and getting more approbation than mine are.  Hrmmpf.  But that’s not the main thing.  His 8pm Trivia posts have kicked in a whole other gear with the new dimension of having to guess how the photo relates to one of the trivia items.  He’s been going easy on us, but is ramping it up.  As a result, the Daily Trivia post is starting to form it’s own little fan base.

So thank you Nick and James.  It is good to see that once again the total of your help is more than the sum of its parts.

You could say I’m in a bit of an odd mood.  Over the break, 3 photos that stand out in their own way.  So if nothing in the news motivates some discussion, one of those photos may do it.

On the other hand, if your day is already going well, perhaps just don’t look.

Ok, here’s the break.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Here are my reactions (see if you can match them up)  1) mother of the year, 2) grmphhdwbwwwl, 3) how does she wipe?





(Blubbergeddonites, some of you are now weeks late, time to catch up reporting in, or you’ll get dropped from the list.  Sometimes this weekend is fine, thank you)



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  • dumbshit

    1—not good when you’ve got an itchy arse
    2—pat her on the head and her pants fall off model also goldfinger when the roll on the cistern runs out
    3—result of too much forward list when standing on seat

    • Travis Poulson

      Am I the only one to notice #2 has a nice arse? Shit, forgot my wife checks the blog from time to time.

      • deanobravo

        No not the only one

  • EpochNZ

    As a Wellingtonian, I’m actually quite embarrassed about the media reporting regarding the 2 little hiccups we had yesterday. As far as I’m aware no one was injured and some stuff fell off some shelves. It wasnt enough for me to stop the phone call I was on. In the DimPost this morning there was a picture of a woman who works in a Crystal Shop. Widespread Destruction? Hardly, things just “tinkled”……

    Doesnt make sense when people are still suffering in Christchurch.

    • Allan

      Totally agree, didn’t even notice anything had happened!

  • Tom

    3- That even beats the bog in Trainspotting! Thermite wouldn’t sterilise that sucker

  • Good grief. 3pm and 4 messages in the general debate? You people are going to get me fired! :)

    • I’m considering disciplinary action

  • dogit

    A family story today. Great,

    1. It’s s not just how do you wipe generally but as one female to another – what do you do when you get your monthly? Sure cant use tampons by yourself. Never mind – attached man slave will help.

    2. The mobile phone generation that records everything. The phone was probably there as well when the child was conceived. Forward 20 years and think of all the good pictures that can be shown at the kids 21st such as ‘here I am with mummy on my first trip to a public toilet. That’s where I got my love of toilets from. I have been trying to follow in my mothers footsteps and take pictures in public toilets but the cops keep trying to arrest me – what gives?’.

    3. A glimpse at the future. forward 60 years. The same toddlers toilet by the time he/she has grown their nails like grandma’s in picture 1 and cant clean a thing or even aim properly.

  • Does she know she is out of paper?

    • dumbshit

      there’s a roll on the cistern after that it’s goldfinger

      • Always good to have an expert opinion

  • mikethepie

    As my wife and three of her friends squeezed into the car after WeightWatchers, I muttered under my breath, “Fat fucking cows.”

    “What was that?” snapped my wife.

    “You herd